MESH - Good PC? Poor Customer Care?

  [DELETED] 17:36 12 Apr 2006

Hi all,

I was on the verge of buying one of MESH's more expensive PCs when I started to read comments in this forum which have caused me to stop.

I dont want people to rant about their own personal experience ... instead I would like some statistics (hopefully from Davey, the Meshman who seems a reasonable bloke) to give me some perspective on how reliable their systems are and how good their customer care is ...

For example, I've owned numerous PCs (Commodores, Ataris, HPs, Dells) and NEVER had any problems/returns with them (HP still used daily after 10+years!)and when I had to deal with something I found they all dealt with me quickly and promptly by email/phone. So personally, I've never had anything but good experiences. However, I do know that statistically some things go wrong and thats what I want to know .. the stats.

Could Davey or other Meshman provide stats about the following;

A. Technical Reliability of PCs
- % problems in new machines
- % returns/repaired on number of units sold

B. Responsiveness of Customer Care
- response times for returns to be returned
- response times for emails/phonecalls to customer care

Having assessed the alternative suppliers, I would like to buy MESH but only with confidence - if I do feel confident with them then I would prefer to pay more for less hassles.

For the record, I have no connection to any PC/IT providers - I just want some simple answers and not a slanging match.

Thanks in advance,

  [DELETED] 18:46 12 Apr 2006

Well to be honest if you read most postings here most companies do get a lot of stick here.

I bought from mesh back in 1998 & again in Jan 2005 sadly the company seems to have gone down hill a bit since 98, customer support & service is poor and it seems the fact that customers come here & to other forums to voice their concerns, that mesh are not caring enough to the customer in the first place.

Should Davey of mesh really have to come here and save face for mesh time after time on here and other forum sites? May be that gives you your answer.

How do other companies fare, well Dell have pushed their prices down & make sturdy and reliable PC's as do Sony. PC World also seem to have got their act together and do sell a few good PC's.

Other companies to look at should be novatech at click here who make most pc's to order

At the end of the day the big question is would i buy from mesh again, at the moment no, but if the improved their customer service & support then may be. Good luck in your search for you PC, oh and please report backon any you decide.
Regards Prof (H) Jones

  [DELETED] 19:10 12 Apr 2006

Their computers are good, and good value

Their service can, from all accounts be, well, patchy

All manufacturers have a failure rate normally around 2-5%

One answer is, if you are convinced of the value, to order and, if you get one of the failures, to bung it back straight away and ask for a refund under the distance selling regs

If it works out of the box for the first month it will probably work forever, unless you screw up the software. That's not covered under the warranty anyway

Hardware failures not evident at the start are pretty rare these days

  Zak 19:21 12 Apr 2006

I have had no problems with my new Mesh which I purchased in October 2005. I only purchased the tower with keyboard and mouse. A Mesh Matrix2 SLI built to order. AMD 64 dual core 3800+ processor.

  Forum Editor 19:39 12 Apr 2006

Mesh - or any other supplier for that matter - should feel pressured to respond to a request for statistics of the kind you mention. For one thing such information would tend to be confidential, and for another thing I doubt very much that the figures - were you to have them - would be meaningful.

Almost all manufacturers use the same range of components in the machines they assemble - Intel and AMD processors, the more popular graphics cards, Power supply units, multi-media drives, hard drives, etc., etc. When a computer 'fails' it's invariably one of these branded components that is faulty - that, or the customer's own installation of software, or alteration of Operating system settings. Occasionally there will be sloppy assembly - it happens in the best of companies - but I doubt that it's the cause in a significant percentage of failures.

Customer care is a slightly different kettle of chips, and here I feel we're approaching the heart of the matter - some companies are decidely better than others when it comes to communicating effectively with their customers. Again I feel that statistics can be misleading however - it's more important to know about personal experiences. It isn't the slightest bit of good knowing that company A answers the customer service phone within 30 seconds if nothing happens as a result.

In the end you'll be better advised to make your purchasing decision based on your readings of other peoples' experiences. See what others are saying, and use your own criteria in coming to a conclusion - not all consumer complaints are justified, and simply posting a rant on a web forum doesn't mean that your case has merit.

  [DELETED] 22:24 12 Apr 2006

It would however be interesting to see these stats,if MESH cared enough to keep them. Also has any other company attracted such negative feedback on any of these forums?

  [DELETED] 22:42 12 Apr 2006

Yes zigalow other companies have attracted as much negative feedback on these forums as Mesh. Mesh are not the only company that muck things up.

  Forum Editor 23:18 12 Apr 2006

In the past other companies have certainly had their day in the limelight as far as negative feedback goes.

  [DELETED] 09:03 13 Apr 2006

I have owned a Mesh computer for some 3 years, it worked straight out of the box and has not had a single problem (except the ones I caused...).
I would say that if you were thinking of buying from a company whos aftersales service is questionable, then buy it using the companies finance packages or on your Credit Card (as both are covered by the Consumer Credit Act). Then if there is a problem you can require the CC company to repair the PC(the CC company must provide all the same remedies as the seller, upon a breach of contract, if reasonable). This right lasts upto the reasonable lifetime of your PC or 6 years (whichever is first).
My advice would be that you can buy from MESH, but if there is a problem and if they refuse to help go straight to the CC company and insist they remedy the problem. For some reason I believe MESH would not muck Barclaycard or Natwests legal team around as much as a little consumer.
p.s. You don't even have to call MESH first, at the first sign of the problem you can go straight to the CC company or finance company and insist 'they' fix the problem. This applies even if you paid off the debt, and applies even if you paid only £0.01 of the cost off on credit in the first place.

  [DELETED] 10:08 13 Apr 2006

Thanks all - firstly for avoiding "personal rants" (I've read them all elsewhere in the forums) and secondly for making reasonable points - it's appreciated.

In agreement;

* yes, I think MESH offers well-specd machines at good prices
* yes, other manufacturers (DELL, PCworld) have more reliable (less adventurous?) components but are considerably more expensive for what you get
* yes, if a computer lasts a month it'll usually keep going 'indefinately' (software conflicts aside)
* yes, most manufacturers/suppliers will have the same %'s of rejects/failures and I expect that
* yes, the fact that davey form MESH has to answer a plethora of customer care problems here has me considerably concerned (why hasn't MESH got its own support forum for all this - wouldnt that be easier/quicker for MESH to work with?)
* yes, information on CC's is a point well put and I'll note this if I have problems

In disagreement;

* no, I don't think it's unreasonable that Mesh (or others) print their customer care stats ... if they can give "stats" on other things (many companies can give guaranteed delivery times etc) then they should have clear company policies to respond to email/phone/mailed enquiries/complaints ... I run a small business and I make sure ALL correspondence is replied to the working day it arrives and an update time given if required to any of my own clients. Why couldnt a bigger business like MESH do this too - I might not expect to see "stats" as such but at least a stated company policy on such things - is that so unreasonable?

Thanks for all the "balanced" feedback on this.

I still like the MESH PC but have a lack of trust in their support in a problem-case scenario.

I will hold back my purchase decision for the next few days in case there are further postings then let you know my decision.

For info sake's the choice is now narrowed down to MESHs Elite D930 Dual Core and Eveshams Evolution Decimator - I include the Evesham as I am close to one of their local shops and that gives me some trust if there's a problem. DELL, PCworld dont have the flexible spec I need nor the price. SONY ... can't afford it! :)

Cheers for all replies,

  [DELETED] 11:11 13 Apr 2006


Can I just add that whilst I understand your hesitations in purchasing a MESH machine, a great team here is ready to support you – all the way.

Put us to the test. Judge us by our actions. Your have a problem you can get resolved to your satisfaction, post it here? We do have a forum, which is available from our web site (support section) hosted by an online publisher that we do actively monitor and contribute to, as well as a host of other owners. In short, you will get support from tech, customer services, repairs dept, current MESH owner’s as well as Davey and me on this forum, should anything go wrong.

We hope you choose MESH. We know you wont regret it. The Elite D930 Dual Core is a great system by the way.


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