spuds 23:42 28 Aug 2004

You state that Mesh said it was not their problem.If you want to take this further with Mesh then you could inform them, that under the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982, it is their problem. Mesh possibly suggested that you contacted Sharp direct, as this is usually the quickest remedy in resolving the immediate monitor problem.There could have been an easy explanation as to the four days wait that you are complaining about, and know doubt Sharp or Mesh can give you an answer to your concern. I would perhaps think that Sharp or Mesh may not consider a compensation claim for your lost work.It's a bit like having your computer system breaking down, then holding the manufacturing company responsible for any downtime and loss of personal earnings.Insurance companies can supply cover for these eventualities.

Mesh have an email contact via the forum [email protected] so why not try and make contact direct. Usually Mesh reply fairly fast to forum postings and emails. If you contact them, I would suggest that you give your PCA username,and details including the Mesh invoice number of your purchase.

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