Mesh PC's and the hidden charges scam

  Rogmur 18:36 21 Oct 2004

Hi Consumer Watch

Last week my Mesh Matrix PC's had a hard drive failure.
So seeing as my PC is less than 3 years old I contacted Mesh "Customer Services" who arranged for the tower unit to be collected.
This evening (Thursday 21st October)I received a telephone call from a representative (Kahreem) informing me that my PC had been repaired and would be returned to me.
However, he then informed me that I would have to pay the delivery charge of £50+ for my PC tower to be returned.
I was stunned not only had the PC hard drive packed up through no fault of my own it now seems I am being punished for the hard drive being defective.
I have looked through Mesh's "Terms & Conditions" and can not find any mention of carriage costs for defective hardware whilst under warranty.
Waht about the "Sale of Goods Act" surely Mesh has an obligation to ensure the PC should fuction correctly?
I can not help feeling this representative is not being entirely honest with us.
Can someone please advise (I just want my PC back).
Yours sincerely

Roger P Murphy (Rogmur)

  Pesala 19:12 21 Oct 2004

Look at the warranty conditions. On-site is the best available. Mesh seem to do a "FREE 3 Year Warranty (Back to Base)" which means that you pay the carriage costs.

  Waldoc85 19:25 21 Oct 2004

This is clearly shown in the terms & conditions and you should be warned that a storage charge of £10 per week in the event of non collection after two weeks. It does seem unfair but your HD has been replaced F.O.C.

  accord 22:16 21 Oct 2004

would have been cheaper to buy a new HDD and fit it yourself.

IMHO, the 3 year warranties which are sold nowadays are not worth the paper they are printed on and shouldnt be a deciding factor when purchasing a pc.

  MESH Support 09:15 22 Oct 2004

Under the section on warranties we state in our terms and conditions that after an initial period any carriage charges are payable by the customer.

It's possible that if you purchased your PC at the time this change to our terms was introduced that you received a copy of the old terms and conditions.

If this is the case, you cannot find any reference to the charges in the terms, please email me at [email protected] remembering to include your serial/order number and screen name (Rogmur). I will arrange to have the charge refunded to you.


Mesh Support

  Dellman 12:16 22 Oct 2004

Nice one Davey....

...can't ask to be fairer than that!!

  Diver14 12:51 22 Oct 2004

I'd love to know how Mesh can justify a £50 freight charge.

My company sends a few parcels per day with a good courier and we are charged £10 including insurance for a box up to 20kg. With Mesh's buying power they would get a much better rate than that. I would estimate that Mesh are pocketing at least £42 of that charge - about the cost of a hard drive to them!! This would mean that you have, in effect, paid for your free warranty replacement!!

  grumpy-git 13:53 22 Oct 2004

Diver 14,

The freight charge is rather excessive. I remember when my Mesh pc first arrived (yes there was a second time after a repair) and I even carried the boxes from the delivery van to the house - so it is not really a supa-dupa service. Wish I had left it on the van after all the problems I have had.

My previous pc (and the one that is still working!) came from Multivision, which "was" a local firm, but fortunately mine was advertised as "free delivery". I was able to collect it from their shop, but a friend of mine considered buying a different model that did not include delivery and they expected him to pay the 45 quid or whatever the delivery charge was at the time, even though he wanted to collect it from the shop. As a result, he didn't buy from them.

So seems it can be a way to get extra money, and not just by Mesh.


  Urotsukidoji 12:45 25 Oct 2004

g-g i remember when a pack of 20 cigarettes were less than £2-50, you could go out for a night out and come home more than merry for £15, mars bars were 20p each - AND bigger than they are now and dare i say it you could play conkers in the playground with your mates without having to wear "protective clothing" because conkers is a dangerous game....

but thats progress for you

  Dellman 17:27 25 Oct 2004

.......and I remember my first monthly paypacket......£

....its all relative!!

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