Mesh Computers - a disgrace!

  Lovepeaceguru 13:33 25 Jan 2006

Given the popular outcry against Mesh Computer's trading practices and recent news that they are being investigated by Microsoft and Asus, I am forming a Mesh Users Group which will coordinate all evidence and information. The idea is that instead of brushing us off on an individual basis they will be pursued on what mightbe called a "class action" basis.

Anyone who wishes to contribute, please let me have your email address. Send me a PM!

  €dstowe 13:36 25 Jan 2006

Do you have a link to the Microsoft and Asus investigations, please?

  Lovepeaceguru 13:39 25 Jan 2006

Both have confirmed to me that they are investigating further after I have submitted detailed complaints

  Jdoki 14:10 25 Jan 2006

So you're saying those who buy MESH could end up as MUG's??? :-)

Is there a criteria for contributing?
For example, are you only collecting information from people who have had hardware problems; or also from those who have just had bad sales advice or a poor experience with the company in less specific terms?

  Lovepeaceguru 14:16 25 Jan 2006

I want to collate as much information as I can and to generate maximum publicity about Mesh's conduct. My personal experience is that there is nothing inherently wrong with their products but their service and support is DIABOLICAL!

  Forum Editor 14:17 25 Jan 2006

of a vendetta about it, but before I act to stop it, perhaps you will confirm for me:-

Where was the "recent news" about the Microsoft investigation published?

What exactly is Microsoft investigating, and to what purpose? The two companies are entirely separate entities.

Ditto for Asus.

I am currently making enquiries via the press offices of both Microsoft and Asus, to see if they know anything at all about this. Perhaps you would like to provide me with verification before I delete your thread entirely..........or is all this just a fabrication, borne of malice?

You have 24r hours within which to use your right of reply, failing which I'll delete the thread. You might want to consult a good libel lawyer in the meantime.

  Jdoki 11:34 26 Jan 2006

I had a bad experience with MESH sales advice and customer service which lead me to cancel my order. I found them unprofessional and will not deal with them again.

If that's the sort of stuff you are looking for then I don't think you'll have much luck in pursuing anything on a 'class action' basis. I would guess that only works if you can demonstrate a fault in the product rather than the service - which would probably only cover 'off the peg' hardware anyway rather than custom builds.

If you're trying to get MS or Asus involved I doubt they'll have much interest. MESH sell thousands of machines a year - and neither Asus or MS are getting a bad reputation from any poor service MESH are providing - why should they care as long as MESH keep buying their bits.

If you have a grudge against MESH you might be better served creating a website along the lines as 'NTL Hell' click here which acts as a forum for people to let off steam. It's also a great way of getting problems solved, and I believe NTL have a prescence on the site.

  Forum Editor 15:50 26 Jan 2006

who have responded, telling me that nobody has any knowledge of this so-called "investigation", which is very much the reaction I expected.

More than 24 hours have passed since I invited you to provide me with information to substantiate your statement that these investigations are to take place, and you haven't done so - which is again very much what I expected.

In the interests of absolute fair play I'm going to leave the thread open for a few more hours, after which it's going the way of all flesh.

  Lovepeaceguru 16:54 26 Jan 2006

If you would care to contact me directly I will give you the names of the people at Asus/Microsoft who are involved. I don't think it would be fair to post them here.

I appreciate your concerns but who is this forum for? Is it for PC users or PC manufacturers/suppliers/advertisers?

If you email me I'll reply with my telephone number. I am angry with Mesh but thereaction from Microsoft/Asus is that they are appalled at what they hear

  Forum Editor 17:13 26 Jan 2006

but you're very welcome to email me the names of the people at Microsoft and Asus.

This forum is here to help computer users who have technical problems, or problems with suppliers. Having said that, we aren't foolish enough to take the view that the customer is always right - we've seen far too many instances of the customer being wrong in the past. As long as I'm the forum editor we'll try hard to ensure that we're fair to both consumers and suppliers - whether or not the consumer is one of our readers, and whether or not the supplier is one of our advertisers. There are always two sides to a story, and so far we've only heard one side of this one. I wanted Microsoft to have the chance to comment on your statement that they were 'investigating' Mesh, and they have told me quite categorically that they are not. Now you say they are "appalled" at what they hear.

Provide me with a name, and I will take things a stage further with both Microsoft and Asus. Make any more veiled references about my editorial bias and I'll delete your thread. That is not the way to go about getting help or advice.

  Forum Editor 17:35 26 Jan 2006

some information about your complaint against Mesh - so we can all see what the problem is. Maybe we can offer some advice and/or help with it - that's what we're here for, after all.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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