MESH - more problems!

  UnhappyWithMesh 18:00 21 Feb 2010

Unfortunately I seem to have become another Mesh victim, but maybe they can prove me wrong! In December 09 I ordered a new PC, found it was faulty and wrote to reject it asking for my money back before the new year.

Then began a lengthy process to return it and wait for their reply. Letters and emails are ignored and phone calls wait in long queues. After 7 weeks and many calls they confirm it was faulty but ignore my refund requests (2 in writing) and send back a repaired system. It turned up while i was away and now it seems they will charge for storage unless i accept it!

After reading many forums about poor Mesh repairs i've lost confidence in having a repair, also my fault seems to be a motherboard problem which i understand has not been addressed, so i would like a refund which i should be entitled to.

Will Mesh do the honourable thing and let me have my refund?

  Forum Editor 18:43 21 Feb 2010

between the date of delivery and your email/letter formally rejecting the machine, and what reason did you give for rejecting it?

  UnhappyWithMesh 12:35 22 Feb 2010

Arrived 15/12, rejected 31/12 after trying their ideas including restores etc to fix it, the problem was erratic system clock causing programs to crash and blue screen. They said it was a power supply problem but other forums suggest motherboard clock problems. Surely i should be entitled to a refund as i have lost confidence that a power supply repair would fix it.

  MESH Support 15:32 22 Feb 2010

Firstly I am sorry to read that you are unhappy with regards to your MESH PC.

If the fault occurred that soon I am surprised that we haven't either been all over the problem with an offer of a replacement, or simply refunded you by now.

Would you mind clicking the yellow envelope above this post and entering your MESH Order number, or emailing me directly via [email protected] so I can look into this for you?


  UnhappyWithMesh 17:13 22 Feb 2010

Many thanks for your reply, I have emailed the order number and details, I requested a refund all along as the problem seems quite serious according to other forums, also sent videos of the screen showing the erratic behaviour, hope very much you can help me, Regards

  UnhappyWithMesh 18:14 24 Feb 2010

Email from Mesh (Davey – thank you) confirmed a power cable problem and the OS was corrupt, but added that these wouldn’t cause the erratic clock and blue screen problems (so they remain a mystery along with the 2 blown fuses I expect). Despite this there isn’t a fault apparently and no refund! Is it reasonable to think these problems are normal and have to accept a repair and likely more clock & blue screen problems and blown fuses.
These forums are good to warn potential customers and I wonder if others would be happy if this happened with their new system?

  Input Overload 18:16 24 Feb 2010

You started the thread with the words 'Unfortunately I seem to have become another Mesh victim' why did you buy from them in the first place? You implied you already knew there were support issues with MESH.

  UnhappyWithMesh 18:33 24 Feb 2010

Thanks Input Overload, I didn't look at the forums before placing the order, a lesson i have now learnt. I relied on the magazine reviews but they don't seem to consider customer satisfaction.

  HondaMan 18:54 26 Feb 2010

Neither apparently does this forum.

I purchased a Mesh about four weeks back and apart from a couple of issues with Win7 64-bit and older progs, I have had no problem with the computer

  PalaeoBill 19:51 26 Feb 2010

With all due respect, I don't think the number of satisfied customers has any bearing here. If a company only gets one in a million transactions wrong but then fails dismally to correct the wrong one then it has a problem. The fact that so many people like UnhappyWithMesh have to post on a forum like this to get any satisfaction speaks for itself.

  Forum Editor 00:11 27 Feb 2010

but they don't seem to consider customer satisfaction."

If they did, they would say that the vast majority of customers are completely satisfied, and that would be true of most computer suppliers.

I'm not here to defend any supplier - they can do that for themselves. The fact however, and it's been said many times, is that we only tend to hear from dissatisfied consumers in a forum like this, so it's not difficult to get a false impression. Some small suppliers don't appear to feature in the forums so often because they supply fewer computers.

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