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  [DELETED] 21:33 04 Dec 2003

Everytime I look on the consumerwatch forum there is a new thread regarding Mesh.

I am going to be completely different in my thread in saying what a top notch PC i have with Mesh written on the front panel.

I have had it a year now and have had 1 problem when I first received it, ie HD not being recognised, abit of common sense and checked the leads and all is fine and still is. It performs brilliantly and for the £600 or so, it was made to my spec. At the time when I was upgrading, Dell tried to sell me a PC which they wanted to sell me, not one which i wanted to buy.

So, come on people, lets have a thread outlining all the GOOD points in Mesh.

Cheers i dont have any personal gain from Mesh in starting this thread

  [DELETED] 23:15 04 Dec 2003

accord - there is no doubting that MESH can, and do, produce some quality kit. Also, like all manufacturers, they do put out one or two 'duffers' - - and granted, forums like this one only hear about those 'duffers'. The problem most people have with MESH, if they are unfortunate enough to have one of these 'duffers' , is the customer service bit - - ie, there ain't usually any !!

Mesh's presence on this forum has gone a good way to improve their service but, to be honest, when I'm in the market for a new one (and at this time I am but 'er indoors doesn't understand me !!), I'm afraid it won't be bought from MESH.
Well done anyway for standing up for them, as opposed to against them

  [DELETED] 00:44 05 Dec 2003

This thread adds little to life, my experience is that whatever has happened before often isn't a guarantee that it will happen again. My experience of Mesh is very good, yet I would be mad to say they always get it right. I am very careful when I suggest anyone buys hardware from anywhere for the simple reason that I don't actually know what kind of service they are going to get.

There are a few execptions to this and it is generally accepted that Crucial is one of the best examples of an online company.

  [DELETED] 07:06 05 Dec 2003

cheers for the replies.

however, i dont want to hear about non recommendations or for that matter, recommendations, just plain fact where people have had no problems with their Mesh.

This, i believe, will then give a balanced view on Mesh for people wanting to purchase such a machine, where at the moment, its one sided ie: dont touch them.

  [DELETED] 09:49 05 Dec 2003

I'm sorry but I think you are wrong in what you believe. All it will do is show that there are customers who are happy out there, and anyone who thinks about it will realise that as any supplier who doesn't have any happy customers is likely to go out of business.

There have been many posative postings about Mesh on this site, and many times I've been accused of working for them. But for as long as there are stories of people who have problems that don't get resolved, and people who don't have any problems I will always tell people buying from Mesh (and in my opinion anyone else) doesn't guarantee you not to have any problems.

Until Mesh sort out their customer service in every situation they don't deserve to have a 'balanced view' presented to this site.

  [DELETED] 14:43 05 Dec 2003

I also agree with Sir Radfordin I may not always agree with him but he seems to make sense this time.

I now have a system from another manufacturer and it is working fine.

I chose Mesh initialy because I had read good reports of them.
That was nearly a year ago and they seem to have gone downhill since then.

What I think may be a cause for their recent bad publicity is their delivery service.

When my Mesh system was collected by them the chap just threw it on top of a load of other boxes which were just lying all over the place I wasn't worried as they were giving me a refund.

I just happenned to mention that there seemed to be a lot of systems being returned and he replied no only yours the others are all deliveries.

He was the same person who had deliverd the first computer so I assume he had taken the same amount of care .

What a complete difference there was with my latest delivery , by a diiferent carrier service ,all nicely stacked and secured.

Maybe thats the answer

  [DELETED] 18:39 05 Dec 2003

fair enough guys, i'll put this one down to experience but just wanted to say to people that i havent had an probs with my Mesh and im sure theres lots of other people out there who havent also.

thread closed

  [DELETED] 23:03 05 Dec 2003

in this months pca there is a bit about consumer watch having more complaints about mesh than all the other outlets put together.they contacted mesh who responded with"we were caught out by the demand for pc,s for christmas being sooner than expected"meaning that staff and availability have been does this mean they did not recognise any problems at all prior to the "christmas rush"and the extra staff they are taking on will be twiddling there thumbs come boxing there you have it what is all the fuss about?

  [DELETED] 23:19 05 Dec 2003

So, Christmas 'sneaked' up on them did it ???? Same time every year I thought but hey, what do I know ???

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