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  matsey 18:00 29 May 2006

Hi - I'd appreciate some advice.

My new Mesh computer (X-treme G71-X with Viewsonice 20.1" VX2025VM monitor) was delivered last Thursday. It was due to be delivered on Tuesday, but they phoned late on Monday to say it would be delayed. I was "100% guaranteed" (their words!) a Wednesday morning delivery but it didn't turn up and they didn't phone. I ended up having to take Thursday morning off work (resulting in loss of earnings) to finally take delivery.

I hooked everything up Thursday evening and used the computer briefly for about an hour or so and it all seemed OK. However, when I got home on Friday the monitor wasn't working - it was like the brightness and contrast had been turned right down.

I spoke to Technical Support, who confirmed the monitor was faulty (my old monitor from my previous system worked, and still does) and said they'd need to send me a new one. However, all they would offer was to send return labels and they would send out a replacement monitor when they had received the faulty monitor back. They tried to put me through to Customer Services, but they'd already left for the evening.

I'm going to speak to Customer Services (or at least try to - they haven't been that great up to now!) on Tuesday. As the system had been used for less than 2 hours when the monitor failed, and given the problems I had with the delivery, I don't think it acceptable to now have to wait to send the faulty monitor back before being sent a new one - I think they should send out a new monitor straight away and arrange collection of the faulty one later.

So, what do you guys think? Am I right to expect them to send a replacement monitor straight away? Any ideas how best to handle this?

Thanks in advance.


  Forum Editor 18:21 29 May 2006

for Mesh to expect the faulty monitor back before they send you a new one.

  GaT7 19:15 29 May 2006

Having had a look at the monitor warranty terms of both MESH (click here) & Viewsonic (click here), they offer a 3-year Manufacturer's Warranty & On-Site-Customer-Exchange Service respectively.

From the Viewsonic link:

"On-Site-Customer-Exchange Service: Dispatch of a replacement unit best case within forty eight (48) hrs (weekend or bank holiday excluded) after initial call at the call desk/service centre. Dispatch of the replacement unit and collection of the defective unit will be free of charge."

'I think they should send out a new monitor straight away and arrange collection of the faulty one later.' - I reckon they should visit you with a replacement monitor by Wednesday (29/05) & do a direct swap in the same visit. Or, does "best case" mean the quickest period they would expect to do it in??

Call MESH again & ask if they would agree to a direct swapout & how long it'll take, not forgetting to mention Viewsonic's 'within forty eight (48) hrs' warranty terms. If they don't, I would call (or email) Viewsonic Warranty Service click here & ask what they really mean by this "On-Site-Customer-Exchange Service", whether Mesh is expected to honour this or not & if Viewsonic can offer any help at all to expedite the process. Actually, so matter what Mesh agree to, I would call Viewsonic anyway to see what they have to say. Good luck, G

  GaT7 19:17 29 May 2006 Wednesday (31/05)...

Actually, no matter what Mesh agree to...


  matsey 19:35 29 May 2006

...that's really useful information - didn't even think to check the Viewsonic warranty terms directly.

A direct swap out sounds like an excellent idea and considering all the trouble I've had with Mesh up to now (there were more problems than I mentioned, but didn't want to bore with all the messy details), I would hope they would be keen to go a little further to restore customer good faith.

So yes, I think I'll give both Viewsonic and Mesh a call in the morning, see what I can do.


  matsey 19:44 29 May 2006

I've just sent Viewsonic an email, will see what they say.

  spuds 20:55 29 May 2006

It could be worth considering that the replacement monitor direct from the manufacturer, may be a refurbished unit, as is the usual case with swap-outs. I would consider that you mention that you purchased new to whoever you contact.

  matsey 21:04 29 May 2006

Good point about the refurb.

I did check their warranty terms for LCD Monitors, and it includes a new for new replacement in the first 15 days. However, I will definitely get them to confirm my replacement will be a brand new monitor before accepting a replacement under warranty.

Thanks :)

  dontmeshwithme 09:02 30 May 2006

Another customer palmed off, and the FE says that it is reasonable!!! I am sorry but when you buy a system with an on-site warrenty I would expect, no demand, that a swapout policy on monitors is the least you should get. You could using your statutory 14 day cooling off period as a bargaining chip when you finally get through to Mesh, also goto click here to get a cheaper telephone number to call. Finally has anyone ever been given more than a couple of hours notice of a delayed mesh shipment? FE do you think this is reasonable??

  MESH Support 09:30 30 May 2006

I'm sorry to hear that your having problems with your new monitor.

With regards to the manufacturer offering a collect and replace swap out we've found that where the fault is reported from new they are unwilling to follow this through expecting us to handle the swap out. It's for this reason we arrange the swap out ourselves in these cases.

If you are willing to speak to them direct it's possible they may agree to perform the swap out as per their terms when speaking directly to the customer. A swap out for a brand new monitor would be for a replacement brand new monitor. It's only outside of an initial period that varies from manufacturer to manufacturer that they would replace it with a warranty replacement.


  dontmeshwithme 10:39 30 May 2006

A couple of questions if I may:-
1) Are you offering a swap-out? from the original post it looks like matesy is having to return the monitor before a new one will be issued. Rather than you issueing a new one and collecting the old one at the same time (a swapout).
2) Why do you never give more than a few hours notice that a computer will be delayed. This can be extremely annoying.
3) Why does it take up to half an hour to get through to either technical service or customer support, but yet sales is usually answered within 20 seconds.
4) Why does it take some-one to post a complaint in a forum in order to get a reponse from Mesh.


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