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  Sophie_w 23:36 09 Jul 2006


I bought a PC (X-TREME SLR VISTRA) from Mesh last week. It turned out that the PC's not in a very good condition and already starts to show signs of hardware problem.

1 Disk boot failure once. However, after I restarted a few times, it recovered on it's own.

2 Constant harsh noise from inside the case. I figured might be the hard disk.

3 'Dead pixel' (not sure if it's the right term) on the monitor screen.

4 Power cable very loose for both monitor and case.

5 Used mouse. Very obvious scratch in the bottom side of the mouse. (I've never used this mouse)

Considerring of the poor quarlity, I decided to make a full refund. After seeing so many complaint in this forum, I start to worry about my refund. Will they keep their promise and make a full refund?

Anybody has experience in Mesh refund? Can you give me some advice?

Many thanks.

  dontmeshwithme 20:26 12 Jul 2006

I am offering you proof that in every instance I have come across, where a person has asked for a refund it has taken longer than the legal timelimits. Can you or Mesh perhaps tell me approximately how long it takes Mesh to process a refund once a computer has been returned under the distance selling regulations? If I could email you proof, that it took longer than 30 days for Mesh to refund my money, and without good reason, would you be happy for me to post this fact in future threads (where pertinant) and state that you have seen the evidence and I am telling the truth? This forum is in my opinion here to protect and assist the consumer, not the supplier, and if I can truthfully say and prove that a company has not upheld it's legal obligation surely you as FE should support my comments.

  Harpur 21:18 12 Jul 2006

i think the FE is protecting both you and the integrity of this forum from any possible litigation Mesh could invoke should they wish to. Mesh may have taken more than 30 days to refund you the money but it would be highly difficult to prove that this was done deliberately.

  Harpur 21:19 12 Jul 2006

i also should add that you are hijacking a thread started by Sophie_w

  dontmeshwithme 23:08 12 Jul 2006

I was concerned with the hijacking issue, however starting another thread just to go over old ground seemed pointless, amd I beleive the issues still relate to Sophie's original problem. Hopefully Mesh will want to prove me wrong and pay up immediatley. However I fear that I am now going round in circles and will not post any further comments on this thread unless Sophie gets stuck in trying to get the refund and asks for further assistance.

  stressed 23:52 12 Jul 2006

I am glad that Sophie W problem is resolved

However IMHE Dontneshwithme is regretably very correct indeed in the criticism of Mesh and the immense difficulty of getting refunds at all never mind within a legal timescale .

Quite what Mesh's agenda is I can only surmise

  Sophie_w 00:20 13 Jul 2006

Hi, many thanks for all the reply.

Regarding the questions from Forum Editor:
1. I notified Mesh by writing in the third days after receiving the computer.
2. The computer I ordered is a standard model with nothing added or removed.

And I'd like to thank you for your advice on contacting the Consumer Direct. I contacted them today and have been told that I am entitled to a full refund and don't need to pay for the delivery charge. They've also given me the law details that will help me in this case. I can post the detail to the forum if it can be any helpful. Please let me know.

Regarding to Mesh Support Nick and Davey, thank you all for paying attention and offerring help to my case. Here I'd like to explain the email issue. First of all, I did send Nick the email upon his request. However, the mailing system failed to send my email. Here are the details of the system response email.

From : <[email protected]>
Sent : 10 July 2006 21:56:27
To : *************
Subject : Delivery Status Notification(Failure)

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Delivery to the following recipients failed.

[email protected]

I tried again to send it, same failure. Then I figured there might be some problem with my email system, or yours.

Regarding to Davey, I've sent you email on 7th July about the PC. I believe you've received the email as I received your 'out of office autoreply' soon after. However I haven't had any further reply from you since then.

What's more, I've also sent email to [email protected] and had an autoreply saying there may be a 3-5 working days delay before they can response.

At last, just let everybody know the process of my case. I contacted Mesh again today and asked for refund. They said they'll post me a lable and then I can arrange the collection. After they receive the PC, Mesh will test it and let me know whether I can get a refund or not. I will certainly let everybody here know when things move to the next stage.

Once again, sincerely thank you for everybody who gives me advice and support! It's been very very helpful.

  Forum Editor 01:04 13 Jul 2006

that Consumer Direct have confirmed precisely what I told you three days ago.

Your email delivery failure occurred because you omitted a 'c' from the address [email protected]

  Sophie_w 10:38 13 Jul 2006

oh, I didn't notice that. But this is the email address that Nick wrote me in his post. I just copied and used it. Anyway, I've emailed Davey last night again. Hope that will be helpful.

  MESH Support 12:10 13 Jul 2006

Hi Sophie_w,

Looking back it seems nick mis-typed his address. I got your emails just fine though and replied to your latest this morning.


  Sophie_w 22:37 13 Jul 2006

Hi Davey,

I've received your email. Thank you for the reply. I'm pleased to know that I will get the full refund. It's a big relieve.

Many thanks again for the help.

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