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  inglese40 15:49 23 Oct 2008

My Mesh system recently froze with red dots all over the screen during a gaming session.

I made various attempts to restore the system but the graphics performance got gradually worse until the system became unusable. It goes straight from boot up to a jumbled screen on start up and has no response to any input.

I got in touch with Mesh technical support who instructed me to let the system cool down then test the graphics card and the memory. None of this made any difference. They then said I would have to return the system to Mesh and would send me a return label.

I told them I had onsite warranty but they said they weren't sure what component was causing the problem so I would have to return it.

I am pretty sure that the graphics card has failed but when I later queried this they said it could be the mother board and unless I could find another graphcis card to test I would have to return the system to Mesh.

What is the point of paying extra for onsite cover? Mesh can always say the mother board might be a problem and leave you with no option but to send the machine back to them.

  iscanut 17:07 23 Oct 2008

If you have paid for it, insist on a visit from an engineer to at least do some troubleshooting.

  spuds 18:14 23 Oct 2008

This as been stated before about when is an on-site warranty not an on-site warranty, and Mesh are not alone in confusing the issue, by asking that a computer is sent back to base for checks or repair. If you actually check the warranty that you were supplied with, then I bet somewhere in small print, it states that they can request the return to base.

If not, then insist that they honour their legal contract, by sending an engineer.

I would mention that some engineers do not carry a large range of components, so you could have an unusable computer after they have been, and while they sort out the required parts, if in stock!.

  Pine Man 19:17 23 Oct 2008

If a component hardware failure or fault is diagnosed (with the exception of motherboards) which is the responsibility of the seller:

The Seller will remedy the goods by the replacement of part/s by an attending third party or MESH Computers Engineer, at the Buyers delivery address within Mainland UK. The Seller will provide parts and labour free of charges.

If a component hardware problem occurs which cannot be diagnosed or a motherboard fault occurs, which is the responsibility of the seller:

The seller will remedy the goods by a free of charges collection within mainland UK only. The seller will provide testing for diagnosis, parts and labour free of charges.

  MESH Support 09:15 24 Oct 2008

An onsite is often easier and quicker for us to organise even if we are not 100% sure of the cause. Where the motherboard is concerned though we have learnt (the hard way) that the correct work is carried out that we do so under controlled conditions, which is rarely available within the typical customers home.

If you want to email ([email protected]) me your MESH Order number I'm more than willing to re-assess the diagnosis and see if we can work an onsite in; perhaps visit with the graphics card on the understanding that if the fault remains you allow the PC to be returned to our workshop?


  spuds 18:06 24 Oct 2008

You cannot ask for a better offer, than Davey as just made.

  The Brigadier 18:57 24 Oct 2008

I may not like mesh, but davey does do a good job!
Even i've used the service he offers in the past!!

  100andthirty 23:26 24 Oct 2008

I had similar symptoms on another make of computer. It too had an on-site warranty. They diagnosed a graphics card. but they could't source another comparable card. Like Mesh they had to take the computer away. They stripped it, replacing motherboard, processor, memory, HD, graphics, TV card. I would much rather they do M/b transplants in a workshop rather than on the kitchen table!

  100andthirty 23:27 24 Oct 2008

PS, do a complete back up of all your data just in case they replace the HD or format it

  inglese40 12:00 25 Oct 2008

I replied to Davey at Mesh and he is going to arrange an onsite visit to try another graphics card.
If this doesn't resolve the problem I will send the system back.

  Simsy 21:57 25 Oct 2008

that what has now been arranged, is what should have been arranged in the first place!

While I have every respect for what Davey seems to achieve via this forum, the fact that folk have to come this route seems to me to add up to what I would NOT consider to be good service!



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