Mesh Sigh

  Tribal-Wolf 19:27 09 Nov 2006

I have a mesh PC which was bought about 2 1/2 years ago with a 3 year onsite warranty.
A few weeks ago the graphics card failed and I called them to inform them etc and was told an engineer would contact me within 5 working days to arrange a new card to be fitted.
After a week I had heard nothing so I then called Mesh who replied with 'Oh yes we can no longer supply your graphics card so it will have to come back to base'. I was a bit confused as nobody thought to contact me with this information and unfortunately I am not blessed with ESP. I was then told a label would be sent out as my PC would need a new motherboard and maybe more which I agreed to. I asked how long this would take as I have an 'onsite' warranty and was told that because my warranty was onsite it would be given preference over back to base and shouldnt take long. Almost a week later I still had no label so I called again( more long phone queue's)and got an appology saying that it had been sent but they would send another; 2 arrived the next day and the PC was picked up the day after.
I called mesh a week later to check what they would be doing to the PC as it was at the time the 'top of the range' PC they did and I wanted to know what was going to be replaced etc. I was told that the PC had not even been allocated to an engineer and would take about 20 days from allocation. Now I use my PC alot for business as well as pleasure so I was amazed to say the least after having an onsite warranty. I am starting to feel more and more let down by mesh as it wwent away last year for some repairs too after an engineer came out and blew up my spare hard drive while fitting a graphics card. Surely if it needs a motherboard this can be done onsite as I have built many a PC and its not exactly a huge job.
Its my 4th Mesh PC and my next would probably be a mesh too as I think they make very good PC's for a good price, but I am now having serious doubts.

  Forum Editor 19:32 09 Nov 2006

with your customer reference number, your full name and address, and if possible the relevant dates. Use the little envelope next to my name to email me.

I'll then take the matter up with Mesh on your behalf.

  anchor 12:18 10 Nov 2006

It amazes me that the PC had to go back to base just to have am alternative graphic card fitted. Mesh would know what card would be suitable, from the spec: of the machine they sold. It is quite a straight forward job, that an on-site engineer could have done in a few minutes.

Unfortunately we quite often read of Mesh being reluctant to send out an engineer, despite the customer having an on-site warranty. Furthermore, the delay quoted is entirely unacceptable.

  Tribal-Wolf 14:19 10 Nov 2006

They originally said an engineer would come out to replace the card and I would be contacted within 5 working days. After a week I called Mesh because the engineer had not called me, they told me as my graphics card was no longer available and they would need to replace the motherboard etc but they never thouhgt to tell me this I had to call them to find out.

  Totally-braindead 14:37 10 Nov 2006

Let the FE handle it but it seems to me the answer they gave is rubbish, unless of course you have onboard graphics which would mean renewing the motherboard.
If they didn't have the same graphics card all they would have to do is get another slightly better one and install that and that wouldn't take long at all.
Anyway as I said let the FE look into it. But pop back and let us know what happened.

  Tribal-Wolf 14:46 10 Nov 2006

The card is a ati Radeon 9800 XT(agp).

  anchor 16:35 10 Nov 2006

I agree with Totally-braindead; they certainly should not need to change the motherboard.

A quick look on the ATI site shows that suitable alternatives are available, with no change needed.

What a pity Davey of Mesh has not responded to this thread. Anyway, I am sure the FE will do his best to quickly resolve the problem.

  Tribal-Wolf 17:26 10 Nov 2006

From what I am lead to believe they always replace with a comparable product and as the card that is fitted was the top of the range card when bought they normally would replace with an equivalent and those cards are all pci-e.
As this pc was over £2000 pounds when new I wouldnt settle for an inferior set up to be honest.

  GaT7 18:04 10 Nov 2006

If it meant a speedy repair, I wouldn't mind a Gainward BLISS 7800GS AGP card click here - & I'm sure you wouldn't either.

The trouble is it may not be as easily available as it's PCI-E cousin, & the PCI-E cousin + PCI-E motherboard may well be the cheaper option too ; ) G

  Input Overload 21:46 10 Nov 2006

<I was told that the PC had not even been allocated to an engineer and would take about 20 days from allocation> - I'm glad I do my own PC builds!

  Tribal-Wolf 13:36 18 Nov 2006

OK update on situation. I contacted Mesh at the beginning of the week to check the progress and was told it definitely need a graphics card and an engineer would be calling me back that day, no call came. The next day I called them again and was told they were trying to get a graphics card to which I replied 'I have already been through this and you said you couldn’t get one so the motherboard would need changed etc hence being returned to you when I have an onsite warranty'. I was told it would be looked into further. I received a call later that day saying they were going to change the board etc, as this was a 940 pin FX53 chip it meant the memory and cpu would require changing also.
I was asked if I would like to pay toward upgrading the spec once they had worked out what they would be fitting and was told I could have the upgrades at cost. I said I would be interested in this option and was told I would get a call back the next day at 10.00am with details.
I waited till lunchtime and eventually called Mesh back to be told they were waiting for some figures or something from purchasing and would call back later.
I got a call later that day with some specs and the cost to me for this. I was of the understanding there would be a no charge option and an upgrade at cost to me option however when I asked this I was told 'Suit yourself we can just put in an agp card and you will have to wait till we find one', some onsite warranty that.
I said I would think about it overnight.
I called the next day and as I need this PC back I agreed to pay for the upgrades with the addition of a better processor than first offered at extra cost. I am getting a good deal but was surprised I wasn’t offered the repair as originally stated (motherboard change etc) for free under the terms of the warranty. I also asked for another 1 GB of memory (as I was told cost price) but was told it would be the same price as it is for scale on the Mesh website. I am getting an AMD athlon X2 5000 because the cost of a core2 duo Intel option was almost double the cost, this is again strange as Mesh are the only company I can see that charge more for a core2 6400 then the 5000 athlon.
Anyway I just thought I would share this.

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