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  Sned 20:20 07 Feb 2009

Just thought I'd post a message to give a report on customer services from Mesh computers, having been very cagey about going with them for my new PC, given variable reports on their after-sales approach reported here (and elsewhere).

I ordered my new PC on 1 January. I paid for a Saturday delivery, and on 17 January it arrived. Unfortunately the PC was D.O.A. with what looked like an obviously faulty graphics card stopping the PC from booting fully. I immediately contacted technical support and spoke to two people who were in a call-centre in the Asian subcontinent, and were virtually impossible to understand. Nonetheless, I was able to leave a telephone number and I was promised that someone would ring me on Monday.

On Monday I was called while I was in a meeting at work, and I asked the chap if he could ring me back after 5. He said he would do so, and he was good to his word. After a brief conversation he agreed that the graphics card was probably faulty and asked if I was okay with sending it back for a replacement. I said this was fine.

Two days later I duly receive a RMA authorisation, and on Friday of that week Mesh's courier picked up the graphics card.

A week later I phoned Mesh for an update and spoke to Customer Services. The lady I spoke to was polite and helpful, and told me she needed to call me back to allow her time to speak to the repair people. I asked if that would take a couple of days, and she replied that, no, she would phone me back in the next hour. Again she was good to her word, and was able to report that a new graphics card was about to be sent by courier to me the next day. I asked if it was possible to get it sent to my work, and she replied yes, as long as I sent an email to that effect, which I duly did.

Two days later, the replacement card arrived at my work, and within 10 minutes of getting home I had put the new card in the PC and the machine booted without difficulty.

As far as I'm concerned, with the exception of using a foreign call centre, the service from Mesh was excellent, and I am delighted with my new PC. Well done Mesh!

  MAJ 20:54 07 Feb 2009

That's good to hear and I'm glad you've had an excellent and productive experience with Mesh Computers, they have been a company I wanted to use and recommend but have felt unable to do so because of the bad reports about customer services in the past, "Davey" not withstanding". Let's hope they have taken notice of past bad reports and have rectified the situation permanently.

  Si_L 21:41 07 Feb 2009

Its good that you had a happy ending and all was sorted, but did they not test the machine before they sent it out? It just seems funny that a new GFX card can go in the machine and not work, and no one picks up on it.

  Diodorus Siculus 22:57 07 Feb 2009

Much of the positive outcome of this case is due to your acceptance of the fact that you were without the use of your new PC for about two weeks - I'm not sure that many would have had your patience.

Goes to show that an easy-going temperament really does make life much easier.

  100andthirty 07:31 08 Feb 2009

I'm sorry to disagree. I'm glad you're pleased, but you have the patience of a saint! A professional company that cared about customer service would have immediately dispatched a new graphics card and requested that the defective one be returned with packaging and postage to suit. To take all this time with a new PC isn't acceptable.

  inmymind 08:45 08 Feb 2009

Have to agree with 100andthirty, the hard-drive failed on my inlaws 5 month old cougar pc and they sent a replacement the next day, that is excellent customer services.

  The Brigadier 15:44 08 Feb 2009

May be Mesh have finally got their customer service sorted out.
Not seen Davey from Mesh on here for a while so that must be a good thing!

  ened 08:02 09 Feb 2009

Whilst they have sorted out your problem - I would not have been happy.

I have had some problems with varios Logitech parts recently and , without exception, they have sent replacement parts immediately, trusting me to return the broken ones.

In the case of a whole unusabele computer I should have expected nothing less.

  orchard gate 18:38 10 Sep 2009

They had my PC for over a month to repair faulty graphics card (even thought I paid for on-sire maintenance) Over that period I had to call them over 30 times and on many occasions they promised to call me back or committed to call me by a certain date. In every single case they failed to do so.

Dreadful and I won't buy from them agai - I buy a top end spec machine every 3 years, so their loss in my view.

  orchard gate 13:32 16 Nov 2009

Just to add to the above, when a faulty graphics card was diagnosed in my Mesh PC I was told - not asked - that it must be returned to base. I pointed out that I'd paid for on-site maintenance and even read to them the relevant contract clause which states ""If a component failure or fault is diagnosed ... Mesh will remedy the goods by the replacement of part/s by an attending third party or Mesh Computers engineer, at the Buyers delivery address”

I was then given a series of quite laughable reasons why I must send it back, including:
• “we don’t know the size of your case”
• “there could be wiring which might get in the way”
• “we don’t have that spare part in stock”.

None of which hgave them a contractual out. When I pointed this out I was connected to a man who said, over and over and over again "You will have to send it back to us" and I mean he said it about twenty or thirty times over and over again in a bored voice. When i interrupted him and said "Are you just going to keep repeating that?" he said "Yes".

So they breached the contract, insulted my intelligence with their childish "reasons" why it had to be RTB and were then incredibly rude with their "I'm just going to keep repeating this over and over again until the customer gives in" routine.

Just about the worst customer "service" I've ever experienced.

  tillybaby 13:41 16 Nov 2009

Considering how hard we have to work to make a purchase of a computer in the first place I think a little politeness and consideration when things do go wrong is a must - never mind repeating over and over again the same sentence - you could just imagine the persons face couldn't you?

Mesh are also selling their computers on a very well known shopping channel and I must say I have been so tempted to buy because of the things the salesman has said, I so glad though that I haven't because customer service for me is of utmost importance.

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