Mesh - A new saga

  Tribal-Wolf 00:37 02 Jun 2004

Well I bought another computer from Mesh.
Oops, should have learned my lesson last time.
Same salesman and same lies.(Paresh).
Well I orded it with an Nforce M/board and it came with a VIA.
It was supposed to have 2 x 160gb hard drives but came with 120's.
No driver discs at all for anything an no serial key for some of the software that came with it.
No DVI cable although it didnt offer the upgrade with it on the site (was told it came with it).
And it came with every windows update inatalled on it not just the critical ones (Why?).
I was going to complain but as this same salesman lied to me last year it must just be company policy.
I have now bought a several machines from Mesh and the service gets worse with every purchase.
This was a 2k + machine and I am very disappointed as the quality of how it arrived.
Sorry Mesh you have lost alot of business in the future from me and anyone I know.
Shame when the machines are good.They just need to stop the salesmans bull*[email protected]: and deliver what is promised.

  spuds 00:49 02 Jun 2004

Get in touch with Mesh via [email protected] This route generally brings a good response from the Mesh representatives Davey or Amrit.

I am puzzled as to why having had a bad experience with Mesh before, you go and buy another one. Either you are a masochist, or there is something you have left out of your post.

  Al94 08:45 02 Jun 2004

Agree with ELECTRON99, if you find them that bad, then walk away and use another supplier. If I have a bad experience with a company I don't give them a chance to repeat it - there are plenty of others out there!

  MESH Support 09:07 02 Jun 2004

Please send your serial/order number and screen name (Tribal-Wolf) to [email protected] and I will look into this for you.

Until I have access to your details I cannot advise on the motherboard or hard drive queries.

Regarding the updates, we chose to install the updates after feedback from our customers. We could not think of a reason why any user would not want all of the updates included as any features included that were unwanted could easily remain unused.

Regarding the DVI cable, I am unsure as to why you did not see the option to add this online, as the option is provided, and against each monitor option is an indication as to whether it comes with a cable or not.

I am sorry that you feel that you have been lied to although I am sure that this was not intentional, and just a genuine mistake that I should be able to help you with.


Mesh Support

  Pearly Gates |X|X| 09:16 02 Jun 2004

Perhaps he thought he had been "unlucky" the first time, there are enough people on this forum that will tell you that. So he gave them another chance.

  Sir Radfordin 09:18 02 Jun 2004

A response from Mesh within 7 minutes of the working day starting can't be a bad thing.

You don't say in your post what you have done already to try and resolve the problem. Surely if you spotted the mistakes with components on delivery you should have rung Mesh already to notify them of this.

I'd much rather a new PC came with all the updates installed than none as is the practice with many other suppliers. Not so much a problem if you have BB but if dependent on a dialup connection thats a lot of updates to download.

As Davey says, the DVI cable is offered as an extra on their website (it was 2 weeks ago last time I looked) and think you'll find most other PC suppliers also tend to miss out the DVI cable making it an 'extra' purcahse.

Mesh seem keen to resolve the problem so hopefully you'll be able to post back shortly and give us an update on what has been done.

  Stuartli 09:55 02 Jun 2004

Mesh produces thousands of systems annually - there are bound to be the occasional glitches.

  Pearly Gates |X|X| 10:03 02 Jun 2004

I had Paresh as my salesman too - he threw in a DVI cable and delivery for free, very nice. He also promised a copy of Nero - bit of a porkie there - and a lead time of 12 days - big whopper, but to be fair the salespeople may have little idea of the production area problems. Was your machine recommended by any particular Computer Magazine, I only ask as there may be a time limit set by these publications and they have to supply a machine within this timeframe.

  donohue 11:57 02 Jun 2004

On my second Mesh system. Only 'fault' I have with them is tech support tend to be a bit snotty by phone but e-mail support is excellent.

  Tribal-Wolf 23:46 02 Jun 2004

There was no DVI cable option on this machine on the site.
I did have problems last year that were resolved and hoped it was a one off.
I dont want my machine sent straight back for different parts fitted as it was 4 days late anyway.
I just feel the whole package was alot better 2 years ago and I'm dissappointed with things.
I agree that critical updates should be installed but not every optional update as some of these are known to affect performance etc.
Finally yes the machine was recommended by a magazine but the spec changed a little by the time I ordered it.

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