Mesh Matrix A9 3500 Problems

  imm 12:01 01 Nov 2004

I took delivery of a Mesh Matrix A9-3500 on 9/10/04 and the vey first time I used it (to play a DVD) it froze and on restart came out with the error message "Overclocking Failed".

It did this several times and I spoke to Mesh Support who suggested I go into the BIOS and change the overclock settings to manual. However this was of no help and the system was still hanging and crashing at random with blue screens and still occasionally giving the overclocking error on restart.

The next suggestion from Mesh was to remove the Wifi drivers and to replace them with an updated set. Did this but it did not solve the problem.

I had ordered some extra RAM from Crucial and installed it thinking it would be plug and play, but no such luck, the new RAM would work by itself but not with the original RAM installed by MESH.

After several calls to Crucial and to MESH who suggested updating the BIOS, it still would not work, I ended up sending the RAM back to Crucial and ordering some more RAM from MESH.

(It seems that MESH, in their infinite wisdom install double sided "cheapo" RAM which is not compatible with single sided "more expensive" RAM.)

I ordered a 512k memory module form MESH on the 25th October on the assurance that it would be exactly the same as the NANYA module supplied with the computer. I was told that since my system was so new the RAM would probably be even from the same manufacturing batch!

Memory turned up on the 29th October and never mind being from the same batch it was from a completely different manufacturer (HYNIX)!

The system was still freezing and crashing with the same blue screens and error messages such as IRQ NOT LESS OR EQUAL, BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER, PAGE FAULT NON PAGED AREA etc and it finally crashed and "died" on the 26th October. It would not load up into Windows XP and after speaking to MESH they advised that I should reinstall Windows XP, I tried this 4 times and each time it "formatted" the HDD to 100% but then would flash an error message "Format was unable to format the Partion. The disk may be damaged!

I have since spoken to MESH and advised them that I want a replacement system or a refund and I am now awaiting a shipping label to return the sytem.

I have since read on these Forums of the combination of MESH and AMD 64 bit chips not liking XP, is this still true? should I ask for a replacement, refund or maybe an INTEL based system?

So far, I am not a satisfied customer but MESH have to date been helpful and have reponded positively to my calls when I have finally get through, most times I have had to wait at least 30mins before my call has been answered!

I will keep you all updated.

  deke 12:51 01 Nov 2004

I will keep an eye on this thread as i am swithering between a mesh or a dell.
It will be interesting to see how efficient mesh customer services are.

best of luck

  It's Me 15:27 01 Nov 2004

I cannot comment on Mesh and telephone backup, but my contact via this forum and Email has been first class.

My Mesh 64 worked perfectly with XP from the moment I first switched it on, and now works perfectly with XP/SP2.

  BITS&BOBS 22:31 03 Nov 2004


Is a driver conflict what have you installed into the Pc since getting it?

As for the RAM I run double sided and Single Sided in my machine fine, who told you they cant work together?

  imm 11:02 04 Nov 2004

I havent installed any new hardware except for the BT ADSL Modem. The only software I've installed is the BT ADSL Modem software, Nero with latest updates and Norton Anti Virus.
As for the memory, Its a fact that the double sided RAM did not work with the single sided. They worked fine individually but not together!

BTW, I also tried two 512k modules of single sided RAM and they worked perfectly!

  imm 15:53 30 Nov 2004

Mesh have as promised exchanged the faulty system for a new one. As I posted above what lets Mesh down is the time it takes to get through to them on the phone. Once you get through they try very hard to resolve the problem. Seems they need a few more customer support staff.

Thank You Mesh.

  SURVEY 17:53 30 Nov 2004

I too had a very similar experience of Mesh with a 3500. I had the crashing with blue screen error messages. I was told firstly it was the BIOS that needed re-setting - to no effect. then the two 512 memory modules were incompatibel - doe and no effect. then the hard disk beededing replacing - to no effect. Evetually Mesh said it was the motherboard and a completely fresh computer was sent. This I was promised would have my old hard dsk put into it with my data; then told this could not be done but they had definitely ghosted over my data. When the new computer arrived it did not have any data on it. I now find that the modem card is faulty - gives random speed access from 6kps to 40kps on dialup. I spent 45 minutes getting through yesterday and was told to reinstll the modem software and to phone back via their reception to get a quick response if that did not work. It did not so I phoned reception and they said they would get the guy (Martin)to phone me back. Of course he did not. I sent emails to Phil Pooke (Engineer) and to Davey (who monitors this forum) and he has not responded. Basically the helpline with Mesh is not a helpline at all. The calls are never answered promptly - 20-45 minutes is the norm. I need help but have spent hours trying to ocntact Mesh and I cannot afford the time or cost or heartache to do it much more. Does Mesh's MD really know what is going on, does he care??? I need help but cannot get it. maybe if Davey sees this he may look through his Inbox and realise that thsi cistomer needs a response.

  matherelli 09:51 01 Dec 2004

Sorry to hear about your problems. Keep as calm as possible and email Davey again. He is incredibly busy but always does his best to help out folk on this forum. Emailing MESH is better than phoning, but emailing Davey directly is the best option of all. Hang in there. Your problem will get resolved eventually. I do sympathise. Customer service isn't too hot with any of the cheap, direct companies.

  SURVEY 12:41 01 Dec 2004

matherelli - thanks for your comment. I did manage to get through today to Amit Patel who did get me put straight through to the Repair Dept. They said my problem must be the modem card and are arranging for an Engineer to come out and replace it, however this will be 3-5 days (unlike my Dell machines that had been next day on site). I do hope that when this has been carried out that I will have no more problems with the computer. The computer spec is good and the Mesh personnel are generally plesant to deal with but they must address their big problem of customer service. Mesh must realise that their best salesmen are those who have their computers and either wish to upgrdae or will recommend Mesh to their friends, colleagues etc. A detrimental eperience for one customes will mean that he will blight Mesh to other potential purchasers.

  matherelli 12:59 01 Dec 2004

Glad to hear you have got Amit to help. According to Davey, who is very reliable, Amit is really good once he gets onto your case. I hope the engineer does the buz for you. I agree on your last comment that your best marketing is through existing customers. I work solely on referals and recommendations and it works brilliantly.

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