Mesh systems working straight out of the box

  Dave R 18:40 29 Dec 2004

There have been many adverse comments on Mesh Systems on this forum and I suspect that Mesh have lost numerous customers as a result of adverse comments. I have now purchased 3 mesh systems the last being a Matrix 64 3500 + BPC.
All three systems have worked straight out of the box and have never given me any trouble.
Perhaps other readers who have purchased Mesh systems and are completely satisfied with them could add a few comments.

  Curio 18:51 29 Dec 2004

My son-in-law bought a Mesh computer pre Xmas 2003. Apart from an initial loudspeaker setup problem the PC has 'not dropped a stitch' since.

  A3 21:37 29 Dec 2004

I have had a Mesh for over 3 years. After 2 it did suffer a problem which required Mesh attention. They did their best over the phone but to no avail so then collected it, replaced the hard drive and motherboard, added a new processor (at my request), and returned it inside 5 days. They phoned after a week to see that all was well - quite good service and response time really. My previous machine was a Dell - good machine but non-existant customer service - I had to take them to court after having the machine for 2 weeks cos they wouldn't honour the on-site repair contract - I won! Mesh are much better.

  Mr Beeline 22:22 29 Dec 2004

I to bought a MESH machine back in March 04 and have had no problmes and boy does it get a hammering (serious and games). Only problem was with speakers and that was because I bought a Creative digital 5500 system... only to discover it's useless for gaming and had to bypass the decoder and effectively use them as an Analog system. My fault that though and an expensive one at the time!

Pretty much luck of the draw though when buying a PC.

  JAN-BOY 23:11 29 Dec 2004

Just going into my fourth happy year with my Mesh Matrix 1600.

Will upgrade shortly with their base system AMD 64 X 3500 WITH 939 Pin board.

  peg leg 10:51 01 Jan 2005


Hi Dave,
Have noted your comments regarding the Mesh Matrix 64 3500+ BPC.

I would like to purchase this system from Mesh as it is reviewed in the latest PC Advisor at a really good price!

Are you pleased with the system and would you say it is good for the latest games etc.

Also was it reasonably easy to set up?



  sidecar sid 11:18 01 Jan 2005

Thats nice to know.I would imagine the vast majority OF Mesh computers also work straight out of the box but we usually only hear about the ones that don't,as you say it would be nice to hear more from satisfied customers.

  Nails1 12:55 01 Jan 2005

I bought a Mesh system 2 years ago & would recommend them.I had a few problems with the cooling fans being noisy. Mesh sent an engineer replaced all the fans without any fuss. I would use them in preference to Tiny as a least & could contact the helpline try contacting Tiny don't hold your breath.

  freaky 13:05 01 Jan 2005

I received my Mesh Athlon 64 3500 939 pin last Tuesday, this was just a Base Unit built to order. It is my first Mesh, and 'touch wood' it has been faultless to date.

There was a slight hitch, it was supposed to have a Modem, but instead it had a Wireless Connection!
No problem though as I have Broadband.

  Stuartli 14:55 01 Jan 2005

Acquired and set one up on behalf of a friend 15 months ago - it worked straight out of the box and is still doing so.

The friend concerned - now in her 83rd year and then brand new to the computer world - recently switched to broadband as her friends couldn't get hold of her by phone during the day...:-)

  slim 65 15:16 01 Jan 2005

Straight out of the box 18 montha ago ,on time and delivered by a good humoured driver .No problems at all , except for the ones I caused myself! Would I buy from Mesh again ? - Yes .

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