mesh graphics cards

  charlton200 20:24 02 Aug 2004

out of the graphics cards available on a mesh computers what would be a resonable card for playing the latest games be.

128 mb nvideafx900 xt tv-out+dvi
128 mb nvidea geforce fx6800le tv-out +dvi
128 mb ati radion9800 pro
128 mb ati radion 9800 all in wonder
256 mb nvidea geforcefx5950ultra tv out +dvi

some have got tv out+dvi, what does this mean.

thanks for any help.

  Rigga 21:21 02 Aug 2004

Have already replied to your other thread.

But to answer your other q.

Again to re-iterate from the other thread, to play the very latest games (Doom3, HalfLife2, Far Cry etc.. with the highest resolutions, and all the glitzy graphics effects turned on, and if money is not a problem, then the ATI X800, or the GeForce 6800 ultra, would be the desired choices. However for normal games playing, and all the older games UT2K4, Medal of honor, and anything already released, then the Radeon 9800 All In Wonder would be my choice. Again, having said all of that, the supplied 5900 XT should be sufficient to play most games at very good resolutions, and detail settings!

TV Out - is exactly what it says on the tin.. it allows your video card to display a picture on your TV, so you can display your PC desktop on your TV if you wish.

DVI - is a digital video connector, this would only be needed if both the monitor and video card support the connection. Which the supplied monitor does not!


  charlton200 08:23 03 Aug 2004

Thanks again Rigga you have been most helpful.

I have decided on the mesh 3200 its just getting it right.


  charlton200 08:25 03 Aug 2004

What would your monitor choice be.

  Rigga 08:45 03 Aug 2004

Difficult q. for me, as I'm not a big fan of TFT's, I still think that the best picture quality is from traditional CRT monitors.

However, with TFT's especially for playing games, what you need is a low response time. Typical response times for TFT's are around 25ms (Milliseconds), which is too slow for playing fast moving games, or watching fast moving DVD's. Good TFT's have response times around the 16ms mark. Which, having no experience of these newer TFT's, I have been told are plenty good enough for both games and DVD's.

The only way to find out the response time would be to ask Mesh themselves.

In response to the other poster in your other thread, the analogue / digital makes no difference when it comes to playing games. It does make a small difference in the display quality, but I think analogue is sufficient for most peoples everyday needs.



  charlton200 09:37 03 Aug 2004


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