mesh customer service where is it, and my PC ?

  mr. h 19:28 17 Sep 2006


I have ordered a mesh computor on 28.08.06 customer order no SQ32790 with a delivery date of 12.09.06 and paid in full by credit card.

On the day before delivery I checked my account online to find that the PC had beed despatched and would be delivered as arranged. I then arranged to have the day of work to accept the delivery.

On phoning customer services on the morning of the delivery day I was informed that the PC would not be delivered and had not even been built due to a shortage of processors. The sales department also stated that a delivery date could not be confirmed.

Later that afternoon MESH customer services emailed me and offer an upgrade processor normally £85.00 but would be reduced to £50.00.
This I felt was an insult because i have lost money having to take a day of work and they had taken my money in full and did not even have the parts to build the PC.

I then replied back via email and had no response. I telephone the next day and asked to speak to a supervisor to sort out the problem and was put on hold for 10mins when I finally hung up.

I decided to by a PC from Mesh after reading the reviews on line, and thought i was dealing with a genuine proffesional company.

To and further insult I received the invoice the day after the proposed delivery date and have receive my credit card statement showing the money has been taken from my card on the 29th August.

Please find please copy my account from the site.

Order Number SO_32790

Purchase Number Computer005
Status Dispatched
Date 28/08/2006 17:59
Estimated Delivery Date 12/09/2006

If any of you are considering buying from MESH please check to see if they have the parts to make the machine before any money is taken from your account. Also dont beleive anything that relates to delivery dates on your account online.

I look forward to hearing from anyone with any sugestions

Bob Holmes

  STREETWORK 19:35 17 Sep 2006

I think you need to stamp your feet a bit more with them. The dispatch day is clear, but the delivery date is an estimate.

For them to say that the PC is not yet built is a disgrace after being given a dispatch day. Looks like they have sent yours to a disatisfied customer and are doing you another one.

You should write to them and demand a reply within a reasonable period, send it recorded.

Contact your card company and explain the situation. They will mark Mesh's card.

  Harpur 19:41 17 Sep 2006

i would also add there have been threads similar to this one and they have been advised not to give out personal details such as order numbers. you don't know who is reading such private information!!

click here

  mr. h 19:42 17 Sep 2006

thanks, hopefully someone from mesh will get hold of this tread and will want to contact me

  cheslyn 20:50 17 Sep 2006

I think you have a long wait yet, I ordered my computer on the 28th July told it would be delivered on the 18th August phoned up on the 17th August to confirm told everthing was ok so took a day of work. 18th no delivery phoned they have no processers will be a couple of weeks. Many phone calls later nothing, phoned 12th Sept, will I be at home on the 14th to accept delivery, another day of work 14th, no delivery, phone up, we have no motherboards was there excuse this time. Seven weeks they have being earning interest on my money. May be I have a claim against PC Adviser it was seeing Meshs advert in the mag stating 7 to 10 days delivery when they realy ment 7 to 10 weeks.

  STREETWORK 21:19 17 Sep 2006

I predict that MESH will be bust by January 2007... No kit - No PC's - No customers...

  mikef. 22:05 17 Sep 2006

mr, h contact davey at mesh [email protected] with your details as he is always willing to sort out these sort of problems.

I guess these problems are with Intel powered processors as they have problems with keeping up with production at the moment with their new processor

  mr. h 23:41 17 Sep 2006

no the are the amd 4200 dual core, maybe they are having many supply problems, makes you wonder are they paying the suppliers bills and are they using new customers money to keep things afloat. i will contact davey at mesh and also my friend who works as a resercher for the bbc watchdog programme

  Forum Editor 00:03 18 Sep 2006

What gives you the idea that you might have a claim against the magazine?

  mr. h 08:20 18 Sep 2006

with regards to your last response

what gives you the idea that i might have a claim against the magazine. the only thing i stated was

"I decided to by a PC from Mesh after reading the reviews on line, and thought i was dealing with a genuine proffesional company."

Your article only refers to the performance and build quality not the level of service or financial integraty.

It might be a good idea to also score on the level of service from previous customers on a monthly basis and you would get an indication of the company present status.

  MESH Support 09:57 18 Sep 2006

Hi mr. h,

I'm sorry to hear that you are unhappy with the wait for your new Mesh PC.

Unfortunately yours has been delayed due to the current shortage of processors.

Like most UK PC manufacturers we rely on regularly delivered stock to keep the production line moving and the only way we can do this is to rely on promises from manufacturers and suppliers that certain parts will be with us by a certain time.

In the case of the CPU's AMD themselves have let us down, leading us to then let you down.

If any Mesh Customers would like more information regarding the current shortage of CPU's or even would just like to confirm that this is indeed the reason for the delay, please email me your details to [email protected], and I will forward your complaint onto our contact at AMD for an official response.


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