Mesh or Dell

  technodin 18:08 06 Nov 2009

I am going to buy a new computer and almost decided on a Mesh but have become concerned at the high level of quality and build issues. I am wondering if I should buy a Dell instead. I have a budget of £850 max including a 22" monitor. It will be used for email, internet, I player music, photo's etc. Not gaming. So a Mesh or a Dell ?

  GaT7 19:20 08 Nov 2009

"From the reviews, quad core uses twice the electricity and runs at twice the temperatures." - I don't know what reviews you're referring to - most quad-cores are as good as the dual-cores. The ones in question are anyway:

E8400 power consumption click here: 151 idle / 191 load

Q8300 power consumption click here: 144 idle / 183 load


  GaT7 19:21 08 Nov 2009

And so are the temps btw. G

  961 11:14 09 Nov 2009

I think we are getting beyond what this guy needs in the way of advice

The basic TDP for the dual core is 65watts and for the quad core 95watts. I accept that for the high load tests you quote the actual consumption on both may be similar and that for multi tasking the quad core may be appropriate

But this isn't going to be the case here and, for the computer specs I was suggesting that are available from Dell the dual core systems are cheaper.

As you said earlier, even the lowest spec here is way beyond what is needed and yet leaves plenty of oomph if he should decide to get into more intensive stuff (excl. games) later

The only multitasking that's going to be happening is the virus checker updating while he is writing a letter or surfing the web

  wombat1953 11:30 09 Nov 2009

There will aslo be other examples of multitasking as I will be listening to music while moving files from one directory to another while surfing the web etc. Do I need a quad core processor for multi tasking ?

thanks for all the comments, they are appreciated

  961 11:56 09 Nov 2009

The multitasking you need quad core for is the sort of thing where you are using programmes like transferring high def video from a camcorder while playing a game or using CAD programmes

The dual core quoted is lightning fast with huge memory on board plus lots of memory on your board. It will be fine. If you decide you want quad core just go up the dell vostro 420 range where you can select a quad core chip. You'll also see on the home page of the business computers a feature on the left about helping you choose a processor which you may find interesting

To go back to the very start of all this I was keen to steer you away from current consumer computers designed with 64bit Windows and processors which compete for the "mine's faster (and bigger) than your's. These are expensive, built to a price point, and totally unnecessary for what you are going to be doing. 64 bit is the future, it has some drawbacks now although it will eventually be the way to go. It requires, as you'll have seen, big amounts of ram, which 32 bit doesn't. Some programmes and hardware won't work with it and you don't need it

And, as for the question at the top of your thread look at other threads in consumerwatch just now

  GaT7 12:41 09 Nov 2009

"I think we are getting beyond what this guy needs in the way of advice" - you're right, but my previous post wasn't for technodin, it was for you ;-). If one makes general statements (or something you read in reviews), it preferably needs backing up with some evidence in the form of links.

"I was suggesting that are available from Dell the dual core systems are cheaper." - I disagree. The ones I suggested were clearly 'cheaper'. If one increases the Dell's CPU (to E8400), RAM (to 4Gb) & hard disk (to 500Gb) to match the specs of the £380 eBuyer PC, its final price incl del is £480+. That's £100 extra. G

  961 14:33 09 Nov 2009

OK, fine

Why don't we just leave it to wombat to make his decision

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