Mesh Disgraceful Customer Service

  highlandl dave 13:58 22 Jan 2010

I returned my PC to Mesh under warranty. They received it on Nov 23rd 2009. Despite NUMEROUS phone calls and e-mails I have no idea to the status of my PC or when I will get it back. They do not answer the phone -10p a minute? - or respond to e-mails. I have never come across anything like it!! I am totally disgusted by the company and I would strongly advise anybody against buying anything from them as the follow-up service is an absolute disgrace. PC Advisor take note!!!

  Chris the Ancient 14:56 22 Jan 2010

I appreciate your frustration. However, you made this statement four minutes previously in another thread...
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  961 15:04 22 Jan 2010

Bearing in mind the other thread praised Mesh why should he not draw readers attention to his problem?

  MESH Support 15:28 22 Jan 2010

I'm sorry to read of the poor level of service you have received.

I can only see the one system on record returned in November that is still with us, and so assume it to be yours. It would be worth your sending me an email with your order number to [email protected] or clicking on the yellow envelope above my post on this forum.

If the one I am looking at *is* your system then it looks like work has been complete and someone will be in touch shortly regarding it's return.

If you send me confirmation of your order number I can check this for you and either way have someone call you regarding your system.


  ame 21:42 22 Jan 2010

Whilst I very much appreciate your rapid, positive response to this person's plight, might I suggest a revamp of your company's business model and practices? Whilst I admire the reviews of your pc's in this magazine, I will never ever buy one or recommend you to anyone until issues such as this decrease substantially in number, never mind how many pc's you sell and what percentage work ok. I doubt if I am alone.....go on, talk to the MD, or doesn't he/she ever listen?

  Forum Editor 23:39 22 Jan 2010

You're perfectly entitled to post a complaint about a supplier, based on your personal experience - that's what the forum is for.

What you are not entitled to do, however, is to use someone else's thread to post exactly the same complaint in a gratuitous fashion. Any such posts will be routinely deleted.

  ame 00:25 23 Jan 2010

Aplogies, FE.

  Forum Editor 07:38 23 Jan 2010

Thank you.

  martin p 09:30 24 Jan 2010

I have has 3 Mesh PC's and recommended to friends, I was due to update to a new Mesh PC but I have been reading reviews from other troubled Mesh users, am now very very scared to purchase another from them - how can a company go downhill like this so quickly ?
What safe company do I get one from now!!
Martin p

  Pine Man 09:40 24 Jan 2010

Like you I have had very happy experiences with Mesh and my last purchase was less than two years ago (at the height of the adverse publicity) and I was very pleased with it. A minor problem with a defective DVD writer was promptly and properly resolved.

You ask 'What safe company do I get one from now!!'

Lots of forum members would have a multitude of views and you will find good and bad reviews for all of them. I would be more than happy to return to Mesh for my next computer.

  Hercule Marple 10:18 24 Jan 2010

So, why has it taken two months to repair this PC?

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