Mesh - Delivery problems

  pc_sausage 17:48 26 Jan 2006

Despite the masses of issues raised about Mesh on this forum, I was still impressed by the options and price - so took the plunge.

My tower was originally offered with delivery dates between 23rd & 27th Jan. I took the 27th as I knew I could take this day off and get it set-up.

Mesh called at 17:30 today to advise me it would be at least Mon or Tue next week due to delays with the graphics card. I had no other communications before this date. They must have known of parts delays and could have avoided an unecessary day off for myself.

I explained that I couldn't take a day off in the next week and out of goodwill could they send it the following Saturday with no extra postage charge. Unsurprisingly the answer was no.

I then called back to see if I could collect from the showroom next Saturday - I was told they could not do Saturday collections.

So we're off to a bad start already. Hopefully the PC will be more reliable.

  pc_sausage 17:51 26 Jan 2006

As my current PC is working (but slow) I can wait to order elsewhere.

Do I have any rights to cancel at this stage?

  Forum Editor 17:54 26 Jan 2006

you do.

  pc_sausage 17:55 26 Jan 2006

Thanks - could you explain what these are, for the sake of quoting at them please?

  Forum Editor 18:08 26 Jan 2006

I should have pointed out that you do not have an automatic right to cancel if the computer was made to your specifications - i.e. if it was other than a standard model.

  SG Atlantis® 18:09 26 Jan 2006

Just tell them you want to cancel, plain and straight.

Beware they'll legally have 30 days, and you'll most likely wait the full 30 days, before you get a refund!

  pc_sausage 18:14 26 Jan 2006

It isn't off the shelf, but the lack of courtesy was so disgusting that it doesn't bode well for the future.

If they need some help with their Supply Chain, I charge a reasonable daily rate......

  MESH Support 11:44 30 Jan 2006

Hi pc_sausage,

Although the FE states there are differences between build to personal specification and off the shelf, we tend not to distinguish between them when it comes to a refund request.

Typically if you inform us you wish to cancel before 24 hours prior to despatch we can refund without a problem. If it's after despatch it is subject to the Distance Selling Regulation which effectively means you get a full refund minus a carriage charge.

If you want to go for a refund, and have not already spoken to a member of our staff, please email me your order number and screen name (pc_sausage) to [email protected]

As long as the goods haven't been despatched I should be able to prevent they going if that's what is required. Deadline for preventing a despatch due today would be 4pm.

Obviously util I get your details I can't tell what the current status of your order is.


  Dellman 13:09 01 Feb 2006

Can't say fairer than that...

  pc_sausage 13:58 01 Feb 2006

Davey is in the process of sorting this out and has been very good with his communication in resolving this.

  doc999 17:26 01 Feb 2006

Wow someone who want's to help at Mesh what a novel idea, wounder if the rest of the company will follow suit. Helping the customer to sort out their problems quick and easy, no problem to small.

Er, oh what a dream that would be, in reality, you get poor delivery, builds, software conflicts(cyberlink & xp-see microsoft site) tech support, the list goes on............

The only good thing with Mesh is that trading standards has a big file on them & it cant be to long before they get a knock from Paul Heiney!!

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