Mesh Matrix A9 3500 Problems

  SURVEY 17:53 30 Nov 2004

I too had a very similar experience of Mesh with a 3500. I had the crashing with blue screen error messages. I was told firstly it was the BIOS that needed re-setting - to no effect. then the two 512 memory modules were incompatibel - doe and no effect. then the hard disk beededing replacing - to no effect. Evetually Mesh said it was the motherboard and a completely fresh computer was sent. This I was promised would have my old hard dsk put into it with my data; then told this could not be done but they had definitely ghosted over my data. When the new computer arrived it did not have any data on it. I now find that the modem card is faulty - gives random speed access from 6kps to 40kps on dialup. I spent 45 minutes getting through yesterday and was told to reinstll the modem software and to phone back via their reception to get a quick response if that did not work. It did not so I phoned reception and they said they would get the guy (Martin)to phone me back. Of course he did not. I sent emails to Phil Pooke (Engineer) and to Davey (who monitors this forum) and he has not responded. Basically the helpline with Mesh is not a helpline at all. The calls are never answered promptly - 20-45 minutes is the norm. I need help but have spent hours trying to ocntact Mesh and I cannot afford the time or cost or heartache to do it much more. Does Mesh's MD really know what is going on, does he care??? I need help but cannot get it. maybe if Davey sees this he may look through his Inbox and realise that thsi cistomer needs a response.

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