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  kbfel 16:00 27 May 2005

Hi - I bought a computer from Mesh around 4 weeks ago. It hasn't worked properly since purchase. i have phoned their support numerous times and followed all their instructions to try and make things work. we cannot play DVD's/CD-ROMS.
My feeling is that under the sale of goods act this computer is not fit for purpose and have asked for a refund. Mesh have refused and say they reserve the right to repair it. Is this the case when it has not worked from the word go? What are my rights?

  MESH Support 16:04 27 May 2005

Could you email me your serial/order number to [email protected]?

There is usually a good reason why a refund would be declined and given the above I don't see it.

If you email your number I will look into this for you and get back you as soon as possible.


Mesh Support

  HondaMan 16:21 27 May 2005

Try this for help.

click here

  961 16:45 27 May 2005

What exactly is wrong with it?

How did you pay for it?

  kbfel 17:21 27 May 2005

The main problem is that it will not play cdroms-I get different messages with each disc-such as needing 3mb of memory to run this disc,the sound system hasn't been installed properly or the screen just goes comletely black.I have restored factory settings and reinstalled windows twice with the rescue disc,but these problems persist.Initially the camera wizard and dvd wizard didn't function but this problm has resolved.
dvds don't work at all now-mesh were supposed to be emailing me something which would sort this out but haven't done so despite me phoning twice to tell them the email hadn't arrived.They also didn't send us the pre-installed software such as works and anti-virus software following the re-installation of windows.
I bought the system by credit card and am currently waiting on my credt card company replying to my email for advice.

  MESH Support 17:40 27 May 2005

From our records I can see that your initial complaint was regarding software you had installed that was no longer working as opposed to not working at all.

As the system is coming back now we can tell if the problem is caused by faulty hardware or software which will give us a clearer direction from which to discuss this further.


Mesh Support

  kbfel 17:53 27 May 2005

This is not true .My initial complaint was that cdroms NEVER worked on this computer despite working on two other computers with xp and that the camera and scanner wizard and dvd wizard had worked initially and then stopped working.
I was browbeaten into agreeing to have the computer uplifted by a customer services supervisor who flatly refused my request for a refund despite me continually asking for this during a 30 minute conversation.Under the sale of goods act I shold be given a refund as this computer is clearly not "fit for purpose"
We run a business from home and lose money each day we do not have the use of our computer

  Forum Editor 22:42 27 May 2005

that you and Mesh are now going to resolve this between you, and I suggest that you do that privately, rather than conducting the process in open forum.

By all means post back here if the situation doesn't resolve itself satisfactorily - or when it does.

  kbfel 15:40 09 Jul 2005

Our problems with mesh continue.They insistd we sent our system back despite having paid for 3 yrs onsite warranty,promising to look at it the folloing day.It took 10 days for them to look at it and declare it in perfect working order.They refused our written request for a refund under the sale of goods act.The system was sent back with the same fault as before.Despite insisting there was no fault they then sent out an engineer to replace the hard drive.This was done 2 days ago andthe same problem persists namel themachie will not play cd roms.In additon there is now no sound.
The mesh engineer phoned their support line to say the system wasn't working but still they are refusing to refund us
We have involved our credit card company and trading standards but our only option now is to take them to court.
This company has the poorest customer service I've ever encountered.

  Danoh 16:18 09 Jul 2005

This is not good.

  Forum Editor 19:56 09 Jul 2005

and I have no reason to doubt your word, you are entitled to reject the computer as not fit under the supply of goods and services to consumers regulations, and to demand a full refund.

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