Mesh refund

  Sophie_w 23:36 09 Jul 2006


I bought a PC (X-TREME SLR VISTRA) from Mesh last week. It turned out that the PC's not in a very good condition and already starts to show signs of hardware problem.

1 Disk boot failure once. However, after I restarted a few times, it recovered on it's own.

2 Constant harsh noise from inside the case. I figured might be the hard disk.

3 'Dead pixel' (not sure if it's the right term) on the monitor screen.

4 Power cable very loose for both monitor and case.

5 Used mouse. Very obvious scratch in the bottom side of the mouse. (I've never used this mouse)

Considerring of the poor quarlity, I decided to make a full refund. After seeing so many complaint in this forum, I start to worry about my refund. Will they keep their promise and make a full refund?

Anybody has experience in Mesh refund? Can you give me some advice?

Many thanks.

  stressed 23:09 10 Jul 2006

My bill for phoning hopeless Mesh premium rate line is already astronomic enough never mind the rest of the costs

  Sophie_w 18:37 11 Jul 2006

Mesh contacted me today. As I can't reshow the disk boot failure problem, they refuse to make the refund. What shall I do?

  spuds 18:45 11 Jul 2006

Contact Consumer Direct click here and seek advice from them.

You mentioned that there was other problems with the computer, including what you thought was a 'used' mouse and loose connections. Was there any further mention of these faults/problems!.

  Sophie_w 18:50 11 Jul 2006

No. They say I can ask for a refund, but if their technical staff fin there's no hardware fault, they won't make a refund to me.

The thing I'm worried is I can't reshow the disk failure problem.

I don't know whether the other problems are counted as hardware fault or not.

  spuds 18:50 11 Jul 2006

I notice that you have ticked this thread as being resolved. It would appear as though you have started another thread on the same subject. Best to keep to one thread, then anyone who wants to help will know what's happening.

  Sophie_w 19:14 11 Jul 2006

Hi, very sorry for starting aother thread. I do apologize.

I thought the button I tick in this thread means my problem has been solved. Therefore nobody will answer it anymore. Then I figured it might be better to start a new thread.

Sorry again.

  Forum Editor 19:34 11 Jul 2006

Under The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000, you have the right to cancel a contract within seven days - starting from the day after you take delivery of the goods. There's no question of the request being refused - you have an automatic right to the refund.

Unless the machine was built to your specifications - was that the case?

  dontmeshwithme 20:04 11 Jul 2006

Mesh will in my experiance (and I admit this is limited) do everything they can to avoid giving in to your statutory rights stick to your guns and demand a refund under distance selling regulations. Also inform your credit card company of the problem and see if they can help. Of course if the machine is a custom build then they can put a clause in the contract to remove this right (as per the FE's) post.

  oresome 20:18 11 Jul 2006

Am I missing something here?

From one of Sophie_w's posts, Mesh claim the the distance selling regulations are only applicable if the system is returned as new and totally unused.

Once the package is opened and tried, Mesh are no longer obliged to refund under this regulation.

  Forum Editor 20:26 11 Jul 2006

There is an automatic right of refund, provided the request is made within seven days of delivery, and provided the goods are undamaged when returned. Turning a computer on to try it does NOT disqualify you from eligibility under the law.

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