Mesh - problems again!!

  ANDREW-W 23:34 19 Nov 2003

I recently posted concerning problems with a Mesh pc and unsatisfactory service. To recap I bought the system in September. It worked fine for 2 weeks and then refused to boot up. Several calls to Mesh and an engineer was sent out, who incidently took 2 weeks to arrive! He replaced the HDD and memory.
He left - machine still not operational. This time error messages appeared. Contacted tech support and advised to reformat HD and reinstall windows, drivers etc. Still no joy - in fact worse various faults including DVD player not working.
Further discussions with Mesh. Spoke to Phil who suggested a refund or replacment. Unfortunately I chose a replacement. Due to various mess up by Mesh and the courier it took 2 weeks to get a replacement machine.
So machine number 2. With this one it boots up as soon as it is plugged into the mains, and by-passes the front on/off switch. Has anybody come across this before? Also the machine intermitenly cuts out for no reason.
I spoke to Mesh last Thursday, they suggested a power supply fault snd would send an engineer. I called Mesh customer service on Friday to say this wasn't acceptable and asked to be called back by a manager. Well it wasn't until Tuesday that someone attempted to make contact, but I wasn't at home. Why did they not use my mobile number which they were given? I also email, and wrote a registered mail letter over the weekend.
Called Mesh again this morning and finally spoke to Cathy in customer services. She asked if I wanted a refund, I replied yes. Ok - but just send the base unit to use as we need to test the system for faults!! This is all very well but I have told them what the faults are. One fault is intermitant and could take some time to see - in the meantime my refund is being delayed, besides surely the fact that they were going to send out an engineer means the think there is a fault?
So anyone any suggestions? What if they try to return the machine? what are my rights?
Meshresponse please reply to this post, serial no 5009511

  art42 23:55 19 Nov 2003

I have lived thru an on going nigthmare with mesh for over six weeks ,I have told tales of woe on this forum on numerous occassions, they still have my unit, I am still waiting for its return (along with the refund for the upgrades they could not carry out),nobody at mesh must read these forums or they just dont care,so keep your fingers crossed that your refund is paid and go buy a computer from a company who does care and has an after sales service,mesh make a good case everything in it is made by someone else other manufactures use the same parts and have just as good results with them and they give you an after sale service, which after all is why we the consumer by from these people in the first place(good luck

  bfoc 11:04 20 Nov 2003

That you give them three choices:

1. Agree to an immediate refund and to the return of all items on that understanding.

2. They send out an engineer to check the machine in your prescence and if it is faulty it will all be returned for an immediate full refund.

3. If they refuse either of the above 2 options then inform them that you will employ an engineer to check the machine and if it is shown to be faulty you will be asking for a full refund plus the cost of the engineer.

Do not accept Mesh checking the machine without you or an independent person being around. Once they have both the tower and your money you could wait for ages and be 'forced' to take whatever they offer.

As well as telling them on the phone about their three choices write by registered post and fax them to confirm what it is that is being done. If it is the third option give them in the letter, say, one week to change their minds before you employ the engineer.

Did you buy on credit card or finance? If you did, remember that the finance company/credit card company are jointly liable. Therefore send a copy of the above letter to the Credit Card/Finance company and inform Mesh that you have done so.

In a similiar situation I was messed around by Mesh but I got my full refund after about a month, after involving the finance company!

  ANDREW-W 13:11 20 Nov 2003

Thanks Bfoc. I have asked for a full refund already. By email, post and telephone. They want me to return just the base unit for testing! Given the fact that the cutting out is so intermitant it could take days.
I do wonder why they did not ask for the complete system back ie monitor mouse, keyboard etc. Seems that they are trying to send this unit back repaired maybe?
Given the fact that this is the second system I have had which is faulty they should be bending over backwards to accommodate me, with a no quibble refund.
As for option two, again I did suggest this, afterall the originally wanted to send an engineer to replace the power supply, but I was told that an engineer wouldn't be able to test the system. Logically if they could do this then they would then be able to declare it faulty at that time.
I will be speaking to my credit card company. I can't proceed to purchase a new machine until the refund is confirmed and I realy want a new PC by Christmas!
The prefered option is number one and I see no reason why this cannot be sanction immediately.
I suppose I'll have to go to the top and speak to the Managing Director!!
I will ask again Meshresponse where are you??

  ANDREW-W 13:15 20 Nov 2003

Just to add to the above, I have spoken to an idependant computer store - they believe the fault may be related to the power supply unit, the motherboard or the wiring to the on/off switch.
Therefore if an engineer changed just the power supply, the fault may well occur again!

  bfoc 10:40 21 Nov 2003

It would, IMHO, make sense to write and fax another letter to them giving the 3 options as mentioned above.

At the moment, if I am correct, you have not had any written reply stating Mesh's response. By writing again you are demonstrating that:
1. You are being reasonable.
2. You are doing all you can to get the situation rectified.
3. You are giving Mesh the opportunity to respond.
If they do not respond to this approach they will be even more in the wrong should the matter come to court

seekit's reference is very useful, but I have one word of caution. It is quite correct that on failures within 6 months the consumer does not have to prove the fault was there at point of sale. However this is not the same as proving that an actual fault exists, which is what the engineers report involves.
However it is yet another reason for not allowing the retailer to have the machine unsupervised. They would not be liable if they can 'prove' the fault was not there at the point of sale. Since it is quite easy to disassemble and reassemble a machine with different parts to the same specification, any examination must take place of the machine as is and be independant or under supervision.

Writing another letter and sending it recorded delivery and faxing and e-mailing it will involve more time and bother, but I honestly think it is the best route to go. Also send a copy to the Credit card company.

Do remember that many outlets offer buy now pay in 6 or 9 months. So it might be possible to get another machine before your refund has actually arrived.

  Singerz 12:23 21 Nov 2003

You are making me nervous! I ordered a new Mesh PC on Wednesday........seriously considering cancelling it now.

  A_World_Maker 13:18 21 Nov 2003

No help, but another tale of woe (very short version) I bought 2 computers from
Mesh, one still runs perfectly some 4 years later, the other was Dead On Arrival, engineer fixed, Monitor went duff.. replaced, hard disc failed, Mesh arranged to collect, took 100's of phone calls, emails and letters. Finally delivered to wrong address and then 'lost in transit'... system replaced 1 week later, but what of all the 'personal info' in the old 'missing' system? Transit company 'lost touch with the delivery'... this caused more concern long term, as email loggons etc.. were stolen by 'new user os the missing system'. :-(

  A_World_Maker 13:19 21 Nov 2003


  johnnyrocker 13:42 21 Nov 2003

get your money back singerz it took me two years of frustration to get mine back.


  Hoseman 17:14 22 Nov 2003

Maybe the difference between the systems that are tested in magazines and the ones that are sent out to paying customers is that the former are tested. Its a shame coz their systems seem to do really well in tests. Im looking to buy a PC and it certainly wont be Mesh due to all the negative feedback Ive been coming across.

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