MESH faulty PC refused refund

  Martin Blake 17:32 15 Feb 2010

I'm disgusted with MESH. It's nice to see a company really out to help its customers (insert sarcastic tone). They can't honestly expect me to have that PC back do they? I don't want to send it back just to get it not looked at again! Any help on this?

Correspondence below (personal details deleted)!

Sent: 11 February 2010
Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to demand a refund on the above referenced PC order under the Sale of Goods Act 1979, quoting an item unfit for purpose and not lasting a reasonable time.

I purchased the PC on the 12th July, and finally received it in October. This is of course unacceptable but the excuse "sourcing parts" was sufficient to buy my patience. Upon receipt my excitement waned considerably on the first day when I received a hyper-transport sync flood error. This fault developed to several more receipts of the same error every day. In November, having owned the PC for barely 4 weeks, the computer refused to start up Windows. I phoned your technical support who asked me to go through a series of tasks before admitting it needed to go in for repairs, and a week and a half later a label arrived to attach to the boxed PC for the couriers to collect. The PC was sent back to yourselves on the 6th January (the fault was reported considerably earlier, but due to "Christmas", your couriers were unable to collect) to be repaired. On the 4th of February I received a message stating that the computer will be delivered on the 5th (Friday). Naturally, as a working man it was impossible for me to arrange a day off with that level of notice, so the PC was taken to DHL in Brentwood ready for me to collect. I collected the PC at personal expense today following work.

When I arrived home a dutifully unpacked the machine and allowed it to acclimatize to the temperature and climate of the room for 20 minutes, despite my excitement of finally getting my PC back. I plugged the power leads and the DVI monitor leads back in, switched on my PC to find no signal with the monitor. After several changes of monitor connections, I phoned to your technical service to be told to unseat memory and graphics cards and reseat them. Did that, but noticed the side panel was loose anyway. Switched it back on after 10 minute wait. Still did not work. Phoned the tech line back and spoke to someone else, who attempted to get me to do what I had just done again, I pointed out I had done that, whereupon she told me to remove 2 of the 4 memory chips and try again. Did that, still did not work. The technician then said it would be called in for a priority repair, the label is on its way. I informed your technician of my wish to demand a refund.

Quite frankly, I have had enough. It is galling enough to have to wait a preposterous amount of time before receiving the item in the first place, then to have it break down so quickly, even worse! But to ask a customer to return a faulty item after only having it back one hour is absolutely appalling. Obviously MESH computers have no wish to maintain their good name and customer promises. Furthermore, upon closer inspection of my recently returned property, I discovered several other abnormalities which can only have been caused by yourselves. The front panel clip has been snapped causing the front panel to come away from the base. The hard-drives were not properly fixed in place and several worrying small pieces of plastic seem to have fallen into the case, looking like bay clip points. It appears the hard-drives were jammed into the bay to prevent movement. This has caused the metal of the bay to be bowed, reducing the level of snugness anyway. One of the hard-drives was not even plugged in. The rear connection panel has been improperly placed within the machine, leaving the components of the motherboard too flexible when changing leads. The graphics card was indeed improperly seated, especially when I noticed the retaining screw was very loose. I certainly did not do any of this. My extent of involvement in the case was purely directed by your technical support, and upon receipt of the product I treated it with kid-gloves due to the MASSIVE cost of it.

more to follow...

  Martin Blake 17:33 15 Feb 2010

Dear Mr Blake

I’m afraid we are unable to meet your request for a refund.

Looking at the log, I can see that a returns label has been posted out to you to arrange for the machine to come back to base for a repair. Once you have received the label, please call the number provided to arrange a collection.


Rashmi Hirani
Mesh Computers

  Martin Blake 17:34 15 Feb 2010

Dear Rashmi Hirani,

On what grounds is my request refused? I'm well within my legal rights. Your company has sold me faulty goods and, whether you like or not, is duty-bound by the United Kingdom legal system to follow the letter of the law. Under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 traders must sell goods that are as described and of satisfactory quality. The desktop sold to me clearly falls into this category and as a consequence, is not fit for its purpose, and your shoddy repair job, if anything, made things worse. Please provide an adequate and less patronising response than a simple refusal. I will be forwarding this correspondence and my disgust with your company to PC Advisor, who recommended your company in the first place.

Please be under no illusions, if necessary, I am more than willing to take this further.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Blake

  Forum Editor 18:23 15 Feb 2010

is that we did not recommend the company in the first place. We might have given a computer a good review, but that's a different thing. We review products, not companies.

That said, you certainly seem to have had a bad experience with this machine, and based on your account of the matter I can understand your dissatisfaction.

Consumer law protects you by allowing a six-month period within which you can return an item as faulty, and the law assumes it was faulty on the date of purchase unless the seller can demonstrate otherwise. After six months it isn't quite as straightforward; you're still protected, but you must make your claim within 'a reasonable time'. The law doesn't define what is 'a reasonable time', because the period will vary, depending on the nature of the goods.

We can disregard the time-lag between order and delivery in this case, because it isn't relevant to the question of a refund - you accepted the computer when it arrived, although you could have cancelled your order prior to that if the seller failed to provide the goods within 30 days of your order - unless you agreed otherwise.

What went on after delivery is what matters here, and after four weeks you reported a fault, and the machine was duly returned for repair. When it came back it was still faulty, and you reported the matter. You also requested a full refund.

The written response you received was abrupt, to say the least. I would expect to be provided with rather more by way of an explanation, and in order to get some clarification I have contacted Mesh on your behalf. There may be a response from the company here before I receive one via email.

  Paul Blake 18:35 15 Feb 2010

I apologise for indicating that PC Advisor recommended the company not the product. You're quite right, and I should have clarified the machine award not the company.

Also, thank you for the prompt response. Let's hope it helps. I'll post with any updates on the situation.

  Forum Editor 00:08 16 Feb 2010

I'll let you know (here) when I hear anything further.

  ame 01:02 16 Feb 2010

Well done, FE. You deserve praise for trying to help out. Here's hoping.

  Paul Blake 11:13 16 Feb 2010

Dear Mr Blake

Your refund has been declined due as the system has been working initially for over 2 months. Also when we had your system in for repair, we did not find a hardware fault.

As you are reporting a fault again, we can only offer to repair the machine under the terms of the warranty.

Rashmi Hirani
Mesh Computers

- I'm not sure how they can claim the system was working for 2 months when the fault was reported after 4 weeks of receipt. May I clarify that the system was received mid-october and the fault was reported mid-november. Hardly 2 months. Plus I'm not sure how they couldn't identify a hardware fault seeing as the machine would not start up when I got it back. And they still havn't tried to justify the shoddy work done causing damage to the case. I feel like I'm banging my head against a brick wall. Any advice before I reply?

  iscanut 11:21 16 Feb 2010

Don't keep messing about with them. Take them to the Small Claims County Court. click here

  MESH Support 11:28 16 Feb 2010

Whilst I am sorry to read that you are unhappy with the service received I feel you may have a few of your dates mixed up.

Your system was ordered on the the 2nd of September and despatched on the 21st of September. Whilst you might have experienced the error you post here, you did not actually contact our support line until the 4th of December. It is not unreasonable for us to assume that during that 2 month period you were happily using your PC.

As you then posted we arranged to have the system returned for examination. Returns documents were posted to you asking you to call the Customer Services number to arrange with us the collection. You did this on the 21st of December at which point we were recommending that any returns be left to the new year unless urgent. Collections were possible but would most likely result in PC's spending a good part if not all of the Christmas week in a warehouse. I am sure that the staff will appreciate your turning this around against them, given it was them who suggested this consideration to management in the first place.

The current situation is that you recently received a system back with an indication that it has not had a smooth ride after it was returned to you with no fault found, and the booting fault you report now is not the same fault you reported previously. On this limited information alone I would assume that something may have happened during transit.

Whilst I can appreciate you may not be happy with the current circumstances, I would have to agree that a refund would not be authorised at this time.

As you have previously been advised though we will be more than happy to have the system returned for further examination and under the circumstances place high priority on it when it arrives.


  Paul Blake 11:36 16 Feb 2010

Many thanks for the reply. While a county Court claim is on my list of possible actions, I would like MESH computers to be given a chance to resolve the dispute without having to go down the legal route. The court would expect me to try anyway according to the link you gave me. It's good advice though, and if need be, I'll be following it.

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