Mesh Matrix,reliability, and on site warranty

  tony-205697 08:29 12 Mar 2004

My Mesh Matrix machine s/no.5020669 has now been received back,after its third repair and is working.
I have written to Mesh management by post and fax,and to Mesh support and Davey by e-mailThe only response I have via this PCE site is that the e-mails have not been received,so I
raise the same questions here,to understand the
business ethics of Mesh,maybe others have the same issues.
I bought the machine with a three year on site hardware warranty,on 24th Oct 2003,as a business machine.
1.The machine broke down after 3 weeks- no screen display.Mesh refused on site warranty.I asked for
money back,mesh decline.Motherboard replaced.
2.Machine keeps switching itself off,I ask for on site warranty,mesh refuse,I ask for money back,mesh refuse and say the unit is too old (Dec. 03 ),Machine goes back and they replace PSU and repair motherboard
3. Machine comes back with same problem,plus a deactivated and wiped Windows, mesh refuse on- site warranty or replacement.
I have an independent diagnosis done,which shows a fault on the motherboard.It goes back again,and is working today,with motherboard replaced.
So since Oct 24th 2004, I have had 4 weeks use,and I now have a machine in which I have no confidence



Is there anyone ,who knows how to deal with these issues,from a supplier?

  JJCUK 09:01 12 Mar 2004

I dont know where you stand with getting your money back, but you may have a claim under the fit for purpose clause,

citizens advice is your best bet if you feel that strongly.

Im sure you will get plenty of advice in the next few hours from the forum

But at least they have been attempting to fix it.

  MESH Support 09:22 12 Mar 2004

I still have not received an email from you on the [email protected] or [email protected]. However I notice that you have included your serial number in the above post.

Whilst the system was with us in our workshop the fault did not occur but as a precaution we chose to replace the motherboard. As we could not locate the fault prior to the change, we could not confirm entirely after the replacement that the fault was removed. I beleive this was communicated to you at the time.

You mention that the system is working today which I presume to mean that since it's return you have not experienced the reported fault. I would suggest that you continue to use it and should you have further problems you contact me using the yellow mail icon next to my screen name. This uses the forum interface for sending mail and so would allow your mail to reach me.

I am sorry to hear that you have had these problems and recognise how this will affect your faith in the product. However the only way we are going to rebuild your faith in this product is to ask that you continue to use it.

If you wish to discuss this further or any other point please use the yellow mail icon as mentioned before.


Mesh Support

  Sir Radfordin 09:48 12 Mar 2004

Since you are living in the future do you think you could share with us who is going to win the Cheltenham Gold Cup next week?

As for the on-site warranty, this is something that has been asked time and time again and no-one seems that clear what it means - whose site is it on? You would need to check carefully the T&C to see if you were entitled to a 'home visit'.

Mesh can't refuse to give you a refund on a product that is not fit for purpose but there are situations where the are allowed to make reasonable efforts to resolve the problem. There aren't many companies that will give a refund no questions asked.

There is little any of us can do apart from Davey who like always has made an effort to communicate with you and is willing to discuss the problem if you so wish. His request for you to use the PC now that it seems to have been fixed, in my eyes at least, seems very reasonable.

  JJCUK 11:52 12 Mar 2004

I have to agree with Sir Radfordin

Mesh's response in this Forum over the previous few months has been outstanding.

  tony-205697 09:44 13 Mar 2004

thankyou for your responses.
Mesh have still not answered to to the fundamenral issue;


Mesh have said the unit must be returned so that the work can be carried out in a clean environement.

Other companies that give on site business warranties i.e
PC World,will and can replace PSU s and motherboards on site,and if they cannot fix the machine,they leave a loan machine.


  spuds 10:40 13 Mar 2004

I think that a PCA search may bring some answers to your question of Mesh's on-site warranty, this problem as been discussed on many occassions.

If your computer is working now, then do as Davey as suggested and keep using the machine. If it fails again, then take the matter up again with Mesh. I would add further, that Mesh cannot state that they will not give a refund, if you have a constant problem with the computer, and if I was you, I would consult your local trading standards for further advice.Regarding the wiping of your computer, this is a known fact that this may happen whilst a machine is being repaired, so it is always strongly suggested that a back-up system is used. I have had a recent upgrade to my computer, with the end result of a hard-drive wipe.

  JJCUK 00:02 15 Mar 2004

mesh also replace psu, s as part of their on site warranty
they replaced mine

  ChippyChippyPomPom 00:52 15 Mar 2004

Anthony 123 I understand your frustration as I have had a similar story to tell with regard to my own MESH machine - they have taken it away after only a week for repair as it seemed to not want to install and work with software I wished to put on the hard drive - it is frustrating when you have spent a lot of money to feel there is no one to speak to or willing to respond to your complaints - I am hoping this is an isolated event and that we may be the only ones who have fallen through the cracks in MESH' customer care - it's good to know someone at MESH (Davey) seems to listen and care - as regard my own machine I am presently giving MESH the benefit of the doubt but have written a covering letter with the proviso that if it does not work to my satisfaction on it's return I would be looking for a refund - none of my emails or phone calls have been answered and I bought the machine using PC Advisor advice about quality of service etc.However what is truly worrying me is that MESH picked up my machine last week and did not send me a confirmation of it's delivery to their repair wing - this seems basic - for all I know the machine could still be in the back of an Amtrak delivery truck or on it's way to Timbucktoo ! It does shake your belief in the machine being up to spec when it returns but I'll keep you posted and hopefully both our problems are isolated cases that will finally be rectified !

  MESH Support 03:30 15 Mar 2004

I have posted in response to this query in your other posting. Please click here to view this.


We don't normally send out a confirmation of delivery although if you contact us we can confirm your PC's delivery if you wish.

If you choose to contact us via email, please use [email protected] for tomorrow, as unfortunately my recent one day illness seems to have become a weekend consuming flu.

I apologise to all who may be waiting for a response from me. In my absence Amit (who has posted here once or twice also) will be more than happy to assist with any queries.


Mesh Support

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