MESH Recovery Disk

  Dellman 14:52 29 Dec 2004

Here are extacts from an old Discussion Thread
MESH Recovery Disk
Anyone know whether MESH have/are sending out new Windows SP2 version Recovery Disks?
I've had my PC about 8 weeks now and have heard nothing!!


Forum Editor Sat, 20.11.04 | 09:20
Why don't you phone them and ask?
SP2 is widely available in any event. If you had to recover using the Mesh SP1 version disk you could very easily install SP2 yourself.

Danoh Sat, 20.11.04 | 11:55
Following my email enquiry which I'd mentioned above, MESH provided me with an interim XP-SP2-SATA CD-R which I needed to repair the MS Management Console (MMC). However, this keeps getting mixed up with my other backup CD-Rs and risks being chucked out with the obsolete backup CD-Rs.
From an email exchange with MESH support just this week, they are also exasperated with how long the CD duplicators are taking over providing a branded XP-SP2 CD (pressed rather than a "burnt" CD-R). They have a list of customers names who have requested such a CD and which will be posted as soon as they get .

But as the F.E. says, one can always cover all eventualities with the XP-SP1 CD and an SP2 CD available from retailers counters such as PC World, etc., etc..

But for neatness, it would be ideal to have a "slipstreamed" XP, SP2 & SATA drivers, which I'm assured by MESH is on the way. So I'm prepared to wait as I have the interim CDs to cover any PC fixing needs.

However, Sweet Parmania's thread asking if a full recovery disk is supplied by MESH and warranty cover if the case is opened, is surely answered?

MESH Support Mon, 22.11.04 | 04:01
We unfortunately are still waiting for the discs to come in and as Danoh has said, I have been keeping a list of those who have asked so I can ensure they are included when they are sent out. You are already on my list by the way after an earlier enquiry you made.

Mesh Support


Anyone with an update regarding this long outstanding saga (inc. DAVY!!)............I couldn't even get through to MESH today!!

  Teaboy 18:02 29 Dec 2004

taking up FE's comments to reinstall SP1 then SP2. With a Mesh xp machine this is not so easy- You have to use the special fix they supply. Unless like me you have taken a floppy-copy.

  HXP 19:36 30 Dec 2004

I had 3 Mesh recovery disks sent to me each one failed to load or restart the machine. This included a site visit from a Mesh engineer who also couldn't get them to work. I declined a 4th and got a refund !


  MESH Support 23:41 30 Dec 2004

We now have the new discs and they should be going out in the first week of January.

I unfortunately am not back in the office until Wednesday but when I am I will check to ensure that yours goes out on schedule. This goes for all of the others I have on my list.

The disc contains SP2 with the fix applied as well as the SATA drivers.

I apologise once again for the delay.


Mesh Support

  Dellman 09:34 31 Dec 2004

Many thanks, Davey.

Please note that my MESH purchase was for 2 PCs, one is my Dad's - so I guess I should be expecting 2 Disks.

Happy New Year to you and your team.

  SURVEY 09:57 31 Dec 2004

My thanks to Dellman for raising this issue. My Mesh computer was supplied with SP2 and a Recovery Disk. I was infomred by Mesh that the Recovery Disk is a FULL version of Windows XP and I naturally asumed that this would be SP2. After reading the threads on this Forum I phoned Mesh yeterday and was informed that I did NOT have an SP2 Receovery Disk but that Mesh would now note that I would like one and they will send the new SP2 one out directly to me.

Why should I have had to request this and why was I not informed that the Recovery Disk would not recover the operating system as supplied to me originally?

How may other Mesh customers are unaware of this and will not be automatically sent the corrcet disk?

  freaky 13:33 01 Jan 2005

I had a new Mesh Base Unit last week, but I don't know if the Recovery Disk includes XP with SP2 as I have not needed to use thank goodness!

However, the machine has a folder on Drive (c) called Drivers. This folder includes XP SP2. They tell you to make a backup of the Drivers Folder to a CD. Unfortunately the size of the file is too large to fit on a standard CD, so I had to use 2 cd's.

This Drivers folder also contains a number of Manuals in PDF format. The Manual for Pinnacle has over 100 pages!

  Cara2 20:15 01 Jan 2005


Just out of interest - I now have my brothers Mesh PC. He had never used the Mesh recovery disk.

I needed to reformat the hard drive but was unable to get the recovery disk to do this. An error message was produced and Mesh sent out an engineer with a new hard drive. After a sucession of unsucessful fixes, he declared the recovery disk to be faulty. I would have to arrange for another disk to be sent out.

Spoke to another tech at Mesh who told me I would have to buy a replacement disk as it must have been damaged. It could not be faulty.

The disk was unused and absolutely perfect! I protested as much. He then explored the method I had used to reformat. The solution simple. It was to alter some original Bios settings.

In fact nothing had been faulty at all and the problem could have been easily sorted on the first phone call. Both the original tech I spoke to at Mesh and the subsequent visit from an engineer failed to spot this.

I do wonder if your disks were actually faulty?!!

  freaky 20:33 01 Jan 2005

See my earlier post above on this topic.

I have now noticed that on the Recovery Disk Label it states XP Home SP2. I received the Mesh Unit on 21-12-04, so they must have received the disks shortly before.

  eego 15:56 02 Jan 2005

Got me worried lads. I recieved my system on 30th November 2004. I have just checked my Recovery disk and like "freaky" it is notaded
XP Home SP2.

  freaky 16:34 02 Jan 2005 my post above again, I said my Recovery Disk is labelled 'XP Home SP2', this means that it is the upgraded version of XP i.e
XP Home with SP2 upgrade.

If your Disk does NOT have that on it, then you need to contact Mesh, otherwise no problemo!!

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