Mesh and their service

  robert491 14:06 16 Nov 2005


I was going to spend up yo £1500 on a Mesh box, Athlon X2 4200+, 1G RAM, 300G SATA, 6800GT, 3yrs onsite warranty. Very good value it seemed.

But, I'm VERY glad I went here:

click here

which saved me a lot of money and grief. Why doesn't PC Advisor google a company's service reviews. Mesh is not too good, if you even ever get through to them on a premium rate line. They have not even managed to answer (in hours after I got the read receipt) an email from me concerning a possible SALE, for goodness sake.

So, I'm going for Evesham. A tad more expensive, yes, but what good service reviews they get.


  €dstowe 14:28 16 Nov 2005

I have no interest in Mesh or any other commercial computer builder but, you'll have to agree that they all must have a large number of satisfied customers to be able to continue in business at all and that those with a complaint make up a very tiny proportion of their customer base.

I am sure that, if you took the trouble to seek it out, you would be able to find dire reports about Evesham, Dell, Compaq, HP, Packard Bell, Medion and any other computer builder you care to think of - even IBM, who invented the thing.

  PaulB2005 15:00 16 Nov 2005

If all company reviews were based on a handful of un-confirmed reports of bad business then no-one would be in business past the end of the first week.

  robert491 15:34 16 Nov 2005

Thanks for the replies

I really mean that. I do NOT want to burn £1500 naturally enough.

So you think that you pay your money and you have pretty much an equal probability of getting a good product and good service if it does go wrong, from all of the manufacturers?

IOW, if I see a Mesh I like, I'm as likely to be as well of with that and a 3 year on-site warranty, as I would if it were a Watford, Carreera, Dell, Compaq, HP, or anything else of equivalent price and service scheme? Have I understood that correctly?

Best Wishes


  Rigga 15:59 16 Nov 2005

Each of the mentioned builders build thousands of systems each and every year, most customers are happy, and don't go on forums shouting about how happy they are.

Computers are extremely complex machines, (it amazes me sometimes they work at all!!, and I have worked in the IT industry for 15 years), and sometimes when they are built they will go wrong, and it's then that people head off to forums to shout.

When I purchased my last PC the deciding factor was not the spec, as most of the big builders are fairly similar, but (and this may sound silly), it was because of this forum!. The reason!! there is a Mesh representative who often frequents, and they seem very good at solving the problems if any that arise.

As for the warranty, personally I wouldn't take out a three year warranty on site or not.

Most problems with hardware which is what your warranty is for, will happen in the first 3 months, and are covered by your normal warranty, or not at all. (I mean they will last their normal lifespan).

So unfortunately, it is very much pot luck when you purchase a new computer, although don't worry too much the odds are stacked very much in your favour, whoever you choose.

BTW, I have a Mesh and am very happy with it, and have recommended several friends, all of whom are very happy with their machines.

HTH. and good luck.

  robert491 16:26 16 Nov 2005

Hi Rigga

You said:

>>>The reason!! there is a Mesh representative who often frequents, and they seem very good at solving the problems if any that arise.<<<

Might that be Davey? He is a very highly respected Mesh engineer.

Anyway, there are a couple of Mesh machines that, spec wise, would be exactly what I would like. And they are great value for money.

Do you think the probability that I would fare as well with Mesh as any other company concerning a similarly specified machine is high?

If so, I might as well go for the Mesh I liked in the first place. It's fairly future proof too.

I appreciate your opinion lots.

Many thanks


  robert491 16:37 16 Nov 2005

This is a very helpful forum, and it is most interesting to hear all sides of the argument, so to speak.

It still seems to be a little bit of a lottery, buying a PC, and I would like to try to stack the odds in my favour as best I can.

That's only natural, surely!

At least on the specification, I know from PC Advisor (I have the December edition here), pretty much what I want on terms of spec. PCA is very good at addressing those issues.



  Rigga 16:41 16 Nov 2005

Yes it was Davey. I would much rather have a representative on this forum, than an 0845 helpline.

And yes I think the probability of you getting a good machine, from Mesh, Dell, Evesham or any others is about the same.

Yes there are complaints about all these companies, and yes there are forum members who have had a bad experience with Mesh, however there are more here who have had a good experience with them, we are just the silent majority. :)

My opinion, for what it's worth is that I would use Mesh again myself, which is really all I can say.

The choice as it were is yours, and you will almost definately get a good machine whichever company you choose.


  961 16:47 16 Nov 2005

There are a number of threads running about Mesh at the moment

Perhaps I can say the company makes good machines at keen prices, but their service standards seem to be poor from many accounts here. It will be true, however that the vast majority of their machines will work fine and their owners will not bother to post here

I would say that Evesham has a good name for service and machine quality although, as you say, they are more expensive than Mesh

However I would rate Mesh way above some of the other names you mention

Whoever you buy from, the advice about warranty from Rigga is sound. If it works out of the box it will probably work forever, and if a fault develops it's likely to be in the first 3 months. Don't therefore pay for extended warranty

If it doesn't work out of the box send it back and claim a refund. Harsh on the manufacturer, I know, but that's between him, his staff and, perhaps, white van man

  robert491 21:44 16 Nov 2005


Thanks to all the people who responded. Well that was a valuable discussion and thanks for you time and your thoughts.

I have a much better idea now and I would say the matter is reolved for me.

All the Best


  jimmybond 22:40 16 Nov 2005

"When I purchased my last PC the deciding factor was not the spec, as most of the big builders are fairly similar, but (and this may sound silly), it was because of this forum!. The reason!! there is a Mesh representative who often frequents, and they seem very good at solving the problems if any that arise."

>>you're going a bit over the top, methinks. I know the guy is good at his job - but that's exactly what it is, his job. You wouldn't run up and down the street praising the milkman because two pints appear on your doorstep regularly at 5am every morning - but Davey answers e-mails promptly and suddenly he's up for sainthood.
There's more than one preson running mesh customer services, y'know.

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