Mesh or Dell

  technodin 18:08 06 Nov 2009

I am going to buy a new computer and almost decided on a Mesh but have become concerned at the high level of quality and build issues. I am wondering if I should buy a Dell instead. I have a budget of £850 max including a 22" monitor. It will be used for email, internet, I player music, photo's etc. Not gaming. So a Mesh or a Dell ?

  wombat1953 09:13 08 Nov 2009


I entered the code D112203 but it is not recognised. Which machine is it.


  961 14:46 08 Nov 2009
  961 14:54 08 Nov 2009 E8400 processor, windows 7 professional, 3072 memory, 512 ATI graphics

You should end up around £444 with free shipping and one year free on site

  961 14:56 08 Nov 2009

plus the dreaded vat of course

  GaT7 15:10 08 Nov 2009

If you go for the 961's Dell suggestion, don't take the graphics upgrade as it's way overpriced at £70. One can get similar cards for ~£25 on eBuyer click here.

Also consider these PC's from eBuyer:

£380 - Q8300 quad-core CPU , 4Gb, 500Gb, Win7: click here

£400 - Q8300 quad-core CPU, 4Gb, 750Gb, Win7: click here


  GaT7 15:35 08 Nov 2009

Bt the way, our suggestions are still way over-specced for what you're going to use it for, but you said you didn't want a basic system. G

  961 15:41 08 Nov 2009

Agree with the graphics upgrade point and in fact I've done exactly that at a saving of around £30/£40

However, I'm always cautious about advising folk to delve into a new computer when I don't know how experienced they are, bearing in mind the warranty implications

To be honest, this box will do the business with the on board graphics. I'd always go for a video card but it is by no means essential and the thing will work quite fine without

From the reviews, quad core uses twice the electricity and runs at twice the temperatures. I was tempted but bearing in mind the slower speed and slower memory of the quad processors I think the Dell spec is the one to go for

It is of course built to work without problems for a long time for a business which can't be bothered with breakdowns. That's what I look for at home provided I'm not into gaming

  961 15:48 08 Nov 2009

But the trouble is, if we come up with a computer that has a price tag of peanuts folk just don't think you know what you are about

The vast majority of business boxes will do what home users require while sitting on a deckchair with sunglasses on. It's reasonable to buy up to date processors that will last for 5 years but the idea that folk need to spend £999 on a computer, in my opinion, is rubbish

Unless they are in to hd video transfer or gaming on the net

  wombat1953 17:58 08 Nov 2009

Really appreciate the comments from everyone.

I shall be using the machine to watch videos and BBC iplayer etc. I am planning to buy a good monitor such as iiyama 22".

Is 3gb of ram sufficient ?

Do I need a 32bit machine or 64 bit


  961 18:11 08 Nov 2009

32 bit machine is fine for what you want, and 3gb ram more than enough

BenQ 24" described above better

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