Mesh matrix & support, both very poor, help please

  grumpy-git 07:44 13 Sep 2004

I have a 2 month old Mesh Matrix 64 3000FX. It seems to crash now on a daily basis, even doing simple tasks like copying files from dvd to a hard drive. If you think you know the answer to my problems, skip through my moans & groans and just " make me happy", please?
2 weeks ago it crashed - Windows/system32/config/system missing or corrupt. Support did not impress me one bit in their attempts to try & fix the problem, and their e-mail responses are slow.

The in-built recovery procedures failed and a fresh installation of Windows was required, and I lost all my data off the c drive. Fortunately I keep backups of most of the data on the d drive, but as the software and data were being installed "carefully" to have a well organised and problem free machine, it was still in the setup stages and not in regular use, so a full backup routine had not been started.

In theory it is now a fully working machine again, Windows re-installed, Service Pack 1 installed, but very little else, and certainly no extra peripherals. So why does it keep crashing? Since the Windows reload it has not been connected to the internet, and as the c drive was formatted it should be virus free.

Also today it has refused to hibernate, that never was a problem before, it just says "preparing to hibernate", then the message disappears & the machine continues to run. Before the big "fatal" Windows crash 2 weeks ago, it sometimes crashed coming out of hibernation, so I don't think it has ever been a healthy machine.

There are other issues not to do with the machine problems, such as a missing connector for the "tv out" socket (which I have still not received) and drivers such as those for the motherboard not supplied with the pc, also I had to find my own Service Pack 1, as that is not included with the supplied software.

I have had to make at least 6 calls to the pound a minute support line, costing about 30 quid so far, and that is a rip off as I wasn't even given correct information and told to look for disk drivers on the internet. Getting real help from Mesh is as difficult as trying to get blood from a stone. Perhaps the pound a minute support line is another way to make a quick buck out of the poor punters.

Over the past week I have written snail-mail to the "managing director", that was the person I asked the name of - but got no reply. Then I wrote to the general manager, asking for him to ring me, he didn't ring, but apparently has referred my problem to technical, perhaps coming from him it might have more weight. I mean - who am, I just a customer!! I was told over a week ago somebody from technical would ring me in response to my e-mails, but they haven't.

So, there you go, a sad pc with a sad owner. I will update this topic if & when technical ever ring me, and let you all know the outcome. Remember, a message from "Davey" (if I get one) asking me to contact Mesh does not mean the problem is solved!!!

  Diodorus Siculus 08:12 13 Sep 2004

I don't know the answer but would suggest that you try getting updated drivers for the main components: mobo, graphics, audio, etc.

Also check the temperature and how well it runs in safe mode.

And try



sfc /scannow

  grumpy-git 10:23 13 Sep 2004

Thanks "DS".

Shouldn't the drivers supplied with the pc be the best ones for the job? If it is a "standard" Mesh pc then they I would have thought they would have been "proven" to work with the system.

What components do you start with first for updating drivers? and what is the quickest way to locate the ones you actually need? Mesh sent me on a wild goose chase the other week searching for drivers on the internet for the hard drives (they were actually originally in a folder on the hard drive, unfortunately not like all the drivers I required) so I already know it can be a very time consuming affair.

I describe myself as a "computer user" rather than a builder, the 3 previous machines all ran well, and if I did need support it was much better & easier to get than what I have experienced from Mesh so far.

As for temperature, you get that from within the "set up" area? I have just set the "thing" running, copying files from one hard drive to the other, and also copying files to a dvd, so that gives it something to do for a while, when finished I will check temperatures.

What does "scannow" do?

  grumpy-git 10:38 13 Sep 2004

got a blue screen:- Windows shut down - problem with win32k.sys
"page fault in non paged area"

What a crock!

  grumpy-git 10:42 13 Sep 2004

Just re-booted pc & checked temperatures:-
cpu 40.5C
mb 29C

Was wondering earlier what mobo was, bet it is motherboard, this old git is learning slowly!

  grumpy-git 11:24 13 Sep 2004

Well, that is a start. Perhaps they will pay me a little more attention now, shows airing your grievances in public produces better results. But, it should not be necessary to have to go to these extremes to get a problem fixed.

I will keep the Forum updated on the progress of fixing the pc, and hope that response times by this route are better than through their 24/7 online facility.

So far I have wasted days on lost "computer work" and trying the suggested repairs. Just hope my problems are soon resolved

  grumpy-git 14:17 13 Sep 2004

Before I bought my PC I was under the impression that Mesh were a good company. I accept that things can "go wrong", but it is the quality and speed of response that is one of the issues here.

Don't forget there is also the connector not supplied with the pc, a new one was supposedly sent to me about 3 weeks ago, but I have still not received it, and the cd & floppy with drivers not supplied with the pc. Then the promise of a 'phone call from technical over a week ago, which I still have not had. All of these are nothing to do with "components" so should surely be under the responsibility of Mesh.

A 'phone call from "a manager" last week in response to my 2 snail mails would have been a positive move. This topic may not have even been posted in this Forum then, but it is the general lack of interest or urgency shown by Mesh towards my problems that really annoys me - plus the fact I still cannot continue to install all my software on the new pc.

The money I paid for the pc is "dead money" at the moment, and as a pensioner - money is hard to come by.

Unfortunately this standard of service is becoming too common in this country now. I have always strived to do the best I can for everybody, both at work, before I was retired, and at "play". Pity I don't get the same in return.

  grumpy-git 08:22 14 Sep 2004

Yesterday, can be classed as "Day Zero", the day "Davey" acknowledged this topic in the forum. After responding to Mesh with an e-mail, I (almost) half expected a 'phone call to let me know what the plan of action was and waited within earshot of the 'phone all day. There were no calls.

Today I have lots to do, so perhaps an e-mail to let me know what to expect next "Davey" please?

Stay tuned to this Forum for Daily Reports, or breaking news as it happens.(I'm only trying to cheer myself up & add a bit of humour!)

  spuds 10:13 14 Sep 2004

I fully understand your problems and grieviences, I have been there myself. But asking Davey to respond within less than twenty four hours is asking the man a little too much, don't you think!.Give him time, he will respond, he always seems to do.

Hope all is sorted to your satisfaction, and you have a computer that gives the service and total satisfaction you seek.As I have stated, I have been in a similar position as yourself many times,with various bad service respomses and it is not a good feeling,I truly know.

  grumpy-git 16:58 14 Sep 2004

Hiya Spuds,

Know what you're saying. "Davey" & I are corresponding by e-mail in an amicable way, hopefully towards a satisfactory conclusion for both sides.

Don't forget though, on 3rd September I was told by e-mail from Mesh that they had "logged for a technical person to call me that day", but I have still not received a call.

For years I worked in a job providing a service 24 hours a day. As in every job - things do go wrong, but believe me, the sooner you deal with problems, the easier it is for everybody!!

I don't think I have been unreasonable, haven't exaggerated anything, and kept the language clean. Had this topic not worked my next plan would have been to put in an appearance on the balcony at Buck House as Batman, with my wife as Catwoman - dressed in black MESH tights (her not me!) but someone just beat us to it!!! (Joke)

I'll keep quiet for a few days, but will be back if the problems aren't resolved within a reasonable timescale.

One final question for now, anybody want to suggest how long it be before I have a fully operational pc?

Will read any further comments posted, and let you know when it is fixed, so don't close this topic yet Mr Forum editor.


(PS hopefully one day soon I can change my name to "happy-chappy")

  grumpy-git 15:19 15 Sep 2004

Believe me Bits&Bobs, I leave things well alone. My old WinME machine has soldiered on now for over 2 years without a reload. Only installing "sensible" software, not "tinkering" where you shouldn't do, avoiding viruses and being careful where you surf is my motto. That was also the plan with this pc, but we all know what happened.

Mesh unfortunately probably do spend a lot of their time with such problems, and they have my sympathies

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