Mesh - should I buy one ?

  [DELETED] 19:21 24 Sep 2003

After the excellent reviews in PC Advisor I had decided to buy a Mesh desktop system. However after having read some of the postings here I am now having doubts - mainly the poor customer service.
So should I buy a mesh PC ?

  [DELETED] 19:38 24 Sep 2003

My recommendation would be Evesham. Their Technical Support is the best there is in my experience. However, the choice is yours.

  [DELETED] 19:49 24 Sep 2003

To create a bit of a balance, I would say that Mesh, in my experience,( I have 2 Mesh PCs, one is 3.5 years old and the other about 6 weeks old),offer a good specification for the money and based on my own experience (also that of my father and 2 friends who have between them purchased 5 Mesh systems), I would recommend them.

However, I cannot ignore the fact that many members of this forum have had poor service (after sales)from Mesh, which is inexcusable. Mesh have obviously had great success on the sales side and they constantly win awards in the PC press and I'm sure shift loads of computer systems. As has been said many times before on this forum, there is a silent majority of people who are very satisfied with Mesh ( me included), from whom you will hear very little as people generally only air complaints rather than praise.I presume therefore, that Mesh as with most other companies, get it right more often than not.

When I purchased my most recent system from Mesh in July, I narrowed my choice down to Mesh and Evesham. Mesh won out on the value for money stakes. I have no regrets in making that decision. Whatever choice you make, whether it be Mesh, evesham..etc good luck !

  [DELETED] 19:50 24 Sep 2003

It may appear that Mesh receive poor press in the forum, but when you take into account the vast amount of forum users that have bought from Mesh, it's a small proportion that have had faults.

I don't think that Mesh receive more complaints than other supplier, so if you have seen the system you like and the price is right, go for it. Mesh have a representative in the forum and you also have the forum itself for any problems you may have. But the percentages are in your favour. I can't guarantee, no one can, that you will not have a problem, but this applies to any and all firms that you may deal with.

Remember, when something goes wrong, people can be quite bitter to-wards the supplier, and it's understandable when you have just parted with a lot of money. Choose your system and when it arrives carefully check it out and give it a few days of use before installing any extra programs at all. This way you will know it's not your fault if things do go wrong. Also if only the supplied programs are on the PC, it will be that much easier for Mesh, or one of the forum helpers to give advice in putting things right.

whoever you choose, good luck and enjoy your new PC. Regards. j.

  [DELETED] 19:57 24 Sep 2003

For every reason you find against buying one, someone will provide you with a reason to do so.

If its a bit of kit you want (need?) at a price you are willing to pay then the choice is yours. There is no more risk buying from Mesh than there is anyone else.

As for me...I'm a fan!

  [DELETED] 21:56 24 Sep 2003

I can only echo Wags and Sir Radfordin,I have been delighted with my trouble free Mesh Comp and will not hesitate to buy again when the time comes.

I am also a fan.

  [DELETED] 22:59 24 Sep 2003

buy a mesh that is.If you have found a pc with the specs you require at a price you like then go ahead,just remember to pay by CREDIT card as this will give you some extra protection should problems arise.You will find good and bad reports about mesh in the forum archives but they must be doing something right or they would not stay in business.
Also take into account that happy customers tend to keep it to themselves but disgruntled customers will tell the world.

Regards **** Starfox****

  [DELETED] 23:23 24 Sep 2003

I am also a happy Mesh customer, like most of the posts above. I am on my second Mesh and find their build quality excellent and top quality components. They do shift a lot of boxes and obvioulsy most customers have a happy experience, I do agree that sometimes there are justified complaints with customer services but I believe the same can be said of many other reputable suppliers. I fortunately have rarely had to get in touch with them but have always been dealt with promptly when I have.

  Stuartli 09:20 25 Sep 2003

I've just had a Mesh system delivered without any problems - cost for a Athlon 2400 system was £745 including delivery.

Just found out, however, that Dell is selling a similar system but with DVD combo and 80GB rather than 40GB HDD for £3 less.......:-(

  Stuartli 09:20 25 Sep 2003

The Dell system has only just started being advertised - it was more than £800 previously.

  [DELETED] 16:39 25 Sep 2003

I have had my new Mesh for a month now and i am very pleased with it.I paid on credit card which gave me about 40 days interest free before i had to pay the credit card company. As the pc was delivered in a little over two weeks you can see i did not actually part with any cash until recently. This also gave me plenty of time to sort out any potential problems. Thankfully there were none.
Based on my own experience i would buy from Mesh again. It was delivered on time and has worked perfectly since. What more can i say.

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