Mesh, and woeful service!

  lenny_la9 13:55 05 Sep 2006

A month! That's how long I've now been without my laptop because of these two hopeless companies.

I returned my laptop to Mesh for repair after I started seeing graphics corruption on screen when running anything which made uses of the video card (all games, Google Earth etc). Mobile Support have been replacing the motherboard to fix this, something which has now taken over a month (The machine was sent away August the 4th).

To kick start the rubbish service Mesh had informed Mobile Support I had a one year warranty, when in fact I had paid for a full 3 year collection, return, parts and labour service. This meant Mobile Support refused to fix the laptop and I had to send the machine via Mesh, all of which took 6 days. Mobile Support say they received my machine on August the 10th.

Mesh told me the machine would be away for repair for 10 days (note, not working days). After 10 days I rang up Mobile Support to see what was going on when I was informed the actual repair timeline was 10-14 working days. However annoying this was I decided the best course of action at this stage was to wait patiently for the repair.

Last week when the 14 work days was up I contacted Mobile Support again to see when the machine would be ready. They told me the machine was still being repaired. From this point onwards all I have had is excuses from the customer service staff some of whom are so blunt that they’re almost rude.

Mobile Support blame the delay on lack of parts and a backlog. If there is a backlog then why when I rang up last Friday was I told the engineers had gone home for the afternoon? Any other business would surely work overtime to catch up on any back log?

I have on three separate occasions been promised a call back from Mobile Support and have never received any of them. One of these call backs was from a supervisor, who I’m now told has rang in sick and so can’t talk to me. I told the agent this was ok, I’d just speak to another supervisor, but apparently there’s only one. This was also fine as I’d just speak to the supervisors boss, but oh no, of course they don’t speak to customers. After all, who am I? Just the guy who’s paying them!

After seeing I wasn’t getting anywhere with the useless Mobile Support customer service agents I began talking to Mesh again, who I now know are equally as useless.
It’s quite clear from talking to the customer service agents on the phone they couldn’t care any less. The Mesh supervisor who I did manage to speak to didn’t really give a damn either.

I’m sick of being bounced around departments by Mesh and being fed excuses from Mobile Support. My laptop cost £1800 around two years ago. This is not the service I should be getting, especially if they want repeat business (which is now of course unlikely).

So, I ask has anyone else had bad experiences with Mesh or Mobile Support and what can I do? I know I’ve ranted quite a bit here, but I’ve got a lot of steam to let off. I need the laptop for my university and work. This is becoming a real inconvenience for me.

Another word of warning for anyone thinking of buying a Mesh notebook. Mesh don’t replace batteries, which is broken to the point where fully charged it can power the machine for 5 minutes. Presumably this is because they’re not built to last past 28 days. This also applies to other consumables.

For people who have no experience with Mesh the only advice I can give is avoid, avoid like the plague!!!

  Chris-U-K 15:04 05 Sep 2006

Hey Lenny.

Thanks for this, I was just about to order a new laptop through Mesh for my Uni course which starts in October. I thought I'd do some research first and this is not the only poor customer experience Mesh seem to have.

Needless to say I'm not ordering from them now, they might be cheaper than other companies but I need quality and reliability not poor service.

I'd recommend you speak to either a solicitor or the trading standards, there must be something they can do to help. It seems beyond resonability to expect you to wait now over a month to get your lap top repaired and to have to suffer this appauling service.

I hope loads of others read this and leave Mesh well alone!!

Hope you get it resolved mate and thanks again for this post, you've saved me over £2000!!


  1minute 15:06 05 Sep 2006

Look no further than click here

  1minute 15:13 05 Sep 2006

"My laptop cost £1800 around two years ago" What warranty do you have with Mesh? It may be difficult to get parts on a 2 year old laptop as som many advances have been made in laptop technology!

  lenny_la9 15:28 05 Sep 2006

"It may be difficult to get parts on a 2 year old laptop"

I'm sorry but I fail to see how this is my problem. I paid £95 for a 3 year warrenty so if a problem ever arose it could be sorted.

All I've got to show for my £95 so far is a month of grief and poor service.

  1minute 16:06 05 Sep 2006

i see your point i'm just making a comment on it, sadly the level of support you will get from mesh is that they may find parts difficult to source.

May be see what others thinkon this forum

  Pamy 16:30 05 Sep 2006

As usual, my reply in these cases is.... to write (recorded delivery)or has to be signed for delivery, to the Managing Director of Mesh Computers stating the situation with dates etc. and now ask that your repaired computer is returned in a satisfactory condition within the next 10days or further legal action will be taken.

Meamwhile, consult C.A.B/Trading Standards/Insurance company(3year cover.
do all this the old fashion way by letter.

  MESH Support 16:31 05 Sep 2006

Hi lenny_la9,

I'm sorry to read that you are having problems with your Mesh Notebook.

If you could email me via [email protected] your Mesh Order Number and screen name (lenny_la9) I can look into the delays for you and at least keep you informed.

With regards to batteries, as they are considered consumables any company you purchase them from will only offer a limited warranty on them. A lot of their life depends on how they are charged and discharged which if not done properly and almost religiously you will notice a decrease in the charge time available. On this point I know whereof i speak having just had to purchase two, one from Sony, the other from Acer.


  anchor 16:38 05 Sep 2006

Surely if spare parts are not available, Mesh should consider a replacement notebook.

As regards batteries, no manufacturer will offer an extended warranty on those. 1 year is normal.

  1minute 19:12 05 Sep 2006

Why cant these problems be ironed out before Davey gets involved?

  lenny_la9 10:00 06 Sep 2006

Hi Davey

I sent you my details yesterday before I posted here on the forum but recieved an out of office reply.

I did finally get to speak to a manager a Mobile Support, but only after being on the phone to Mesh throughout the day. Hopefully this can be resolved soon but at the moment I am still waiting.

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