Mesh Depression!

  Stumpy2 12:21 08 Mar 2006

On the 9th Feb I received a much awaited, brand new sparkly Mesh computer. Since then, without going into too much detail, I've had nothing but bother with it. It was an Athlon 64x2 dual core 3800+ with 1024mb ram and a 512mb ATI Radeon X1600 pro graphics card.

It kept crashing or throwing up "low memory" error messages. Initially, this was only happening on games (but saying that, on ALL games I was getting one fault or another). Initially I was told it was a graphics card problem, and was told to update drivers - when that didn't work we went through various updates, then a restart back to factory settings, then a complete reformat and reinstall of windows. Still nothing. In the end they arranged for an engineer to come out to replace the graphics card, where he found that a live power cable had become hooked up on the back of the card in there, possibly causing "shorts".

Within 30 minutes of him leaving, I was experiencing the same problems again. I had a look around the internet and discovered that some problems could have been caused by dual processors, so found a way of forcing games etc to run on only one processor. The graphical glitches improved, the crashes didn't.

By this time I was starting to get crashes more and more frequently in games - in one game I got around 5 minutes out of it. I was also receiving error messages in Frontpage, together with "access violation" faults in Zuma (a very basic shoot balls at other balls game). I also had the hard drive sitting on my system tray begging to be "removed safely".

Spoke to mesh again, and was told in no uncertain terms that I had bought a dual core processor which would not run current games and software, as the software writers had not updated their software to take advantage of it. He said there was no hardware fault and I would just have to wait until someone started writing software to cope with the machine. I was flabbergasted and demanded to speak to a supervisor - 4 times I asked to speak to a supervisor, each time getting some excuse or blocking response. Eventually was told that I had to be transferred to customer services for them to transfer me to one of their supervisors, as it wasn't a technical support problem. I did that, and am still waiting for a call back (that was over a week ago).

That same day - last Monday, the 28 February, the computer crashes whilst browsing the internet. I rang Mesh again and finally got a chap who was more helpful (Fabian by name) - he sent me a couple of hardware patches via e-mail - one for the processor, and one for the hard drive. Unfortunately, neither of these worked, so he promised to send out a returns sticker that day to get it back to their workshops (dead on arrival).

It took a week to get that sticker, each day I didn't receive it, I rang back up, getting various excuses and, if I believe them, there should still be a sticker lost in the post somewhere. And of course once I got the sticker, I then had to ring them up again on that interminable "your call is important to us" line.

It has now gone back and I have told them they can keep the thing until it is guaranteed fixed, within reason.

Having read the various messages on this forum, I have now gone from relieved (that I no longer have this brand new sparkling computer - how sad is that?!) to concerned. Previously, I was fully confident that they would repair or replace the computer and what I received back would work out of the box, and I'd never have to contact them again. But I'm worried now. What are my rights in this case? If it comes back faulty still, can I ask for a refund or exchange? When I ring through to Mesh, one of the options is "press 1 if you got your computer less than 28 days ago" - why is this? Once I've gone over the 28 days (which I have now) do I have less rights to a refund? Can I claim back the money spent sitting on hold or for wasted time trying to get the thing to work?

  puma22 12:55 08 Mar 2006

Stumpy 2, sorry to here of your problems. I have a pc from mesh a year ago and like you it has various issues. It kept crashing and the first time it happend was within minutes of first switch on. like you I kept loyal to them and then went over the 28 days. They then played hardball and wouldnt refund. Did my reserch and as it 'wasnt fit for purpose' kept at them under trading standards law. Got my money back after 6 months, so it is worth keeping on at them, as clamly as possible. I started to put everything in writing and contacted trading standards in the end, who helpfully sent me some details of the approch to take.

Hoep this helps, good luck with it

  MESH Support 13:24 08 Mar 2006

I'm sorry to hear that your experience of Mesh Computers and our service has been less than perfect.

The 28 day period is there to cover any issues that may occur due to carriage or dead on arrival issues. Whether you report a fault within this period or not, your rights are not affected.

If you want, you can email me your order number and screen name (Stumpy2) to [email protected]

I can take a look at the current situation with regards to your PC and keep you informed.


  Stumpy2 14:14 08 Mar 2006

Puma22 - do you have a website or anything I can look at regarding my legal rights in this case? I just want to be sure that, if things still aren't resolved next week, I don't end up with a very large, very expensive paperweight with no recourse.

Davey - thank you for your offer - I have sent you an e-mail, can you please let me know when you receive it? Thanks. Also, it is all well and good saying my "rights are not affected" - but what ARE my rights. I've had a look at the stuff that was sent through with the computer and the invoice, but can't see anything relevant.

Am I within my rights, if I still have problems after this, to ask for a full refund? or a replacement? If so, is there a time limit to this?

How are you placed within Mesh? Are you an engineer, customer service rep, manager?

  spuds 15:32 08 Mar 2006

under UK consumer law.

Trading Standards (free service) click here

If you want to speak to someone about your rights ConsumerDirect (free service) click here

If you want help in complaining (free advice) click here

Would point out, that your rights are very much stronger within the first six months, but a complaint could be covered for up to six years.

  Stumpy2 15:50 08 Mar 2006

Thanks for that, very interesting.

  spuds 15:57 08 Mar 2006

My pleasure, no problem. Should mention that ConsumerDirect is a free advice service,paid for by government, but the telephone calls are chargeable at local rates.This service is usually very quick in responding.

  puma22 17:14 08 Mar 2006

Sorry stumpy 2, so long ago I wiped my links, but spuds are excellent. Hope that you resolve this quicker than i did!

  Stumpy2 17:40 08 Mar 2006

puma22 - my sentiments exactly. I have had contact from Davey at Mesh and, although he was asking for information that I had already passed on, in several different formats, to both the technical support guys and left with the computer when returned, I am hoping he may be able to help. I will keep you updated!

  Forum Editor 18:12 08 Mar 2006

and soon, please. I'm particularly interested in the fact that you were told by somebody at Mesh that:-

".......I had bought a dual core processor which would not run current games and software, as the software writers had not updated their software to take advantage of it. He said there was no hardware fault and I would just have to wait until someone started writing software to cope with the machine."

  freaky 18:42 08 Mar 2006

Interesting post, and very cogently done.

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