Mesh Matrix - good buy?

  Stevie B 24 14:02 11 Nov 2005

I'm about to shell out £5-£600 on a new desktop, seen many special offers from Dell, PC World etc but then came across this - wondered if anyone can encourage or deter me!

Mesh Matrix 3000+ Max

AMD Athlon™ 64 3000+ with HyperTransport Technology
* Genuine Windows® XP Home Edition
* Mini-Tower Micro ATX Case +250W PSU - Black
* ASUS A8N-VM - Nforce 410 PCI-Express Mainboard - Micro ATX
* 512MB DDR400 Memory - PC3200 (2x256)
* 160GB Serial ATA Hard Drive with 8MB Buffer
* SONY 16x Dual Layer DVD-Re-Writable +R/-R/RW
* 128MB nVIDIA GeForce 6100 PCI-Express - (onboard - non DVI)
* 19" TFT Flat Panel Analogue Monitor
* 5.1 Channel Surround Sound Audio (on-board)
* Creative Labs SBS260 - Stereo Speakers
* Logitech Desktop Keyboard & Optical Mouse
* Free Microsoft® Works® 8.5 + 60 Days Microsoft Office Trial
* Classic Warranty - 3 Years Back-to-Base - Parts & Labour

Additional features:

* Free Cyberlink Video Editing Suite - 7 titles (oem)
* Network Ready integrated 10/100 Ethernet

Cost: £499

From these forums I gather the AMD chip is better than P4, the DVD writer and speaker setup sound pretty good and there's plenty of hard drive space, and with this you get a 19in monitor. But I've seen mixed reports about Mesh (I know people who are happy with manufacturers don't tend to announce the fact!).
On top of that price I'd probably pay £44 for pre-midday delivery and £39 on Norton Internet Security 2005.

I might see if a local dealer could match this but don't think they would for the price.

Any responses would be v. helpful

PS Is the Network Ready integrated 10/100 Ethernet all I need to connect broadband?

  Pooke 14:36 11 Nov 2005

I seriously doubt a local dealer could match that for value, any ones near me couldn't.

They are quite a few complaints on this forum as well about the company, however no company is without fault or faulty items at some time.

It depends on which bb you go with, ntl broadband the set top box just goes straight into ethernet port.

  Sans le Sou 15:15 11 Nov 2005

You can probably get a genuine Norton disc on e-bay for a tenner, may be 2004 but that version is very good. Machine looks good value, you are not into games I take it.

  freaky 15:18 11 Nov 2005

Appears to be very good but: -

(a) The 512MB Ram is low, suggest you get 1024MB.

(b) At the price you are paying, the 19" TFT would be a low spec' model - it is analogue. Ideally you want analogue and DVI.

It depends really on what you intend to use the PC for. If you are going to play games or use a lot of video graphics, then you may find the TFT will 'ghost'.

As far as RAM goes, 512MB is the minimum for XP, higher would be better.

Also the output from the PSU at 250W is low, if you add any extra internal drives etc, then you may find that the PSU will overload and trip. See if you can have a 350W PSU instead, it will not cost very much more.

  Sans le Sou 15:20 11 Nov 2005

My mistake 2005 now for a tennerclick here

  freaky 15:29 11 Nov 2005

One other point, the case is Mini-Tower rather than a Midi-Tower. This means you would not have much space for expansion in the future.

My own experience with Mesh is excellent, bought a new PC from them 10 months ago - so far (touch wood) it has been trouble free!

I just bought a Midi-Tower Base which I configured via their website - then bought a TFT from elsewhere. I then upped the RAM from 512MB to 1024MB by buying from Crucial.

  Stevie B 24 16:05 11 Nov 2005

Thanks for replies

I've just been to a local dealer and showed him the Mesh offer - as you'd expect he pulled it to pieces. He was very helpful and explained a lot to an ignoramus like me, but for a similar spec he quoted £750.
He noted that 250W PSU was a bit low, the graphics card was onboard, monitor was analogue and the micro case would make expanding hard.

He offered me a Sempron 3000 processor, 512MB DDR PC2700, 160GB Maxtor 7,200 hard drive, 17in monitor with 3-yr warranty, 2.1 speakers, Savage 3D DDR video card, inbuilt modem and Bullguard antivirus and firewall package, plus similar dvd writer, soundcard etc to Mesh. His price for that - £600, throwing in a free wireless card.
His deal sounds to me sound and reliable - and he's here nearby for any probs (and he'll install everything).
I'm inclined towards that ...

Your thoughts would be appreciated

  grumpygramp 16:19 11 Nov 2005

My Computer came from a local dealer built to my specification which was a copy of a multivision Specification (Multi went bust just after). Cost me £10 more than Multi`s price but was delivered and set up by local man 2 days later. No problems with the PC after 3years though he has helped me out with a couple of virus problems

  freaky 16:21 11 Nov 2005

I don't think a local dealer could compete with the likes of Mesh - because they buy in bulk and get a good discount.

Your dealer has cut corners by offering an AMD Sempron Processor, whereas Mesh include an Athlon. The Athlon is a much better CPU, and costs a lot more!

  bremner 16:24 11 Nov 2005

On the plus side the dealer is local.

On the downside:

The Semperon is not such a good processor as the Athlon.

The motherboard probably is not PCI-e and this will severly limit your capacity to upgrade the graphics.

The memory is slower.

The monitor is only 17".

Don't worry about the Anytivirus and Firewall there are plenty of good free ones Avast/AVG/Zonealarm

  freaky 19:37 11 Nov 2005

Another direct supplier that gives excellent value for money is Novatech have a look here:
click here

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