Mesh P.C's Unreliable

  Rogmur 21:33 04 Mar 2005

Hi Forum Members

Just to say that having bought a Mesh Matrix P.C in November 2003, (rhyme unintentional), I have found the experience of ownership far from pleasurable.

Last year my hard drive failed, and credit to Mesh they replaced it, but then tried to demand payment for the drive until we read them their warranty details.

Ok I know P.C's can be temperamental at the best of times, but when I ask for some technical support from Mesh I do not expect some "Jobs Worth" to tell me to call their "Premium Rate" phone line.
After all, we paid a significant sum of money for our P.C, so why the hell should Mesh expect us to phone their rip off premium rate number.
Our P.C problem is not 3rd Party related it is Windows XP related.

See Mesh response below:
You have asked for support on a software, third party or upgrade issue.

Software support is not covered by the warranty supplied with your machine and so the hardware support department, including the email service, will not be able to assist you with this query. Your email/letter has been read by a technical engineer and it has been established that your solution involves either software support or that you need to discuss your issues/queries further with a software support engineer.

The software support department can be contacted on 09052356600 24x7. This line is charged at a premium rate, all calls to this line are charged at £1 per minute. Please ensure you have your serial/order number ready when calling.

Please note that when calling, if you get an engaged tone or occasionally when very busy, an un-obtainable tone, please try again a few minutes later as this line is currently in very high demand.

Buyer Beware

  HXP 21:47 04 Mar 2005

Got to admit I had the same sort of response from Mesh when I had problems.

The tech desk are unhelpful, accusatorial, and sometimes just plain abrupt.

Luckily i got my money back - I will never consider buying from them ever again - yes I know they have millions if happy customers and that they sell tons of PC's and only a small percentage go wrong - but the worth of a company can be judged with how they deal with problems.

Mesh I am sure build fine machines - mine wasn't one of them.


  Stuartli 13:40 05 Mar 2005

What exactly was the XP related problem?

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:28 05 Mar 2005

I don't see what the problem is here. You have a warranty that does not cover software, why should Mesh give you warranty support for Windows problems?

  Teaboy 17:49 07 Mar 2005

I have to agree with Mr Mistoffelees,why should any manufacturer give free software support, let alone mesh computers, who do get a lot of stick through this mistaken idea. They in common with all other manufacturers warrant only their hardware. People should remember this.

  HXP 21:57 07 Mar 2005

Yes why should they give a warranty on software - just like when they sent a PC engineer out to swap my hard drive with a pre built hard drive only for him to give up after 2 hours on site and admit he didn't knbow what was wrong - couldn't get it to boot up. Driving off leaving me with a non working machine Mesh tech support told me it was my responsibility to get windows loaded - bearing in mind their engineer couldn't what hope did I have. Quite right too I had spent £1500 paid extra for on site support, an expert couldn't get it working but as they could blame ' windows problems ' that was enough for them to walk away.

Congrats to all those of you who support them - I hope if you ever buy one and have problems you feel the same. I change my machine every 3 - I have had problems with some and the comapnies resolved them but Mesh were the only company that drove me to trading standards and the brink of the small claims court.

As I said before the measure of a company is how they deal with things if they go wrong - I am surprised anyone here congratulates them on not supporting a customer.

PS They had a batch of AMD64 with faulty motherboards which corrupted data writted to the HDD - they tried to convince me it was software until the thing packed in completely.

Like I said .... Bravo


  Kansenji 04:09 08 Mar 2005

You bought your PC from Mesh.

You bought your Windows software from Mesh.

Mesh are therefore responsible for the proper functioning of both the PC & Windows.

This is a consumer right & Mesh's warranty cannot take this away from you. Your consumer rights allow a "reasonable amount of time" to reject ALL the goods (including Windows). The courts normally consider a "reasonable amount of time" to be somewhere between 1 month and 2 months.

  Bigger Ron 08:22 08 Mar 2005

Well this has been an interesting discussion.

I'm currently on the look for a new PC and was seriously considering Mesh as reviews seemed to be very good, and as I'm not overly techy the reviews are all I have to go on. Sadly they never seem to cover anything more than the performance of the machine, where I'm looking to get information on the entire experience (support, reliability etc.)

So thanks for everyone who's contributed to this discussion. I'm definitely going to give a lot more thought before purchasing a Mesh machine.

  Stuartli 10:57 08 Mar 2005

You are one of probably a handful who has had had a bad experience with Mesh, a company that produces thousands of systems annually and has an equal number of satisfied customers.

I bought a Mesh system a year ago last September on behalf of a friend and it's never missed a beat.

The user is now in her 83rd year....

  The Spires 12:05 08 Mar 2005

In my experience 90%+ of pc problems are caused by user error, there ought to be some kind of driving test to own a pc. I really can't see why MESH should sort of problems caused by fingers that don't understand. Most problems can be sorted out on here.

  Mr Mistoffelees 13:14 08 Mar 2005

As The Spires points out, the vast majority of software problems are caused by the user. The manufacturer can not be liable for the user not learning how to use a pc properly. There is plenty of free software support available, on this site for example, and cheap courses are widely available.
If you bought a new car and then bent it because you had not learnt to drive, would the manufacturer be liable for the repairs? I think not.

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