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  nozzi 15:12 01 May 2005

Does anyone know how long it takes to get a full refund to my Visa account from Mesh I've waited since 22 April for the "paperwork" to be done and Davey Whyte is dealing with it but I haven't had a response to my last 2 e-mails to him

  Forum Editor 15:27 01 May 2005

in respect of a purchase, you may have to wait a little longer than 8 days or so, nozzi - under current consumer legislation Mesh have 30 days within which to make the refund.

  nozzi 16:53 01 May 2005

Thanks for your reply
I hope it doesn't take that long as my sytem has been back 3 times from when it was delivered on 20 Jan 2005 Each time they couldn't find the fault but thankfully after having it for 3 weks this time a fault was found.
Thanks for a great site with lots of useful info

  HXP 02:53 02 May 2005

They took the full 30 days for my refund - long as you have a letter or email confirming refund you should be ok - mind you I did chase mine after 2 weeks just to make sure.

Max Seferatu ( not sure of the spelling ) is the MD I just rang up and asked to speak to him - I didn't but I did get my refund shortly after ....

  nozzi 08:06 02 May 2005

HXP Thanks I hope it doesn't take that long. I've already sent two letters to the MD and checking my telephone bill I have spent nearly 4 hours talking to various members of the customer service dept. about the problems I've had with the computer I think as a matter of goodwill they should "hurry" it through. I'll keep you informed

  ldlucan 10:17 02 May 2005

Ordered my Mesh 19 March. Wasn't delivered until 11 April despite numerous requests for earlier delivery. When arrived, some components didn't match what I'd ordered. 10 phone calls, 7 Emails, 2 letters and 2 faxes without a single response or achknowledgment from Mesh. Sent 2 Emails to [email protected] (had confirmation he has read) but again, absolutly no response. Eventually got a call from Mesh 8 days ago. They promised to send return stickers - nothing yet arrived. And I still have to commence battle to get my money back!!! I hope you do get your money back soon as I am losing all hope here!! Just about to order another machine, so if anyone wants to offer me £890 COD - it's yours - can guarentee any after sales support from the manufacturer though!!!!

  nozzi 11:35 02 May 2005

I'm an expert at returning my system to Mesh, 3 times!
Do you know that you can write your own labels by telephoning Customer Services and they will give you the address and serial number to put on each item returned. I know, I had to do this twice because my promised labels weren't delivered either. You can arrange collection date at the same time hence cutting out the waiting time for labels and then having to ring Mesh again to arrange a collection date
Good luck with your long battle ahead
Hope this helps

  ldlucan 20:21 02 May 2005


Top gen ...many thanks. Although it greaves me to have to listen to that nauseating on-hold music, courtesy of Mesh, endlessly waiting for what seems like an eternity until the apparent sole customer service rep gets round to answering my call, I will endeavour to ring them tomorrow. Why oh why didn't the woman ('Ruth' was her name ..there...named and shamed) tell me that in the first instance. Better still, why hasn't [email protected] returned any of my Emails or responded to any of these posts to tell me this??? Talk about pulling teeth!

  ldlucan 20:31 02 May 2005

<see post above 02.05.05 20.21> ... ooops, correction. Just consulted my notes and it was 'Rita' at Mesh, not Ruth! My bad!

  nozzi 21:22 02 May 2005

Well Rita is a new one on me I thought I had spoken to everyone in customer services and technical services!!!!
Good luck

  puma22 10:59 03 May 2005

Dont expect anything quick or any compensation for the time and money you have spent. I took delivery of a dud and it took them over 4 months to send me a refund. Days off work, 2 trips to mesh, nearly 20 hours on the 'helpine'.....
I did get offered £15 worth of voucers, but they ahve enver turned up!!
Took the refund to Dell, brilliant machine. I have had to contact the helpline once (not a PC issues but one of the USB thingies connected to it) They APOLOGISED for keeping me waiting for 4 minutes!
Good luck.

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