Mesh Superbudget best buy

  keith 11:14 27 Apr 2003

Need a new PC and thought the Mesh 2600+RD95 which is the best buy in this months mag looked pretty good.
Phoned Mesh and they supply the 9500 not the 9500 PRO card as stated in review.Is this a Mesh or PC advisor error ?
Ordered despite the non pro card as the 9500 is ok for games I believe.
I was also told the AMD 2600 they fit has the Barton core which was a pleasant surprise.

  keith 12:32 28 Apr 2003

Any comment from PCA reviews or Mesh ?

  AndyBlol 15:02 01 May 2003

I am in a similar position (and have placed an order) and await a response.

I have also emailed [email protected] but have got no response from there.

My question to them was, can you confirm what actual card was in the reviewed machine (as Mesh believed that the card may have been misrepresented by the reviewer as the memory quantity was 128 making it a pro, when this is false (the pro card gains its name from its increased bandwidth from the GPU to its memory and not the amount of memory upon it))? Does this difference affect the articles within the magazine (for instance as the 'Readers choice' and the PC Adviser best buy award for the Super budget category)?

I'll be watching this space.

  AndyBlol 15:28 01 May 2003

BTW, I don't believe that the XP2600 is a Barton core. I don't think AMD make'em. Especially as the clock speed was quoted as 2.13GHz which would make it as good as good as the XP2800/XP3000 (barton) chip if it had a barton core.

  keith 16:27 01 May 2003

I contacted the moderator on Tuesday asking if he could pass my inquiry on to the reviews editor at PCA but no response from PCA yet.

I emailed Mesh on Wednesday and they have replied today saying..
"I can confirm that we have been in discussion with the writers of the review, and they have subsequently confirmed that the card was a 128Mb Radeon 9500 (non Pro), as submitted for review and been confirmed in writing by means of a full specification sheet."

If, as Mesh have stated ,the review machine did have the non pro card in then the conclusion of the review should still be valid.

Mesh also stated..

"You are also correct as regards to the Barton Core CPUs. As far as I am aware, only the 2500, 2800 and 3000 are Barton core."

So the salesman I spoke to at Mesh was incorrect ,I had intended to ask for the 2500 instead of the 2600 Processor as the 2500 runs cooler,might get back in touch with Mesh and ask them about it.

Perhaps someone at PCA will look at the review and correct the error.

  AndyBlol 17:37 01 May 2003

I had to give the Xp2500 v xp2600 some thought and in the end went for the XP2600. I'm not sure what the clocking potential are for them, but the 2500 only runs at 1.8 ghz.... and the barton core only speeds things when the cache is being used to its optimum. The bottom line is that I don't think there is much between them.

For info there was a Mesh XP2500 RD95 machine for the same price and the spec difference between these two were the cpu, and that it was only bundled with 4.1 speakers (upgradeable to 5.1 for £20 + vat). I did think though that the XP2500 had the standard 9500 Ati card and I ditched it for the XP2600 as I thought it might come with the Pro version (as well as the speakers and slightly faster chip).

I would still like to hear the Reviewers comments as they normally can tell the difference between these cards. Especially as the other systems generally had the pro card as well.

Thanks Kieth and keep me posted if you hear anything (I'll post hear if the reviewers ever reply to my initial email).

  keith 16:35 02 May 2003

AndyBlol I think you are probably right about keeping to the 2600.

Heard anything from PCA reviews yet?
quiet here.

  AndyBlol 14:35 08 May 2003

I haven't had time to plug it together, but it arrived nearly a week early which worried me to begin with (as I had an older order that I cancelled for this one), but on the face of it, it looks like the right one.

It all looks like its there but my initial observations are that (1) some of the material is out of date ie the illustration of where the leads go is not for the Asus deluxe board my pc shipped with. (2) The cdWriter is badged as a 52, 24, 52 as opposed to the 48,14,48 on th invoice sheet.... (3) I thought the software would all be preinstalled, but the packaging indicates that its only Windows and drivers that are pre installed, Works suite and Pinnacle is something I'll have to sit through installing.

So far so good.

  mclaine 22:48 09 May 2003

i'm about to order this pc and found this thread
regarding the graphics card.
now in my opinion they should supply the pro
version because they use the pca review on there web site in full.
what do you all think?

  keith 23:11 09 May 2003

Hope you are right but should Mesh edit the PCA review which, I guess, is emailed to them and then copied and pasted on to the Mesh website.

Once PCA were made aware of the error they should have asked Mesh to update the review but PCA don’t seem seem able to respond to this thread or messages sent to them, maybe I should report the PCA reviews dept to PCA`s Consumer Watch.

  AndyBlol 12:00 13 May 2003

I still have not heard from the review guys and I would appreciate their comment as to what was the actual Graphics card used for the review, and does this have any affect on the reviewers comment at all?

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