Mesh Customer Support and PCA - positive views

  boy_from_the_blackstuff 22:36 25 Feb 2004

I've commented before that most people (myself included) only tend to comment when we receive bad service from suppliers, but never congratulate them when their service is satisfactory. Only hearing about complaints tends to give a biased view of the overall quality of service.

I bought a Mesh Matrix 3000+ TFT in Dec 2003. I had a number of problems with the CD/DVD RW drive and contacted Mesh Technical Support in Jan 2004. Although their telephone support was not particularly helpful, a posting on this PCA message board drew an almost immediate response from one of their Technical Service managers and over the course of the day number of possible solutions were tried. This failed to sort the problem and a visit by an engineer to change my CD/DVD RW was arranged at a mutually convenient time. The machine is now working well.

My father-in-law also had an early problem with a Mesh PC which was resolved without question by an on-site engineer visit.

Now whilst this is the kind of on-site support that I would expect from my warranty it is sometimes too easy to assume that this is rarely achieved and that companies are reluctant to arrange on-site visits. This has not been my experience. And whilst it is unfortunate that both machines had significant early faults, the response from Mesh on both occasions was prompt when the actual problem was recognised (although in my case this had to be achieved by bypassing the telephone helpline via the PCA web-site).

I would certainly buy from Mesh again.

  TBH1 23:00 25 Feb 2004

yep, good news indeed - - - -but how about all MESH customers, that do get a problem, who don't know about this site ??? The help you received should be typical, not atypical. And I do get your point that most people who do not get a problem with MESH will not post - - -blimey, there's enough double negatives in there.
I'll get me coat - -

  Sir Radfordin 23:18 25 Feb 2004

The truth is we don't know the scale of the problem - it may be that every person who has a problem posts here so it looks like a big problem, or it may be that only a small percentage post making it a massive problem. My view is that you evaulate each supplier each time you want to buy a PC and only let previous experience be one factor you consider.

  boy_from_the_blackstuff 23:22 25 Feb 2004

Sorry about the double negatives. But yes I agree everybody should get that level of service. My point is that we only tend to post when we have a problem - I am no different.

And sure there often are problems getting appropriate and correct advice from the first line of telephone support. This needs to be addressed not only by the computer manufacturers but also by many other organisations who use telephone support lines - for example I recently received clearly erroneous information from another helpline, in this case the government backed NHS-24 service. Problems with telephone support are not unique to computing sector

may be problems getting through the

  TBH1 23:30 25 Feb 2004

boy_from_the_blackstuff , wasn't on about your double negatives mate - - -in fact, just re-read your post and could see none, or is that couldn't see any ???Certainly isn't couldn't see none, or , come to that , could see any - - - -defo get me coat now :)
Good post though

  neil.s 20:56 29 Feb 2004

Hopefully going to replace my Mesh in a month or so, had fallen out with them about a weee warranty job, my fault not theirs, but, all this positive feedback about support and the good qualaty well priced machines has brought me back to the fold.

  neil.s 21:00 29 Feb 2004

Sorry about the spelling folks.

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