mesh harddrive changed and still same problem : (

  claudine 18:02 14 Apr 2004

nice chap came this afternoon, changed the hard drive, left again. I installed my netgear wireless usb adaptor. I connected to the net. I downloaded my anti-virus software (norton). I istalled it. I put my office xp in the drive to install it and it froze halfway through preparing to istall. I went to system restore, to go back to before I had installed any of the above and it has frozen there - it says "to restore your computer click next" - which I did half an hour ago, and there is the little timer thing. I know if I restart my computer it will mess up the system restore function but what else can I do?. Can anyone think what I might have done from the above list that could be screwing this thing up? I tried mesh technical helpline but they had all gone home

  Sir Radfordin 18:41 14 Apr 2004

Connecting to the net and installing the AV software are the last two things I would do.

Best bet may be to format and start again - or use whatever recovery disc comes with the Mesh system these days.

Then install Office and continue with any other software. After you have installed something make sure you reboot the computer, even if it doesn't say it is required. By doing that you should be able to see what is the problem.

I very much doubt it is a hardware thing.

  claudine 18:55 14 Apr 2004

thank you sir Rad. I can't reformat until tomorrow morning because mesh say you can only do it with their agreement. I always thought antivirus software was the first thing you should do, because of protecting your computer and so on, and I have to download my copy from the net so I had to install my usb adaptor for that. I've used all these things on my old computer and had no problem with any of them

  Sir Radfordin 21:11 14 Apr 2004

Personally I'd disregard what Mesh say to do ;)

If you are installing original copies of software then you should have no risk of getting a virus.

Don't see why you have to download your copy of NAV from the Net - haven't you got the installation disk?

You always want to make sure that the critical XP patches are in place as soon as you are online.

  Forum Editor 00:01 15 Apr 2004

to disable your anti-virus application before installing any new software, and this applies particularly to something as complex as OfficeXP. The AV software can falsely detect the installer routine as virus activity, and prevent it from running properly.

I'm not saying that this has happened with Norton AV - simply that it can happen. Either way, I share Sir Radfordin's view that it's highly unlikely to be a hardware problem.

  claudine 06:30 15 Apr 2004

When I got my NAV a month or so ago I knew I would be changing computers and so, alhtough I chose to download it from the symantec site instead of receiving a hard copy, I also paid a bit extra so I could redownload it whenever I wanted to.

I wish I COULD disregard what mesh said about reformatting. but a: I don't want them to say they won't fix this because I didn't follow instructions, and b: it is like no other recovery disk I have ever used. Last week when I was talked through the procedure by mesh it wasn't even doing what the technical support man wanted it to do. It kept going in a sort of loop, and wouldn't completely wipe the old windows.

Re your advice about downloading the critical xp patches: aaargh! - I told the engineer who came yesterday exactly what I was going to install and when I mentioned the xp patches he grimaced so that was the one thing that I didn't go straight to.

I take your point about disabling the antivirus when installing software, and if I could only system restore work I would try again. NAV seems quite good at asking before it takes an action though and I know for sure it didn't ask about anything when I was trying to install office.

anyway I am seriously depressed now about the whole thing and not looking forward to spending another day on the phone to mesh. The system restore is knackered. When I try to reinstall my wireless usb adaptor (I uninstalled it to see if it would make a difference) the process freezes. I told the engineer exactly which peices of software I planned to install last night and in which order I planned to do them and he said it should all be fine. I do not have a degree in computing studies but I have been using computers for ten years now and I am astounded at how easily this one seems to get so screwed up.

Thank you very much by the way for taking the time to offer me this advice : )

  Forum Editor 07:04 15 Apr 2004

about installing Microsoft's critical XP patches as soon as possible is sound - no matter how much the Evesham engineer grimaces - if you don't do this you are likely to pick up the Blaster virus within minutes of being on line.

As far as progress is concerned, again I agree with Sir Radfordin, a reinstallation of Windows using the Evesham system restore disc would seem to be a wise next move. After you've done that don't install any anti-virus software until after you have successfully installed Microsoft Office (and any other software), and made sure that your machine is running nicely. Then go online and install any WindowsXP critical updates.

  claudine 07:50 15 Apr 2004

ok Forum Ed I will be on the phone to them at nine on the dot and follow your suggestions once windows has been installed even though last time I did that (reinstalled) it screwed up the computer even more. I do hope I will be able to come back here later today and report how wonderfully everything is running. I actually went to the update site for windows to see what there was to install earlier today and even that froze : (

  MESH Support 09:14 15 Apr 2004

I am sorry to hear that you have had further problems.

The advice on the CD to contact us before use isn't so much to say you cannot use it without our permission but to ensure that our customers do not insert the CD thinking it is something they need to do with their new PC. This happened occasionally causing perfectly working PC's to be faulty so soon after delivery.

If you are confident with the use of the recovery disc you are more than welcome to use it without our involvement. If something should go wrong we would never consider refusing support, the worst that would happen would be that we would ask you to go through the process again following our written instructions.

The advantage of speaking to us first is that we can ensure you are aware of what is required when doing this sort of task. Drivers you may need; data you may want to back up; etc.

I arranged for an engineer to call you first thing this morning but it appears you did as you said and ended up our first caller of the morning. I will speak to the engineer who is dealing with your calland get back to you is further support is required.


Mesh Support

  Sir Radfordin 10:28 15 Apr 2004

I would have expected the engineer to install the patches himself. A couple of months ago I bought a new laptop for someone else. I was in the process of setting it up, had it online (on a dial up connection) for less than 10 minutes and it was infected with the MS Blaster virus. It has just had a new hard drive fitted (!) and the first thing I will be doing is putting all the critical XP patchs on.

  arricarry 21:13 15 Apr 2004

Hello - do you need to use the recovery disc? I do not know your model or age(computer that is), but do you have the option: "for recovery press F10" that is displayed during booting up?

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