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  ArthurFowler 15:09 10 Mar 2003

Not a happy bunny today. I've got a Mesh RD97 which I bought at the end of Jan. Since getting the correct graphics card delivered (9700 Pro rather than the mis-supplied 9700) two weeks ago, I've been getting random crashes, sometimes at boot up, other times after the PC has been running for several minutes. It appears that it may be a cooling problem as the CPU temp is going up to 67 degrees centigrade and the reboots seem to happen less frequently with the side of the case off

I thought I'd try the meshresponse email address. I got a reply to my first mail after two days suggesting possible causes and they made some helpful suggestions. I replied to meshresponse last Weds (5th) saying that the problem persists. No reply to that mail as of today lunchtime (Monday 10th), so I rang technical support (who have no record of my email). They suggested a possible cooling problem on the 3d card or elsewhere and asked me to look at various things and try the ASUS probe software to do some checking.

I'm sorry, but I've spent hours already trying to track down the problem. All drivers are up to date, I've run tests with the case open/closed, under load etc. so I insisted that the PC be collected and the fault repaired. Tech support were reticent to do this and told me that if it turned out to be a software problem, then I would have to pay. Nevertheless, I have asked them to collect and repair the PC.

Now I have to wait for documentation to be raised and sent out to me, then the PC will be collected and it will then be in their lab for "10 to 12 days" before being returned to me. So, since getting the PC at the end of Jan, I have had two weeks use of it and now it looks like it will be towards the end of March before I get it back. This is why I am not happy. Do you think I am right to feel aggrieved?



  Goldcroft 16:32 10 Mar 2003


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  bfoc 18:36 10 Mar 2003


How can a machine which does not work in any way reliably be fit for its purpose?

Just a word of warning, when the machine I had from Mesh last November was faulty within hours of delivery and I returned it they tried to say that they couldn't find any fault.

It was only after some determined arguments and my involving the finance company that they suddenly 'found' that the machine was faulty!

  Forum Editor 18:42 10 Mar 2003

of a software problem to me - but of course you never know.

I have to say that if I was in your shoes I would be very annoyed indeed, and 10/12 days to turn a machine around in a lab seems too long.

  ArthurFowler 08:25 11 Mar 2003

Thanks for your support everyone.

I would be tempted to do a bit more diagnosis myself, but the prospect of waiting on a national rate call for a long time to me answered by tech support and then go home in the evening and try their suggestions, then ring them back the next day etc. when I feel confident that the machine will have to go back to Mesh in the end anyway does not fill me with enthusiasm.

I installed the ASUS probe software last night which monitors CPU temp, fan speed, voltages as Mesh suggested. Unfortunately, it showed the CPU and case fan as running at 0 RPM even though I could see the fans were running! The fan on the Graphics card was running too, but that doesn't get monitored anywhere. I only had one crash and that was about 30 seconds after I booted, and as I had a torch shining in the case at the time and could see all the fans running, I'm starting to wonder whether it is a cooling problem. After that, it ran fine (side off) for an hour. Perhaps PSU?

Thanks all,

  Muzziad 11:33 11 Mar 2003

i see the RD97 has the A7N8X mobo. i recently built a system using this mobo and have had a few probs, as you may know if you have seen a couple of other threads.

can i ask what RAM you are using? i also have a 9700 Pro and suffered random crashes. traked the problem down to the generic RAM used. when i contacted Scan they said they advise users only to install high quality RAM, preferably Corsair. i swapped my generic for Corsair XMS 2700 Platinum and everything is now sweet as a nut.

as for the fan monitoring, i have exactly the same thing. apparently unless the fan is running over a certain speed it won't register. i have 4 fans running internally and only usually get a reading from one.

try the Asus forum at click here
a quite excellent site for product specific support.

  ArthurFowler 12:06 11 Mar 2003


Thanks for the interesting note. The PC was supplied with 2 X 256 of NANYA memory. Surely though if there was a general problem with this mobo/card/memory combination, wouldn't Mesh have been inundated with problems?

Had a quick look at the site and I could see NANYA mentioned as any worse than others. Is there a memory test that I can do that might help check the specific RAM that I have?

Thanks very much

  Muzziad 12:27 11 Mar 2003

there are various memory testers you can download. afraid i don't have a link to any, i'm sure someone else can help you out with that.

you'll probably find that your RAM appears okay when tested, as the 2 x 512 sticks i had originally were. they worked okay individually but not together. some manufacturers are now selling 'twinned' sticks of RAM guaranteeing problem free usage for boards with Dual DDR function, so it is obviously a known issue. as an aside i had the crashing problems whether using the Dual DDR option or not.

the A7N8X part of the Asus forum on nForcers has many instances of people who have had problems with generic RAM, especially when running a pair rather than a single stick.

if you know anyone who uses high quality RAM see if you can borrow a stick to test in your machine. it'll either find the cause of your problem or eliminate another possibility.

  ArthurFowler 13:06 11 Mar 2003

If the unmatched memory is a potential problem, then I guess that I could try just running a single stick of 256 to see whether I still get the crashes. Any reason why this wouldn't be a sensible idea?

Thanks again for taking the time.

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