Mesh & pc mags!

  ccct 13:09 26 Mar 2006

I'm finding it hard to understand the relationship between mesh computers & pc mags? A lot is said about mesh and how people get bad service & build from them, but no pc mag seems to want to publish these letters and views in their mags? Why?? Is advertising revenue more important than the views & concerns of the consumer.

Also when reading one of these threads about mesh it's very strange that a forum editor is having a look round mesh, surely that does not make you a neutral person on this subject?

Oh and if you decide to ban this i will require inder the freedom of information act all mesh & your own postings.

  Stuartli 13:20 26 Mar 2006

Your comments are an insult to genuine journalists who are not swayed by bigoted opinion, but make up their own minds and publish the findings.

Mesh makes many thousands of computer systems every year - just a small proportion of their customers have problems.

In most cases I would suspect components failing or going faulty after a period (hardly the system builders' fault) or new buyers attempting configuration of the system without the necessary knowledge or experience.

As for the comment about someone touring the Mesh production facilities I fail to understand what is sinister in that fact.

It will provide an insight into how the company assembles its products, its efficiency and workmanship and the testing involved before systems are despatched to customers.

  Totally-braindead 13:37 26 Mar 2006

I also find this posting offensive.

I have seen letters complaining about Mesh and other companies in computer magazines. But you haven't. How strange.

Regarding the mention of the FE obviously if a journalist is wanting to find out about a particular company it would make no sense whatsoever to visit the said company and have a tour of their facilities would it?

  Stuartli 14:27 26 Mar 2006

I was in journalism for more than four decades and stand by exactly what I said.

You don't rely on third party information - you find out for yourself at first hand.

To infer that anyone doesn't take a neutral view after undertaking a proper investigation is a comment made without any foundation or substance.

  Stuartli 14:32 26 Mar 2006

I've made many complaints - as well as hand out handsome praise - about computer related companies in these forums.

The only occasion I made a purchase from Mesh (on behalf of a then 82-year-old friend just taking up computing) the system arrived on the day promised, was set up by me and, more than two years later, is still working perfectly.

This has been highlighted in these forums in a number of threads about Mesh - you can only report on personal experience.

Again, as mentioned on many occasions, happy customers very rarely extend praise as their experience is exactly what was expected.

But the comparative few who are unhappy don't hesitate to make a big song and dance about the fact - that tends to distort the true situation.

  Forum Editor 14:44 26 Mar 2006

what's all that nonsense about the Freedom of information act? If you knew what you were talking about - and you obviously don't - you would know that the act applies to public authorities, not to Online Forum Editors for computer magazines.

You have no right to any information from me, and I have no need to provide it, my record as far as fairness and lack of bias is here, in the forum, for all to see. On many occasions I've taken up the cudgels on behalf of forum members, and on one never-to-be-forgotten occasion I got myself into hot water with Mesh for criticising them here. It is to the everlasting credit of this magazine that the senior editorial staff backed me to the hilt on that occasion, as they have in several other instances.

I say what I think about suppliers and their customer service, but I try to be fair. If a company like mesh sells ten thousand computers a month, and we see ten complaints a month here, it represents a tiny proprotion of sales, even allowing for the fact that not all disgruntled mesh customers are forum members.

Other, smaller companies may sell far fewer machines, yet still feature fairly regularly in our threads. It's a matter of perspective, and your inference that I may be influenced by advertising revenue is as offensive as it is incorrect.

As for "a forum editor is having a look round mesh" where did you get that idea from? It certainly isn't true, I've never said anything of the kind, and even if it was true, what on earth is wrong with that?

I think you need to go away and get a few of your facts straight before you come here publishing innuendo and foolish assertions.

  donki 14:56 26 Mar 2006

Freedom of information act?? I doubt if ccct will be showing his face around here again. Im currently waiting on my Mesh computer coming on Tues, so far the whole process has been Gr8.

Keep up the good work on the forum guys.

  Totally-braindead 15:14 26 Mar 2006

Stuartli you have the wrong end of the stick I think, its not your posting that bothers me its cccts posting. He's way out of order and obviously doesn't know what hes talking about.

  Stuartli 16:02 26 Mar 2006

Apologies - your initial comment "I also find this posting offensive" appears to refer to my posting..:-)

  ccct 17:23 26 Mar 2006

Oh and i am big enough to show my face anytime any place my motto has always been "first in, last out"

Well to put the matter straight to those who dont understand the situation:
If you opened your eyes to the bad service that mesh offer you would understand that those with sub-standard pc's have to put up with.

I do understand the freedom of imformation act and if you look in the small print you will see that all commuincations are counted, if you want to talk legal thats fine by me, i presume you have your LLB to back it up.

As for the build of mesh pc's as highly trained IT Tech with A+, Network+, MSCE, MCP, MCSA, CCNA, CCNP & various others. I have never seen such poorly built pc's as those that come from mesh

  tommagumpi 17:59 26 Mar 2006

I'm after a pc and have read this thread and others, should i go and buy from mesh? Or should i go else were, pc needs to be reliable & have plenty of storage for me to do store my medical reports & masters on it, oh and be very reliable!

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