Mesh Customer Support Is Dreadful

  Tony_B 11:42 22 Feb 2005

My girlfriend purchased a new PC at the start of the year, following my recommendation to but a Mesh computer.

It has broken down twice since receiving it. It took 2 weeks and several phone calls to get anything done and eventually after hanging on the phone etc. she was given the number of your repairs/home visit team, and she was able to arrange for them to visit.

The front and side panels were replaced as there was a problem with the power button which disappeared into the case.

Following the repair after half an hours use, the machine shut off and the power button disappeared inside the machine again. It can't be turned on. I think that the power supply may be at fault but I am no expert.

She was told that they would send some paper work for her to fill out before it could be returned for testing. It still hasn't arrived several days later. My girlfriend is now fed up, Mesh's customer service is appauling, she has lost time and money due to their delays and slow uncaring service.

I am bitterly disappointed and embarrased with the service Mesh have provided.

How can they continue to get away with such dreadful customer service. There are numerous threads here about how bad they are.

Should PC Advisor really be giving them awards when clearly they can't provide a decent level of customer service in a reasonable time?

I think its time that all the complaints were sent to the consumer program Watchdog, then maybe they will do something about their customer support.

I think that we are going to return the whole package and go elsewhere. Please someone tell me which company can provide a working PC, with good customer service if required.

  24bitkid 12:44 22 Feb 2005

I agree that magazines should start addressing issues like customer support in their reviews.

  puma22 12:50 22 Feb 2005

I bought a PC from mesh mid november. It did not work and as soon as I set it up it started crashing. They have sent out a new graphics card, taken it back and it is still the same. Over three weeks agao I wrote and asked for a refund. Today I phoned them up and they said yes the graphics card is faulty. the still refused to agree to a reimbursment. Hopefully you will get a fast response, but like I said, dont hold your breath

  Tony_B 13:40 22 Feb 2005

Davey from Mesh got back to me right away when I e-mailed him. I asked if we could just return it and get a refund. He said no problem and is sending out a returns label.

After reading about the grief people are having here I have decided with my girlfriend that we will just return the whole lot and go elsewhere.

I am going to have one built by someone recommended to me. Stuff the big companies they are too bog for there own boots.

I must add that Davey has at least restored a little faith he responded very quickly and I believe that we will be ok know. Thanks Davey

  Diodorus Siculus 13:46 22 Feb 2005

Tony_B - good news; let us know how you get on.

[quote]Please someone tell me which company can provide a working PC, with good customer service if required.[/quote]

Novatech is my answer to this one - very good aftersales service.

  R4 14:19 22 Feb 2005

I second that Diodorus Siculus Novatech are very good in all departments from my experience. Their prices arevery reasonable as well.

  Tony_B 14:30 22 Feb 2005

Thanks for your replies I will keep you updated and will check out Novatech.

  freaky 16:19 22 Feb 2005

In your post you stated the following about PCA:-

"Should PC Advisor really be giving them awards when clearly they can't provide a decent level of customer service in a reasonable time?

I can remember possibly a year or so ago, that PCA were running an editorial on after sales service from PC suppliers based on readers experience. Mesh and a number of other big name suppliers were subjected to very strong criticsm by PCA. In fact PCA actually contacted the worst offenders, printed full details of the complaints, and also printed details of the dialogues they had with these suppliers.

The fact that some of these suppliers advertised in PCA, and also had favourable reports in their 'Best Buy charts'.....this did not deter PCA from publicly denouncing them in the magazine!

  Tony_B 16:55 22 Feb 2005

Freaky - Thanks for that. I know that PCA does its best for us all, its just that things don't seem to have got any better and I am not complaining about the magazine.
However I think that these companies really need a kick up the backside Mesh don't appear to have improved from what I have read here today.

It may take more than complaints from PCA to get them to look at their customer support.

Perhaps everyone should boycott Mesh and then when their sales drop they will take note. As long as Mesh continue to sell they won't worry about the consumer.

Maybe its time for PCA to have another go or at least warn people of the troubles they could face when they write a new review for Mesh computers.

As is usual in these circumstances the more people that complain the harder it will be for Mesh to ignore the problem.

Whilst the readers of PCA may be aware of the problems that doesn't necessarily apply to the general public, who see an ad in a magazine with the good offers that Mesh give and think thats the one for me. I myself have often scanned their advert and thought that their machines were good value and PCA likes them when tested to. Its only after you part with your hard earned that the problems become apparent.

I think that a more public complaint is required, perhaps on TV, this will inform more than computer magazine readers of the problem and shame the company publically.

Just to give you an idea, I set up and updated this PC for my girlfriend and the first thing I noted was that they hadn't done a proper pre-delivery inspection because a reset screen kept appearing giving options to reset the computer before delivery. This should not have appeard and is indicative of Mesh's poor service.

  JNOLAND 09:10 24 Feb 2005

I cannot understand why any company would choose to be using so poor quality control on the communication, service, and return end of there business.
Yes, there are those that have not had any problem with their product. But if the company is showing a consistent ongoing reports from their customers of the same kind of problems over the course of years, there should be alarm bells going off to the customer protection agencies, information’s being passed around, and the general public that is able to get it.
Yes I have been very disappointed with the way Mesh operates. It is becoming more and clearer to me both how and why they can keep giving the innocent public the ongoing same history of problems.
Recently I have been warned by Davey

> Dear Mr Noland,
> I would first like to advise you that you will need
> to consider not make strong arbitrary statements
> regarding the truthfulness of any members of staff
> you have previously dealt with. This may be
> considered libellous against which legal action may
> be taken. This is doubly so for such comments made
> in the public eye such as on the forums.

Well Dear Davey, I am not afraid of the truth of what others have posted, and what I have experienced. Also you need to be aware that all the Emails, Faxes, and phone calls I have made to you and Mesh are recorded. The 24 hours you expressed was need for responses was exceeded. What you have said can be proven to be not true at times. Take me to court.

Again you informed on this same Email date of sn 5180194
Tue, 22 Feb 2005 09:24:33 -0000
"Davey" <[email protected]>

Kadra from the customer services department tried
> calling you yesterday but obviously was unable to
> reach you.
Yes she did leave a message of the recorder, but the number she gave so quickly to call her back could not be understood by the Technician, or a neighbour as well as myself. This all has been recorded on camcorder for future court action. Take me on.

I have just paid £50 for an independent Technician to come and revalue the system that Mesh sent out to me over three weeks ago, and has never worked. He has confirmed that the system crashes, and might be the Motherboard(my independent feelings as well), but as opening the PC to try to understand more might void the warrantee, recorded his findings and stopped at that.
Have done this because I have seen others on other Forums sights have problems with denial from Mr. Davey.

Buyer bewares; look at as many customer reports as possible, and SERVISE AND RETURNS ARE CRUCIAL.

On Wed, 23.02.05 | 00:20 here on this forum, PC Advisor gave good advice I suggest that you write to them immediately, informing them that if you don't receive your refund within 7 days of the date of your email you will be consulting your local Trading Standards Office.
There are many of these sights to look at. May I also suggest: click here

To your viewing.

Best to you all,

J. Noland

  Peter-202202 13:02 24 Feb 2005

Having read some of the dreadful reports on Mesh from members of this forum, I still decided to go ahead and purchase one of i mad?

I can see that the aftersales support is going to be a problem one my little experience so far:

Given an expected date of delivery on Monday - no arrival - after 20 mins on the phone finally got through to be told that the machine was in Q&A testing - and that it should be dispatched on Tuesday.

No arrival on Tuesday - told to phone sales this time - sales said that the machine was in Q&A and that if I didnt get a call back then to expect it Wednesday - apparently they had tried to call me even though I then procedded to give them my contact number - hee hee hee!

So it arrived yesterday - unpacked - plugged up and tested running a dvd for an hour with no faiures to date - i know that its early days but hey....if it all goes wrong then i will claim back from my credit card company.

What got me though was that despite being in Q&A under test, the machine still instructed me that it was sli enabled and that i should enable the dual card rendering....hmmm so what does Q&A do? would have thought that it would have switched on, enabled xp and all of the hardware? Strange unless all they do is check that the machine contains all of the hardware......

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