Mesh e-mail address required

  [DELETED] 18:42 22 Sep 2003

I have just received my computer, a Mesh Elite 2.8 Pentium , back from Mesh where is has been for the last fortnight undergoing repairs.
The history of my experience with Mesh and this computer is well documented in this forum so I won?t bore you with it.

I took their advice and booted up with the minimum amount of peripherals connected, only the mouse and keyboard, and there was no difference.
The same thing problem is there, various bios beep tones on boot up.

Last Thurs an engineer rang me to say that the problem was a faulty motherboard and that he would replace it but this would mean that I would loose everything that was on it
Now this is the third time I have had to do this and I have had enough.

With the returned computer there was a letter stating that should the computer be still faulty in the first 2 days that I should ring them on a 08700 468 336 which I did.
A lady answered and said it was nothing to do with her as this number was the receptionist desk but she would take my name and details and get some one to call me back.
Needless to say I am still waiting

Mesh if you read this please call me, my order No is 4949097
Can anyone give me the e-mail address of meshresponse ?
Regards Ray

  bremner 18:48 22 Sep 2003

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