Mesh - Poor service

  Hawk eye 19:53 13 Nov 2009

I have ordered a PC from Mesh after reading reports in the mag and am still waiting for my pc to arrive 4 weeks later.

All I get on the day I'm expecting the order to complete is an e mail with another excuse such as:

Its out busy times coming up to Christmas and after this weeks is that they have have run out of the GPU's. With 4 weeks to process the order you would have thought they had time to order them in.

Very disappointing considering the high recommendation.

  GaT7 21:38 13 Nov 2009

Vote with your feet - cancel & go elsewhere.

Btw, posting the same thing in several other MESH threads isn't going to get you any sympathy, & is most likely to annoy others. G

  orchard gate 16:07 16 Nov 2009

In this sense: if you actually buy a Mesh PC and it goes wrong, you can expect the real run-around to begin, coupled with plenty of the famous Mesh "attitude".

If you want an example of that take a look at the discussion site run by Mesh itself. There when I recently mentioned just one aspect of the experience I had (when a Mesh employee was seemingly incapable of writing down a serial number correctly, which resulted in an additional delay in getting my PC back of almost a week), "Davey" the head of technical support who also posts here described it as "quite funny". Not for this customer it wasn't.

Attitude aplenty. But not much concept of customer service.

  Hawk eye 20:48 16 Nov 2009

I tried cancelling on Friday night by e mail after reading all of the poor service reports. Despite calls to the help desk I still do not have a confirmed cancelled order.

It'd funny they were fast enough to debit my credit card. They must make their money bu all of the interest free loans they get. I will try again tommorrow.

Has anyone else been able to cancel okay

BTW thanks for the tip on covering it in several threads. My anger got the better of me.

  Hawk eye 19:18 25 Nov 2009

Here I am over 2 weeks after cancellation and have still not received a refund. Despite badgering mesh and promises that they had refunded the money I had a call today from there finance dep't asking for my CC details so they can do their refund.

Funny they don't seem to get any better. I will believe them when I see the money!

  Forum Editor 23:20 25 Nov 2009

has 28 days within which to refund your card account.

  TipTop20 09:43 26 Nov 2009

I to had similar issues with Mesh - when i placed the order i told them i needed it urgently as my computer had broken. They said they would get it to me as quick as possible. 4 weeks after placing the order i still did not have a guarenteed delivery date and they could not tell me what was taking so long. I to tried to cancel the order and it took over 2 weeks to get my monet back. By this time i had been without a computer for over 6 weeks now so ended up purchasing one from Cube247. They do next day systems and sure enough they stuck to their word and the computer was with me the following day.

  M1kee 17:55 26 Nov 2009

After a month of lies and the worst customer service I have ever experienced, I will never buy another Mesh computer as long as I live. The sales team are very friendly right up until they take money from you. From then on it's a nightmare. I must have rung them at least 20 times, sent them dozens of mails and made numerous complaints. Not once was a phone call or email returned. NOT ONCE. My computer arrived 3 weeks late, taking a total of 7 weeks. I waited in on at least 4 occasions having been promised delivery. Nothing. No apology. No compensation. If you want to see how many complaints there are I suggest you all have a look at the so called Mesh Owners Club Website. It is littered with people at their wits end trying to sort out problems.

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