Mesh Computers Terrible Service

  Michael-240887 21:03 05 Apr 2003

Below is a letter I faxed to Mesh Computers on 2nd April. They have not seen fit to reply to me and are still holding my money. I would advise you all to think very carefully, before purchasing goods from this company, unless you want to risk suffer the same fate.

Dear Sirs

Re: Matrix 2700+ PCA Reader Offer
Salesman Nikhil Patel

Further to my four telephone calls to your office today to try to ascertain, if you had dispatched the computer I ordered from you on 11 March 2003, which I was told to wait in all day for deliver today, I now understand that there is somekind of problem with the order, but you cannot confirm what.

My current account was deducted with the sum of £1160.90 on the 14th March 2003, so there is obviously no problem with payment. I am at a loss to understand why, if there was a problem, why you have not bothered to telephone, fax or write to me. At the time of the order I faxed you, confirming the delivery address, my fax number, my home number and a mobile number. There is no excuse for not contacting me. Is this sort of treatment, indicative of the service you provide your customers?

When I rang your sales department and asked if the computer had been dispatched yet, I was asked if I had received it! I pointed out that if I had received the order, it would not be likely that I would be calling to ask if it had been dispatched. I was then put through to customer services, who told me it was not a customer services matter, even thought I was a customer, who was not receiving service. I was told to ring sales again,. I did and was left on hold for ages, whilst the person who answered the phone, went to resolve the problem. When he returned, he informed me that he did not know what the problem was. It was at this point that, I decided that I did not want to proceed with the purchase of a machine from a company, who were obviously so totally inefficient and who have a total disregard for their customers. I asked for my account to be refunded with the purchase price and asked when it would be done. I was told that the salesman I dealt with was at lunch and he would call me on his return at 2pm. Needless to say I have not received a call.

I again called customer services to complain about the service and request that my account be refunded without delay and in full. I was told that all complaints had to be put in writing and if I wanted my money back I would have to put that in writing too.

I now require you to contact me without delay and confirm that you are acting on my instructions, that you are refunding my account with the full amount of the order and the date you will be doing this. I would also like somekind of explanation as to your conduct.

  BLB 23:56 05 Apr 2003

I also ordered a Mesh computer about ten days ago and have had no confimation or any communication from them so far. They are getting a call on Monday and I will keep you up to date on how I got on...!!!!! PC Advisor any comment???

  MESH Response 10:37 07 Apr 2003


In order for us to find out why you have not received the desired response, we would ask you to leave your order numbers with us at [email protected]

We will look into this as a matter of some urgency and respond back you.


MESH Response

  Ritchbee 17:03 07 Apr 2003

What you have come up against is the main reason why I didn't purchase a PC from them.
I went to Shepley computers and received roughly the same spec PC from them within 7 working days.
I can only complement them on their service.
The build and quality is terrific.
It's not to late to change your mind you know ?.

  Hachi-Roku 00:29 08 Apr 2003

i just like to say that i ordered a Mesh Matrix XP 2400 PC for my aunty back sometime in the middle of febuary and although it took very long for them to deliever the pc to her home, sometime last week it arrived, both myself and my aunty were actually happy with the product. there were times where Mesh sent emails to me about problems with my aunty's bank account and the delievery address since it was completely wrong but after all that was sorted about and extra weeks of waiting it finally came. the emails were actually very friendly and response times were actually fast as well. although there are alot of problems that may arise especially long delievery times, least the product actually came and also came without a stratch. so basically you can tell that im quite happy even though there are a few problems.

  Michael-240887 10:39 08 Apr 2003

Faxed them a copy of my letter again yesterday, which has the order number on and they have still not replied. So I called them this morning. I was left on hold for 22 minutes, before being put through to customer services. They couldn't find my order using the order number, so I had to give my post code. Then they asked the nature of my call, when I explained I wanted my money back the assistant became very terse and said the refund was being processed, but she couldn't tell me when the money would be paid to me. I asked again why they had not responded to my faxes and e mails and she said she didn't know.

The service you get from Mesh is worse than appalling. If my money is not returned to me within the next 48 hours, I will be issuing a County Court Summons againsts them. I shall also be looking to them for all court costs, legal fees and all the costs I have incured in attempting to recover my money

  €dstow 10:58 08 Apr 2003

Have you responded to the Mesh post above?

When Mesh react on this forum, something usually gets moving.


  Michael-240887 12:13 08 Apr 2003

Dear €dstow,

Yes I have responded to their post. They however have not replied. Their definition of urgency is obviously somewhat different to mine. When they receive my county court summons, I am sure things will get moving.


  Keithrow 15:54 08 Apr 2003

I read with trepidation your thread and wondered if I'd done the wrong thing in ordering a Mesh PCA machine.
It was due to be delivered today and despite the AMTRAK man trying to deliver someone else's parcel to me, everything has gone to plan.
I've set up the computer and it looks and sounds great, it will take a time to become familiar with the new XP operating system but I can't blame Mesh for that.
I sympathise with your ordeal but have to say that they have fully met all my deadlines.
Well done Mesh.

  Keithrow 15:54 08 Apr 2003

that bad!!

  Michael-240887 16:09 08 Apr 2003

Well Keith aren't you the lucky one, they still haven't replied to my faxes, emails, leeters or phone call and they are still holding my money, which they have had since 14th March. Wait til you have to ring them up!

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