Mesh Matrix 2600+

  gcs_uk 13:44 14 Aug 2003

Considering buying the above PC (on the basis of the review in PC Advisor) however does anyone know what the upgrade potential of the machine is.

I am going to be spending just under £1000 so I will be wanting to keep it for at least 5 years and want to make sure that it will be possible to upgrade its components in the future.

In particular will it be possible to upgrade the processor in say one or two years time.

One other question I was looking at the Mesh web site and they offer upgrades such as bigger hard drive and more memory, do you think i should get the biggest hard drive and maximum memory that I can afford or is there a size after which it makes very little difference.

  JIM 13:58 14 Aug 2003

If like most of us you will be tempted before 5years are up.

Can see no real reason to worry about updating as you suggested if your limiting your self to a £1000 for purchase. Bar to say that i would consider at time of purchase to have the XP 2800 OR XP3000 for £50 to £100 more at this time.

If you wait untill later as you suggest, the purchase of such upgrade would leave you
with processor no longer required.

  sierra 10:08 15 Aug 2003

I purchased the 2600+sfx and ordered it with a 2800 for an extra £50. I am very pleased with the PC and was very impressed with the way Mesh handled everything.I also like the Mesh online help.With 120g hard drive a fast cpu and a good graphics card I cant see me wanting to upgrade this for quite some time. But like Jim says i expect the itch to start in about 3 years.

  gcs_uk 23:40 26 Aug 2003

I now have the money to buy my new PC still considering the Matrix 2600+SFX, total price including VAT and delivery is £925.90.

This includes an upgrade to a Athlon XP2800 processor.

I appreciate that I could look forever comparing specs etc but does anyone know if any other supplier is providing a PC with an equal spec or better spec at a more competitive price.

  wags 23:48 27 Aug 2003

I purchased Mesh Matrix 2500 Xi, which I upgraded to 2800 XP, 1,024 DDR ram, 120 Gig HD and Mitsubishi diamond Pro 930 CRT. I have had it for almost 2 weeks now and it flies. It also comes with the Geforce FX 5600 Ultra card as standard, which is very nice. I would suggest that you get the best spec you can currently afford/justify.

Before ordering, I did the usual research, but concluded that Mesh offer the best spec for the money. It was also delivered exactly on the day they said it would. Good luck.

  paul654 15:18 28 Aug 2003

I've just taken delivery (two weeks ago)of my new Mesh PC. I paid £1400 and for my money I got 3000 XP,512mb ddr ram, 160Gb HD,18" TFT monitor and a ATI 9800 pro card. Believe kicks Ass !!! I'm VERY pleased with the machine, together with my Pipex broadband connection its like lightening. I would reccomend Mesh to anyone, especially for its upgradability. And no...I dont work for Mesh!!! I'm just fed up of seeing all the anti-mesh postings..its about time the balance was redressed.

I totally agree with you. There seems to be an increase in the amount of people putting down Mesh. They are a top company as I speak from experience. My first PC has been excellent for the 4 months I've owned it. I even recieved a phone call from Mesh, the evening the PC was delivered to make sure everything was OK.

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