Mesh employee downloaded personal emails on my PC

  pesh 12:52 04 Apr 2003

When I received my PC back from Mesh after returning it for surge damage repair (including a new modem) I discovered that someone (presumably an employee) had used it to check their private (MSN) emails and dowloaded them and attachments onto my hard drive.
I would be interested in knowing whether other forum readers consider this to be ethical behaviour (When I put my car in for service I don't expect one of the mechanics to take it to do his shopping!)
I sent an email to Mesh technical support asking them to forward it to the repair manager but never received a reply.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:57 04 Apr 2003

One would imagine that if they fitted a new modem then they would have to test it which includes sending and receiving emails. Mechanics usually take cars for test drives after a service. I would consider it unethical if they did not test the modem and you might as well kill 2 birds with one stone.


  medicine hat 13:29 04 Apr 2003

C'mon, there are more important things going on to worry about. Let it be.

  johnem 13:31 04 Apr 2003

Pesh, I think I can see what you are getting at and it would obviously have been more prudent for the Mesh technician to have deleted his 'test entries' but provided there has not been any long term deliberate harm, ie a virus injected into your machine via the attachment. However you would not have proof that the new commponents had been tested properly.

Apart from the annoyance caused to you, he was obviously not concerned about disclosing his private contact information to you, I am not sure what you can do apart from continuing to try and extol an apology from the service manager. Good luck.

  Grizzler 16:01 04 Apr 2003

When you get a new PC, you expect it to have been tested - but don't need to see someone's personal email, word processing docs, etc... on your hard drive to be believe testing has been carried out. Seems a bit unprofessional by the Mesh employee.

  Simsy 18:46 04 Apr 2003

it depends on the nature of the content. The remarks made in the above posts about testing seem reasonable... however, it also seems, to me, to be unreasonable that files were not deleted.

In an extreme case, and being devils advocate, what if some of the material was of, lets call it "an unsavoury nature"?

I don't have an answer, but I think I too would be miffed under the circumstances you describe.



  oresome 20:25 04 Apr 2003

Seems a reasonable way to do a final test, providing nothing objectionable is left on the computer.
(I should imagine the car's used to collect the bacon butties if it's ready for road test at the appropriate time.)
Let's not get too carried away with words like professionalism and ethics.
It's a guy being paid peanuts to repair a mass produced piece of kit at the end of the day and he seems to have been remarkably thorough.

  cassie75 21:57 04 Apr 2003

Hangon---I can see both sides but he does have a point. The modem can be tested from the control panel...QUERY modem...this tests the modem AT commands. This is sufficient. I think downloading emails is too far.

  professor 23:35 04 Apr 2003

look at u all!! youre squabbleing over a few emails on someones pc! i mean please thats just pathetic ALL of u let it be/////1 is it really that hard to delete the emails and forget about it? NO


  Lone Crow 00:08 05 Apr 2003

Professor - no-one is squabbling, they're just expressing their thoughts and opinions. Isn't that part of this site's function? LC.

  Forum Editor 00:33 05 Apr 2003

as a minor irritation. The technician's behaviour in not deleting the emails was a tad unprofessional but isn't exactly the end of the world, and my own reaction would be to forget all about it - no harm has been done, and life's surely too short to worry about all the "what if" scenarios.

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