MESH - Failed to deliver and no refund!

  Doom and Gloom 16:19 30 May 2011

I ordered a new computer, on-line from MESH Computers, on 22nd March 2011. The sales team informed me that my estimated delivery date would be 1st April 2011.

By the 5th April I had heard nothing from MESH so over the next few days I sent 5 e-mails and spent over 2 hours on the phone (most of the time waiting in a queue). By now I had spent over £12.00 on telephone calls (why do customer services charge premium rates?). Calls to their customer services cost 12.5p to connect and then 10.22p per minute and customers are often left to wait for over 10 minutes before getting through to a MESH customer services representative!

Each time I telephoned MESH their Customer Services team kept giving me the same excuses – that my order was waiting for processors to be delivered and that they were expected within the next 48/72 hours.

The final straw was when I contacted customer services on Monday 18th April. I was told that it was unrealistic to expect me to receive my new PC until early May.

I then cancelled my order on 19th April 2011. No acknowledgement was received within 48 hrs so on 21st April so I contacted MESH Sales by telephone. The salesperson could not find any record of my cancellation. I was also told I had to wait for 14 days whilst they put my refund claim to their “arbitration service” How can MESH not fulfil an order and then hold onto my money whilst they decide in their own time whether I should get it back.

9th May still no refund but told they legally can hold my money for 30 days! They confirmed that everything was in hand and that someone from accounts would contact me that week.

16th May contacted sales again. This time they put me through to the accounts department. Gave all my card details and was assured that refund would be in my account within the next 3-5 working days.

25th May and still no refund. Contacted MESH Sales who gave me direct telephone number for accounts (08700 468 332). This number was dead. Contacted sales again who gave me a second number (0208 208 4755). Again this number was dead! Tried sales again – they told me to contact customer services. After holding on for over 30 minutes (at premium rate!) I hung up.

On 26th May 2011 I contacted sales again who informed that they could not help as accounts were in a different building and if I couldn’t contact the accounts department I should contact customer services. I have no wish to pay a premium rate number just to find out that customer services are also unable to issue a refund! It is now over 6 weeks since I cancelled my order with MESH and there is still no indication of when I will get my money refunded.

My experience makes me believe that I and many other consumers are being used as an overdraft facility or working capital by MESH Computers.

On 26th May 2011 I telephoned Consumer Direct for advice and they suggested that I contact MESH, in writing by first class post, to give them further 14 days to issue full refund otherwise I will be taking legal action through the Small Claims Court.

  Forum Editor 16:40 30 May 2011

The Distance Selling Regulations say that a company must deliver goods ordered online within 30 days of the date of order. If this does not happen you may consider the contract void, and you have the right to demand a full refund. The seller must make that refund to your card account within 30 days of your request.

If the repayment is not forthcoming, and you have taken all reasonable steps to contact the seller - without a result - you should contact your card provider and ask them to begin a charge-back process. This means that the card company will credit your account in full, and then take the money back from the seller's merchant account.

A small claims court judge will expect you to have taken those steps before resorting to a small claims procedure, so it's in your interests to get things moving as rapidly as possible.

Write to Mesh, telling them that unless the money is credited to your card account within 7 days you will tale further action against the company for recovery. In the meantime contact your card provider, and tell them what you've done.

  spuds 16:43 30 May 2011

Mesh are quite correct in stating that they have 30 days in which to return your money, as per UK consumer law. Six weeks waiting for a refund, as you have suggested, is over the regulation guidelines!.

Your case and issues are not the first, and it might have paid to have done a few searches on the internet, before placing the order?.

You could contact your credit card company or Consumer Direct for further advice

  Doom and Gloom 16:44 30 May 2011

Thanks - same advice from consumer direct. May be difficult trying to get refund through my bank as I paid with debit card.

  Forum Editor 17:03 30 May 2011

"I paid with debit card."

That doesn't matter, the chargeback rules apply to all debit cards, although different banks might have slightly different ways of proceeding.

The key requirement for a charge back request is that there must have been a clear breach of contract on the part of the seller, which is why I advise you to make sure that you have given Mesh every opportunity to make the refund.

  961 17:22 30 May 2011

Which debit card....Mastercard or Visa?

If Visa, get on to your Bank to start chargeback procedure. Any hassle, ask to refer to senior official

Mastercard not so good, but go through same procedure

Chargeback with Visa applies to ANY purchase, even under £100

  Doom and Gloom 17:59 30 May 2011

Thanks for all your advice. Yes I did check reviews before purchase but these tended to be on the PC reviews rather than customer support. Paid with Visa Debit Card (Barclays Bank) so will try the Charge Back Procedure in tandem with giving MESH even more time to sort out my refund.

It is a pity that reviews such as in PC Adviser do not also include comments about customer service and technical support.

I should have googled "Mesh Complaints" before buying but my previous purchase was from MESH and although there was a problem with one of the memory sticks they sorted out the problem promptly. No doubt there are numerous happy customers who do not post but it wqould appear (judging by the wait on telephones) that complaints are at an all time high.

MESH have an over reliance on just one supplier (from the Far East) for their parts. The processor could have been obtained elsewhere in the UK and my PC delivered on time! Thankfully I was able to get replacement within 7 days (to the same spec).

  Doom and Gloom 18:56 30 May 2011

Another thought! Are MESH in finacial difficulty? The cash back procedure takes over 6 weeks and County Court even longer. If MESH can prolong the delivery cycle and are slow in issuing refunds then that gives them more working capital!

Surely any financially sound company would be able to obtain parts from outside its preferred supplier chain and issue prompt refunds (especially when their is no dispute as to entitlement)?

  birdface 19:28 30 May 2011

Maybe parts are a bit harder to get after the earthquake that hit Japan but I am afraid Mesh seem to be on a downward spiral.

Their customer support has gone downhill and can only get worse with Davey leaving.

Lets hope that they start picking up a bit as no one likes to see good firms going downhill.

They must get a lot of good customers but all we hear is the constant bad feedback.

I think if we gave them the FE on loan for a few months he would not be long getting them sorted out.

  P3ndulum 20:24 30 May 2011

Oh my god I've just found this site and I've got an order with mesh. On my account it says allocating components production pending it's been like this for the last 3 I'm wondering what to do should I cancel now or give them a chance? Does anyone know if their computers are good and is it just the poor build time that letting them down? As for the op I hope u get your refund sorted out. Regards

  961 20:41 30 May 2011

Doom and Gloom

(What a lovely name!)

Just get on with Visa chargeback via Barclaycard, you'll be fine

It may take time but you will get the money back

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