Mesh computers - buy one and regret it

  mosley_m 17:26 07 May 2005

Back in December of last year I made the fatal mistake of buying a notebook (Ultima 15” Powerview 3GHz) from Mesh of London NW2 and have regretted it ever since. The purchase has left an unhappy trail of poor merchandise and service that continues to this day, 17 weeks later.

The notebook had a fault which meant it powered-off at random and without warning from the first time I used it, and the technical advice I received from Mesh was unhelpful. The replacement notebook did exactly the same thing. Every time I wanted to contact Mesh using any of a plethora of telephone numbers they provided, it would take me, on average, about 2 days of regular and mind-numbing attempts to get through. And even then there would be a good chance that I would be referred to a different number. The day I had arranged for delivery of the replacement notebook I received a telephone call from them telling me that they would not now be delivering that day – despite the fact that I had to take a day off work to be available. The replacement notebook had a different version of XP, with the incorrect COA sticker, which I couldn’t register with Microsoft. And finally, despite having returned the faulty replacement notebook on March 1st (maybe I should have waited and returned it on the more appropriate April 1st), and despite unfulfilled promises from Mesh, THEY HAVE STILL NOT REFUNDED ME.

  muscic lover 17:48 07 May 2005

This is totally unacceptable from a reputable company.....

I would send a RECORDED DELIVERY letter to the managing director and ask for a full refund or a @*&*&^%^*&& good appology from him! wont use swear words personally but....) I hope you get some joy, you should not have to put up with 3rd rate service like this!

  Pooke100 19:19 07 May 2005

Although I won't be looking a new PC for a while, all these horror stories have put me off Mesh, Tiny and the others on here. I bought this machine from a local outfit and it's been superb. You have my sympathy!

Definately go down the road of recorded letters and keeping records of communications. I'd advise you to get in touch with trading standards so they can advise on what to say in these letters.

Kind Regards

  spuds 21:58 07 May 2005

Send an email to [email protected] He normally resolve any Mesh problems in double quicktime.

  EP 12:03 08 May 2005

I bought as Mesh just over four years ago. Had all sorts of problems getting the sound to work properly and experience the now infamous p poor Mesh customer service. However, once the problem was eventually fixed the PC has been very good to the extent that I was considering buying a new machine from them.

That was until I tried to get an answer from their sales department. I have e-mailed them twice with the same query but well over two weeks on have yet to have the courtesy of any sort of reply.

So if their sales department can't be bothered to respond to a potential customer wanting to buy a high spec PC, what chance of any response from their customer support people once Mesh have got their hands on my hard earned money?!

  pauldonovan 13:39 08 May 2005

...Mesh have issues with their after sales service, and perhaps not the slickest pre-sales service.

However, I for one have a very good Mesh system that I recently purchased and the purchase was smooth. I suspect that 90% of their customers have that experience but where they fall down it seems is in dealing with the other 10%. Even then, some of that 10% who have problems will actually be happy with the resolution.

I had one query, sent an email, and got a very good response within a day or so.

One bad experience doesn't make a bad supplier but that is not in any way to diminish your experience which it sounds like has been awful but I think to say 'buy one and regret it' although you certainly have, doesn't mean everyone will.

  MESH Support 01:39 09 May 2005

I'm sorry to hear of delay with regards ot the refund that you have experienced.

Please email me your order number, or if that is not available your delivery postcode, to [email protected] and I will look into your refund and respond as soon as possible.


Mesh Support

  pauldonovan 08:52 09 May 2005

...I bet Davey doesn't get paid to send emails at 1.39 in thr morning on a Monday!!!

  ripple 19:40 11 May 2005

Hi, I'm new to this forum but after typing into google - Mesh Complaints - posts from this forum appeared. No I dont mean to seem brash by having a negative first post but Mesh's customer support has drivem me to it. I E-mailed then this letter a few moments ago, I think it makes my experience with them clear. If you have any ideas what the poroblem might be though, please let me know, because Mesh dont seem to!

Serial Number - *****
Mesh reference - ******
Name *******.

Hello, I am e-mailing you on behalf of my partner (named above) who purchased a computer from your company at the start of the year. Unfortunately, it has been riddled with problems from the moment we took it out of the box. Your technical department has been informed, and even attempted to repair it, but, I still have a computer that doesn’t work.

Upon receiving the computer and setting it up, we firstly installed Panda Security software on it and then connecting it to the internet. When connected the computer began to update windows, this is when the first problems occurred. When updating it, the computer locked up and crashed. Sometimes it would re-boot straight away, other times we would have to leave it for perhaps an hour before windows would load again. It got to the stage when the only thing we could do was use the restore CD that came with the computer and start again from scratch. WE HAD TO DO THIS 3 TIMES IN THE 1ST EVENING OF OWNING THE COMPUTER! In the end it the computer worked for about 1 week and this happened again. After reinstalling everything again we had no problems for about 2 months.

A new problem then began to occur. At completely random times the compute would just shut down and re-boot its self. It would load and at the screen that looks like DOS (white writing on black back ground) it read "A DISK READ ERROR HAS OCCURED" or sometimes, "SYSTEM DISK FAILURE" We then contacted your technical support line and after approx 25mins of waiting we explained the problem. The person on the end of the line told us that we would have to completely re-format the hard drive to fix the fault. He sent us the information on how to do it and we did it.

After spending hours doing this, we got windows re-installed and began putting our programmes back on to it. It worked for a few days ten the same problems happened again.

This is when technical support arranged to have the computer picked up and repaired (I must say it was very nice of them NOT to point out that it would cost me £50 to have it returned to me). On the day that you said it would be picked up my partner took the day off of work to be in so they could collect it and they didn’t turn up, so we have now lost a day’s wages, a delivery charge and months of important work documents due to this fault.

It was eventually collected and a few weeks went by. We then got a phone call saying that it was coming back to us, and that it was found that the hard drive was faulty. This means that we were sold a product not fit for use. We didn’t mind at the time because we now had a working computer, so we set it back up again and install windows and a firewall and virus scanner. We then sat down to have dinner leaving the computer idle and doing nothing. After approx 35mins I see that the SAME PROBLEMS THAT IT HAD BEFORE ARE STILL HAPPENING!!

Now you tell me, i can only come to 2 conclusions, either you have incompetent "technical engineers" and they changed a perfectly good hard drive for nothing, or they haven’t replaced the hard drive at all and just reformatted it again to look like they have. Either way, I am the one who has paid for this with time off and a hidden delivery charge.

I called your technical support line again today at approx 10.47AM and spoke to a man called Maj Iam. He could not help me but assured me that his supervisor would call me before six o'clock this evening. This hasn’t happened so I am sitting here writing this letter to you. What I want from you is a complete refund of the purchase price and the delivery costs refunded for the repair. I am quite within my rights to do this as it has never worked correctly from the day it was purchased due to the faulty hard drive. I would like you or your supervisor to reply to me tomorrow (12th May 2005) by email and phone - my number is ****** , or ******** to tell me when this will happen.

Martin Moss

  puma22 21:38 11 May 2005

Ask for a refund. I took delivery of a pc from Mesh in Nov, long, long hsitory of being sold a dodgy PC. They never resloved it and it took 4 months to get a refund.
Look at all the other threads and cut your losses!!!

  Pooke100 21:40 11 May 2005

you would have been better to put that on a new post rather than hi-jack this one. It might get a better response.



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