FIBREMAN 22:19 28 Aug 2004

Hi everyone had a bad experience lately regarding a monitor replacement(sharp 17"tft part of mesh purchased system 8 month old) contacted mesh customer services to report monitor failure to be told not our problem contact sharp to be fair when i asked for phone no. got it grudginly then was cut off mid sentence i was only asking what happened to the fact that the company that takes your money being responsible for replacing defective goods anyway contacted sharps authorised service centre teleplan to be told next day replacement was the order of the day this was on mon 16 aug finally got it on fri 20 aug(funny next day service) i can't help but wonder if mesh had done the decent thing and arranged the replacement i might have had it sooner but they obviously couldn't care less once they have your money(prove me wrong mesh) the whole sorry episode cost me time and money due to the inability to work at home oh i forgot i'm still waiting for sharp customer services to phone after lodging complaint with teleplan maybe mesh could chase this up on my behalf as i intend to invoice them for lost work(a better service would have been cheaper!!!!)would appreciate a reply from anyone at mesh about points raised oh would i buy mesh again or recommend them at this point in time no(a friendly customer service response could have prevented this) over to you mesh explain yorselves!!!!!!!!

  spuds 23:42 28 Aug 2004

You state that Mesh said it was not their problem.If you want to take this further with Mesh then you could inform them, that under the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982, it is their problem. Mesh possibly suggested that you contacted Sharp direct, as this is usually the quickest remedy in resolving the immediate monitor problem.There could have been an easy explanation as to the four days wait that you are complaining about, and know doubt Sharp or Mesh can give you an answer to your concern. I would perhaps think that Sharp or Mesh may not consider a compensation claim for your lost work.It's a bit like having your computer system breaking down, then holding the manufacturing company responsible for any downtime and loss of personal earnings.Insurance companies can supply cover for these eventualities.

Mesh have an email contact via the forum [email protected] so why not try and make contact direct. Usually Mesh reply fairly fast to forum postings and emails. If you contact them, I would suggest that you give your PCA username,and details including the Mesh invoice number of your purchase.

  FIBREMAN 00:42 29 Aug 2004

Thanks for that spuds i know as well as they do that they should have at least listened to me on the phone rather than being rude and unhelpful i was pleasant not ranting and raving so there was no need for customer service person to be like this unless of course i called in middle of teabreak or something as for e-mailing them have tried several times with no replies forthcoming guess they don't like me or something!!!!as for the four days wait teleplan couldn't explain it apart from saying it was a delivery problem funny when it arrived all the paperwork said next day service!!!!!!! i probably wouldn't have even posted if it wasn't for the fact that mesh were so unhelpful to me on the phone what if it was hard drive would i be expected to get in touch with maxtor direct to sort it out it just feels like they don't want to know if you have a problem maybe i was unlucky or maybe this is the standard of service on offer!!!!!!!!!!!

  Inside Edge 00:59 29 Aug 2004

Interesting to read of your Mesh experience. I too bought from them around 8 months ago. Thus far I've had no problems with any of what was a high spec, comprehensive package. I did have a number of queries on software supply, back-ups and general set up initially, and I have to say these were all handled politely and promptly. I researched a lot before buying, and at the moment I'd buy from them again. .....and I don't work there ! I do find it a bit off putting that they don't field queries on sub-suppliers kit themselves, but they do point that out in their terms and conditions. Glad to hear your kit was replaced without a fight - if not exactly overnight.

  FIBREMAN 09:24 29 Aug 2004

I know what your saying Inside Edge but how far does this "sub suppliers kit" go considering everything in pc is from "sub suppliers" it does leave you wondering if you have a problem in future with pc itself how many "sub suppliers" helplines you would have to phone or would mesh deal with it if thats the case why wont they entertain problems outside of the pc with kit they have supplied as part of a package i think mesh should brush up on consumer laws and rights i look forward to hearing from mesh on this forum as it seems it will be the only way i will get an answer maybe!!!!!!

  bremner 10:08 29 Aug 2004

I think you will find that nearly all suppliers would have given you the same opinion - it is normally much easier and quicker to deal with the Monitor manufacturer direct than to add a middle man, in your case Mesh.

They would have collected - sent it to Sharp - who would have sent a replacement to Mesh - who would have sent it to you.

It seems that the MESH representative could have been more helpful in explaining the process to you.

  Danoh 08:57 30 Aug 2004

I have a 2.5 yr old Evesham and although no hardware developed faults (touch wood) there were instances when it could have been hw related; hard disk, sound card, video card. Not once did Eveshams customer service even hint at diverting me to the OEM but always suggested their engineer come out with a replacement hard disk, etc.

Where faults appeared to be a combination of software conflicts which could not be resolved easily over the telephone, the proposed option was for them to collect and check it out.

Personally I would not wish the hardware components quality to require contacting the supplier in the first place and when I do, I do not expect to passed around different companies.

  Forum Editor 13:26 30 Aug 2004

that although Mesh are technically directly liable for the repair/replacement of this monitor they have actually helped you by suggesting that you contact the makers direct. This is a perfectly normal procedure with monitors - all replacements will come from them anyway, and if Mesh are involved in the process it simply adds another link to the chain. It's faster, and more efficient for you to deal with Sharp. Mesh know this, and that's why they suggested it.

You will get nowhere by invoicing anyone for your alledged loss of time, and I advise you not to waste more of it by trying. Mesh acted correctly, and Sharp will not entertain any claim for consequential loss. By all means complain to everyone concerned, but then move on. If you think you can in some way get money from anyone you are mistaken, and you'll just waste more of your time. I know you'll probably see my response as unsympathetic, but it's not that. I'm a realist, and my job is to offer you advice that's in your best interests - which is what I've done.

  FIBREMAN 16:46 30 Aug 2004

Thanks for input everyone i know what forum editor saying but theres no excuse for bad customer service attitude like i received as i have already pointed out i would not be even posting if i had got polite courteous service on first contact with mesh still no mesh postings yet i see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  georgemac 18:14 30 Aug 2004

it is the bank holiday weekend I believe down in England.

I too have emailed mesh support about a problem with a friends PC (mesh were recommended by me) but am still awaiting a reply, which I have put down (hopefully) to holiday weekend. click here thread on problem if anyone from mesh looks at this one.

I also emailed netgear tech support on Friday, no reply to date, called them (on an 0870 number - used to be freephone!) on Sat, no message straight onto the music forever!

Hopefully normality will resume tomorrow.

  Forum Editor 18:42 30 Aug 2004

it's a bank holiday - and like the banks Mesh are no doubt closed.

See what happens on tuesday/wednesday, but as I've already said, I don't really understand quite what you expect. I'm all for chasing down companies for bad customer service when there's an outstanding problem, but yours has been solved hasn't it?

If it's simply an apology you're after you may get one of course.

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