INCOGNITO44 20:41 27 May 2006

Hi all,
MESH have done it again. I have been in correspondence with them about my computer which was bought last year and which has already been returned to them 3 times for the fix to the built in screen. They have offered to talk thru the problem over the phone to see if they can isolate it. I have trued to arrange to send it back for repair. Now they are saying wait until I receive another letter from them. I am trying to be cooperative, but MESH seem to be trying to delay me sending the computer back. What is going on? What about the downtime on my computer? Are MESH going to compensate me for the loss of the computer caused by their actions? [Knowing MESH - No!]

  Forum Editor 22:36 27 May 2006

That's rather what I was wondering.

Mesh have offered to talk through the problem, so why not wait until you've done that, rather than speculating just for the sake of it?

  INCOGNITO44 19:20 28 May 2006

I am waiting, but I was sent a letter saying in effect yes send in the computer. Then when I try to send it in MESH say wait until I receive yet another letter from them. I think I am fully justified in asking what is going on.

  INCOGNITO44 19:42 28 May 2006

Thanks for the advice. I am already on the case. I have all the relevant details and addresses. I'll keep you updated on progress.

Funnily enough I also bought a Zoostorm system from PCNEXTDAY and I had cause to contact their customer services dept. The contrast couldn't have been greater. The problems have been sorted out very quickly, politely and efficiently. The same cannot be said of my experience with MESH.

  INCOGNITO44 16:28 29 May 2006

I found these numbers useful for contacting MESH without the cost of a 0870 number:

Mesh Computers 0870 0468330 = 0208 2084700 Switchboard; Fax: 0208 2084493
Mesh Computers 0870 0464747 = 0208 2084744 Sales ~ Mesh plc & Website
Mesh Computers 0870 0468336 = 0208 2084773 Repairs
Mesh Computers 0208 4383330 Accounts
Mesh Computers 0870 0468340 = 0208 2084794 Customer services - Fax: 0208 2084797
Mesh Computers 0870 0468340 = 020 8438 3300 Customer services / Desktop & Notebook Support; Fax: 0208 4524160
Mesh Computers 0870 0463636 = 0208 2084795 Technical Support

They and other companies non-0870 numbers are on:
click here

  MESH Support 10:08 30 May 2006

As I have explained elsewhere (as you are well aware as well), the base 0208 numbers are moved depending on the greater need and a few are used for internal projects.

I'd appreciate it if anyone uses the 0208 numbers and does not get through to the department they require that they do not then complain about it.

Given that, it surprises me not at all that two of the numbers above are wrong and that one of them actually was pointing to my own desk for the last week.

Also please read your original posting as yet again you've reverted to having returned the system 3 times (which is what our records support) as opposed to the 4 times and 5 times you have posted in your other posts.

With regards to your post, as with your previous ones you have chosen to omit certain details. Given the content of your most recent discussions with mobile-support, the appointed repair service providers, it was agreed between both parties that the plan of action would be placed in writing.

Rather than delay the matter further I would advise that you contact mobile-support, advise them that you no longer require them to converse in writing and get the system collected.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:28 30 May 2006

It might be an idea for one or two members to remember that INCOGNITO44 is only telling the story from their point of view and assuming that some basic facts appear to be in dispute and some salient points appear to be missing, then I would reserve any judgement based on one person's story....especially someone who you have never met.


  MESH Support 14:31 30 May 2006

I beleive I wrote a fair few more words than those two, and the word "ONLY" wasn't involved, the point being not the number of times returned but how it varies depending on which forum and which post you read.

The first problem was with the keyboard shortly after purchase mid last year, the screen problem at the beginning of this year.

The fact of the matter was that the notebook was returned and where our customer advised us there was a permanent visual issue where the screen was difficult to use, upon being examined by ourselves the fault was nowhere to be seen.

With a PC there was a number of possible reasons for this but with a notebook, where all of the hardware items involved are returned, this number drops to zero or as near to it as you can get. The goods were returned and our customer advises us that he still has the problem. We collect again and again see no fault, but at the insistance of the customer we replace a part of the notebook (not the screen itself though) that could potentially cause the problem as described but still our customer advises the problem persists.

As far as I am aware INCOGNITO44 is dealing directly with the company who provides the repairs and I'm sure he will update you with regards to the current status soon enough.


  iso9001 15:03 30 May 2006

It really does not matter if a customer sent back a pc 1, 2 or 3 times the fault should be resolved.

Now from reading this forum & others Davey does a good job helping mesh customers, but with the amount of negative postings about mesh is their an underlying problem with the service & support mesh provide customers?

If there is then surely it would be in mesh's interest to get back those customers who seem to be unhappy with the level of service they get & offer the kind of support you expect from a reputable pc company.

  sunny81 15:44 30 May 2006

With all due respect
i have had MESH tell me there was no fault with my system when they recieved it, and there was.

After i insisted they check the system properly, they admitted it was faulty. Worth bearing in mind that MESH demand a £75 collection and inspection charge if no fault is found...

I have also had a conversation with a MESH "engineer" and i use the term loosly, so that would be the grounding for my assumptions.

You are right i dont know incognito but then again my judgement isn't based on one persons story, but on hundreds of postings by others, numerous forums and personal experiences with this company.

  david753 16:43 30 May 2006

I have been a Mesh customer for many years and I have over that time been extremely pleased with the equipment and service from Mesh. So pleased that in November 2005 I ordered two computers for nephews and in Jan,a replacement for myself.

I live in Northern Ireland (part of the UK)and have to raise my concerns at how badly, we in this part of the UK are treated. The computer package that I bought had built into the price the Advantage warranty valued at £69. This would give me 2 years on site and 1 year back to base. However, even though this is part of their costings and for which I would have paid, because I live in Northern Ireland, I am not entitled to. The Classic warranty being my only option.

If a customer in England had purchased the same computer and a fault occurred then a technician would have arrived within 24 hours with a replacement part and the computer would have been up and running in no time. To add insult to injury, Mesh will charge me £50 when I have to send it back to base.

I picked up my computer on Wednesday 25 January. I had been sent the wrong speakers, and the side fan had not been connected. When I set the system up a fault was identified by technical support with the graphics card. As stated earlier, I have had to sent both items back before being sent the replacements. If I had lived in England and could use my Advantage warranty my computer would have been working with the right parts before I had to sit down and write this letter. I do not see this as fair or a professional way to treat loyal customers in Northern Ireland. I also raised my concerns regarding delivery costs. Again, because I live in Northern Ireland I am charged twice as much as my English counterparts. An additional £35.25.

I have been penalised by the cost of the warranty, extra postage and the cost of returning items to base. If I was to have just one requirement to return my system to base buying a Mesh computer has cost me £154.25 more than a mainland customer.

As a person who works from home and relies on their computer it is very frustrating to have the computer that I need for my job sitting idle on the floor.
30 May still no reply!!!

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